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    Re: MadMaxie[1-S2-1-5489412] LiquidDream[1-S2-1-13291722]

    LiquidDream: 1-S2-1-13291722 is Correct.
    MayonnaiseBo: 1-S2-1 13022458 is Correct.
    MadMaxie: 1-S2-1-5489412 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:

    LiquidDream: 1
    MayonnaiseBo: 5
    MadMaxie: Ctrl+2

    Previous Offenses:

    LiquidDream has allready been ferreted out as a Rachyl smurf, and as such, will not be further reviewed since its permabanned.

    MayonnaiseBo has a pending 2x banlist for disgusting names, is warned in this game for his 4x WL for the same thing.

    MadMaxie has a 3x WL at https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...1-S2-1-5489412 for racism.

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    MayonnaiseBo - "i r**e women" - ARMORSMITH - 9

    MadMaxie - "Sunday Vibe" - CRIER - 4


    Setup: Kira gets host.
    Names: Naming goes on.
    Roles: 4 (CRIER) quits immediately on role handout. Liquiddream (VETERAN in slot 12) isn't far behind as D1 starts; probably upset they can't gamethrow.
    D1: Discussion of the rolequits.
    N1: 9 (ARMORSMITH) hands a vest to 2. 2 is an alert VETERAN and terminates 9. Kills: VETERAN, MAFIA, MASS MURDERER, LEAVER, LEAVER.
    D2: 7 (SOLDATO), 12, 9, 6 (ORACLE), and 4 are dead. The ORACLE's LW reveals they were targetting 14 and divines them as a SPY. Some discussion and role PMs, but no trials. Day ends.
    D3: 13 (AUDITOR) is dead twice, and 8 (ESCORT) was also slain. An AMNESIAC remembers they were an ARMORSMITH. Despite the DETECTIVE having actionable intel on 15 visiting 13 and thus being a kill role, the player doesn't present enough info to use it and there is no trial.
    N3: MASS MURDERER is on cooldown. Kills: MAFIA attempts, but fails the kill due to night immunity.
    D4: Nobody is dead. 5 has a heart attack. 15 is put to trial on the lead. He's pardoned 4-2 on a DOCTOR claim. 2 is sent to trial next. Despite a VETERAN claim and having killed the original ARMORSMITH, he goes down 3-0 and flips VETERAN. 10 and 14 quit.
    N4: Replay ends at 1s left in the night action selection phase.

    Further analysis: while 7 people are alive, only 5 people are in the game and a third is having a heart attack. Roles remaining are 5 (ARMORSMITH with heart attack), 11 (DETECTIVE), 1 (CONSIGLIERE), 15 (GODFATHER), 14 (SPY, left), 10 (LOOKOUT, left) and 3 (MASS MURDERER).

    Night actions committed are 3 to spree at 1's house, 15 to kill 11, 1 to investigate 5 (as MM protection), and 11 to track 3.

    As there are no protectives, the deaths will be as follows:

    5 to AFK
    14 to leaving
    10 to leaving
    11 to MAFIA

    The MASS MURDERER will miss and D5 will start with two MAFIA opposing a lone MASS MURDERER, who will be voted off the islande quickly. Anticipated endgame result: MAFIA victory on Day 5.

    Was the game result altered?
    Unclear. Town had the information they needed but didn't use it effectively.

    Player Offenses:

    MayonnaiseBo: Griefing/name abuse
    MadMaxie: Rolequitting

    Recommended Actions:

    MayonnaiseBo: 6x banlisting (supersedes pending 2x banlist)
    MadMaxie: 3x WL

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!
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