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    Section Rules and Appeal Instructions

    Posting Rules

    1. You may post in this forum if you are appealing a report made on you.
    2. You may post in this forum if you are the member that created the report.
    3. You may not post otherwise, unless you are a staff member.
    4. Breaking any other site rules in this section can result in being infracted or banned.

    These simple rules are here as a reminder that we like to keep our Reports section professional. We cannot lock this section from normal members, as it would prevent community members from appealing their cases.

    If you are having trouble finding your case thread, or have any questions regarding listings and reports, please PM one of the keepers or the current warden, Arrow.

    Rules / Instructions for Appeals

    • Please post your appeal in response to the evidence / conclusions reached in the Keeper's review and not based on the comments or viewpoint of the reporting player.
      • The actions taken by SC2Mafia Staff are based on the Keeper's review of a report. In contrast, the reporting player had no role in the offiical review of your game or decision to punish you.

    • Post your desire to appeal in the thread where you were punished.
      • This keeps the Reports section nice and tidy for us to manage. It also minimizes any possible mistakes made during the appeals process.
      • If you cannot find the thread where you were punished, please message a Keeper or Arrow with your Account Name and Account ID and we will direct you to the appropriate thread.
      • Simply head to the Reports section, click on the text that says "Search Forum" and type in your SC2 ID. This will take you to the report where you were punished.

    • Explain your reason(s) / grounds for requesting an appeal.
      • Merely stating "I appeal this" or asking for an appeal every time you are punished is not sufficient because there is nothing for us to examine / review then.
      • We need to understand why the Keeper who reviewed your report was mistaken and why you should not be punished per their recommendation. Reviewing a report once again takes additional time and resources so we ask that you take the appeals process seriously and help us understand why your punishment should be changed or removed altogether.
      • Requests without any reasonable explanation of why you are seeking an appeal will be denied.
      • In contrast, providing clear evidence / explanations of why you should not be punished can only help your case.

    • NEW REQUIREMENT: Acknowledge you have read the appeal instructions.
      • In your appeal, you must state that: (1) you have read the appeal instructions here; and (2) you understand that if your appeal is found to be frivolous, staff may double your punishment.
      • This requirement has been added due to an influx of appeals provided without any reasons whatsoever and appeals with overt lies in them (e.g. I did not cause a Leave Train / Lag Cheat where the player clearly did).
      • Appeals that do not include these two points will not be processed and you will instead be referred to these instructions.

    • Be polite, respectful, and keep your cool.
      • Please refrain from using foul language, insulting other members or the Keeper who completed your reported, or otherwise come off like an asshole.
      • Raging will not cause us to review your report. Instead, all it will accomplish is your post being ignored and possibly infracted at the discretion of staff.

    • Be serious and do not simply appeal for the sake of appealing.
      • If you are found guilty of committing a crime once again in an appealed report, your punishment may be increased at the discretion of staff. It is also possible that the appeal reviewer finds that you committed other crimes that were not accounting for in the Keeper's report, which may result in an increased punishment as well.
      • Therefore, if you did in fact cheat, gamethrow, or otherwise harm the game, please do not waste our time in attempting to appeal a punishment.
      • When you request an appeal, you are asking a second higher ranking member of staff (usually, a Super Moderator or Arrow himself) to review the game again (usually, in greater detail / depth than the Keeper's review), which can take a great deal of time and energy.
      • Therefore, if you request an appeal and it is found that you are intentionally wasting our time (e.g. by blatantly misquoting / lying about events in the replay, or appealing reports without any reasonable grounds for doing so), then your appeal will be denied and your punishment may be doubled in duration at the discretion of staff.

    • Do not post in reports threads unless you are appealing a report.
      • Community members should not be posting in these Punished Player threads. They are primarily for staff and community members wishing to appeal their punishments.
      • Posting without clear intent to appeal your own punishment will most likely result in your post being deleted and infracted.
      • If you wish to add something productive to the punishment thread, please either create a thread in Answer Hall or message a staff member with your questions or comments and they will be considered.

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