{Watch List} MattHorner:1-S2-1-10154099; TheGhoulZ: 1-S2-1-1719589; Dummycrats: 1-S2-1-12243716

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    MattHorner:1-S2-1-10154099; TheGhoulZ: 1-S2-1-1719589; Dummycrats: 1-S2-1-12243716

    Account Name: MattHorner
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-10154099
    In-Game Name: Xue Khan (3)

    Crimes Committed: Rolequitting

    Account Name: T
    Account ID:
    In-Game Name: Failed Society (1)

    Crimes Committed: Throwing

    Account Name: Dummycrats
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-12243716
    In-Game Name: Zugghuhgoggg (4)

    Crimes Committed: being a racist asshole; spamming things like white power and semi-racist things in pre-game lobby and death chat; being an asshole to other players for no reason

    Your Account Name: kildja
    Summary: Player 3 left immediately shortly after roles were given out before Day 1 chat started. Player 1 threw and admitted to throwing because "colored names are taking over the game" even though Kira (Light Yagami/Player 10) had been confirmed as vet. I'm not sure Player 4 did anything technically against the rules, other than being super unpleasant and vaguely racist, and not in a vet-baiting kind of way.

    MattHorner, TheGhoulZ, and dummycrats.SC2Replay
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    Re: MattHorner:1-S2-1-10154099; TheGhoulZ: 1-S2-1-1719589; Dummycrats: 1-S2-1-12243716

    TheGhoulZ: 1-S2-1-1719589 is Correct.
    Dummycrats: 1-S2-1-12243716 is Correct.
    MattHorner: 1-S2-1-10154099 is Correct.

    MattHorner has clantag SC9Maf

    Respective Hotkey:

    TheGhoulZ: 7
    Dummycrats: Ctrl+3
    MattHorner: Ctrl+5

    Previous Offenses:

    TheGhoulZ got a 4x WL earlier this year for slurs and griefing at https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...9589-TheGhoulZ

    Dummycrats has no record.

    MattHorner has received point restores in the past, but no reports.

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    TheGhoulZ - "Failed Society" - DETECTIVE - 1

    Dummycrats - "Zugginuhgoggg" - LOVER - 4
    Dummycrats has no bank and is prompted to name himself. He registers as "Dummycrats", and of course gets new player messages.

    MattHorner - "Xue Khan" - ARSONIST - 3


    Setup: Dummycrats says "White power" but appears to be continuing from the lobby. Two players admit they're new, but not the reported. This is confirmed by 15 people being in game, but only 13 having banks.
    Names: None.
    Roles: 3 (ARSONIST) rolequits.
    D1: 4 drops some slurs against LGBTQ people. Some complaints about rolequitters. Someone is roleplaying Emperor Palpatine.
    N1: 1 tracks 10, and is killed by the alerted VETERAN he just visited. He survives due to a DOCTOR, though, and gets a read that "10 performed an action but did not visit anyone". 4 (LOVER) checks the Help file. He falls in love with 13 and sets a LW of "Taking out the fat f*g with me". Kills: VETERAN, VETERAN (healed), TRIAD, LEAVER.
    D2: 3, 15 (ORACLE), and 6 (ARMORSMITH) are dead. The Oracle's LW indicates they visited 1, but no reveal happens because they never actually committed the action last night. 4 continues with the slurs. 2 reports the presence of a WITCH. 10 is essentially confirmed as VETERAN by the ARMORSMITH's last will. 4 continues targetting 13, rising to the level of griefing, basically saying he's going to take him down with him. 13's only offense was asking 4 to tone down racism on D1. 1 is put to trial. 1 says "I'm gonna throw because I'm sick of colored names controlling the game". On this defense he goes down 4-2 and flips DETECTIVE. 4 continues his tirade against 13.
    N2: 1 and 3 are dead. 4 does nothing as he no longer has a night action. Kills: TRIAD (healed).
    D3: Nobody is dead. 10 demands roles as essentially confirmed VETERAN and 4 PMs him "I would tell you but I need 13 to die because he loves f*****s". 4 is voted to trial. He goes on a tirade about white power and how 13 needs to die, and doesn't claim a role, but the worry of a JESTER gets him released 4-2. Votes turn on 11 with ten seconds left in the day, but 11 reveals as CONSTABLE and slays 14, who flips DETECTIVE. Day ends.
    N3: Kills: TRIAD, LEAVER.
    D4: 7 (JESTER) and 13 (WITCH) are dead. Presumably 13 was done with the abuse. 4 goes off on a tirade about how he won against 13. As the day nearly wraps, 12 is voted to trial. During the trial 4 is racist against 12. 12 goes down 3-0 and flips DRAGON HEAD.
    N4: Kills: TRIAD, LOVER.
    D5: 4 (LOVER) and 2 (DOCTOR) are both dead. With town comprised of VETERAN, JAILOR, and CONSTABLE, they oppose an ENFORCER and a DECEIVER. 9 is sent to trial and he goes down 2-1, flipping ENFORCER.
    N5: Kills: TRIAD.
    D6: 5 (JAILOR) is dead. Since the other two TOWN are confirmed, they band together and vote up 8, who goes down 2-0. Flip is ENFORCER. Town wins the game.

    Was the game result altered?
    Had 4 worked with 13 instead of bullying him out of the game, or the ARSONIST hadn't rolequit, this easily would've turned into a scum win, likely for TRIAD with a WITCH and LOVER hangon.

    Player Offenses:

    TheGhoulZ: Borderline.
    Dummycrats: Griefing
    MattHorner: Rolequitting

    Recommended Actions:

    TheGhoulZ: Evidence
    Dummycrats: 4x WL
    MattHorner: 2x WL

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!

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