Point Restoration -- SnowBunny:1-S2-1-2446190

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    Point Restoration -- SnowBunny:1-S2-1-2446190


    Sorry I am posting my point restore request in Player Reports because it keeps telling me I do not have permission when I try to create a post in the Point Restore section. Every time I click "Submit a Request" it just says I do not have permission. I might be dumb idk.

    Account Name: SnowBunny
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-2446190
    Your Server: North America
    Approximate Points: It was over 200k, no clue if it was near or above 400k.

    This is a new Laptop so I don't think I can get any replays sorry ):

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    Re: Point Restoration -- SnowBunny:1-S2-1-2446190

    1-S2-1-2446190's highest points in database from: 2021-05-21-144312, highest wins from: 2021-05-21-144312, highest games from: 2021-05-21-144312, and combined achievements.
    Approved for: 23061 points, 511 wins, and 929 games played.
    To complete your restore you'll need to meet up with an admin in-game. Your best bet is to use the @point restore tag on our discord until you find one.

    If you can get a better replay we can give more, but this is the most we have in our database.

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