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    Re: New player needing whitelist

    Hi, I can vouch for SlippySlim. I have played Mafia on and off for the greater part of the last decade and am trying to get him in on the fun! He is a good guy and will adhere to the rules.

    Please see my details below for your verification

    ID: 1-S2-1-1843223
    Battlenet: Chocomocango#1382

    Please let me know if you require anything further to get him whitelisted to play!


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    Re: New player needing whitelist

    Hi Rumox,

    Sorry for the delay again. I was up at a friends house, so I had to pull the replay off of his computer...meaning it took me a few days before he could send it to me.

    I have attached the replay from before the 24th, but please don't hold me accountable for the comments from other begrudged players

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