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    Big - #-S2-1-3824065

    Account Name: Big
    Account ID:#-S2-1-3824065
    In-Game Name: Man Sniffer

    Crimes Committed: Racism

    Your Account Name: Argon
    Summary: During Host Setup phase, said, "Niggers out in time" followed by "string em by a tree"

    Also in this save, not sure if I should make separate threads or what?

    Account Name: MaxWynn
    Account ID:#-S2-1-13145083
    In-Game Name: I ANAL RAPE KIDS

    Crimes Committed: Name Abuse

    Summary: He named himself "I ANAL RAPE KIDS"
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    Re: Big - #-S2-1-3824065

    Big: #-S2-1-3824065 - Correct.
    MaxWynn: #-S2-1-3824065 - Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:

    Big: 8
    MaxWynn: 3

    Previous Offenses:

    Big: 2x Warn for Name Abuse
    MaxWynn: N/A

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    Big - Man Sniffer - Crier - 12
    MaxWynn - I A**L R**E KIDS - Party Host - 3 [MaxWynn seems to maybe be a smurf(?) due to him getting new mechanic tips.]


    Big says "Ni**ers out in time" and "String em by a tree" in set-up chat.
    Big makes his name Man Sniffer, MaxWynn makes his name "I A**L R**E KIDS"
    Roles: None.
    D1: #3 (PH/I A**L R**E KIDS) and #2 (Marshall) argues about being PH. #3 hosts a party tonight.
    N1: #3 says "I'm gonna r**e your children TSA agent", "anally" to #1 (Vigilante). KILLS: TRIAD
    D2: #13 is shot by the Triad, he flips Amnesiac. #3 claims that #1 killed #13, and that #1 is DH. #3 gets voted up. #3 claims PH and that he partied last night, claims #14 (Witch) is exe/triad and #1 is obviously evil. Spams to inno and get 1. He is guiltied 6-3. Claims #14 and #1 are confirmed evils and he will "r**e your child a**lly and sniff their assholes". Flips Party Host.
    N2: #3 (Man Sniffer, Crier) says to "Get Odds", acts like a judge. KILLS: VIGILANTE (2x), TRIAD (Hits Immune)
    D3: Vigilante shoots #13, flips Witch. 2nd Vigilante shoots #2, flips Marshall. #1 gets voted up, claims Vigilante, is pardoned 7-1. #9 gets voted up, claims nothing, guilitied 4-0. Flips Incense Master.
    N3: #3 does the same tonight. KILLS: VIGILANTE (2x), TRIAD.
    D4: #10 gets shot by a Vigilante, flips Doctor. #15 gets shot by the Triad, flips Investigator. #11 gets shot by a Vigilante, flips Vanguard. #7 (Arsonist) gets voted up, claims spy, pardoned 4-0. #12 gets voted up, claims crier and confirms it, pardoned 5-0. #8 gets voted up, claims Street Racer and car model, guiltied 4-0. Flips Street Racer.
    N4: #12 claims public role-call. KILLS: TRIAD.
    D5: #12 gets shot by the Triad, flips Crier. #5 (Dragon Head) is voted up, claims Coroner, gets pardoned 2-2. #7 gets voted up, gets guiltied 2-1.
    D6: #5 gets shot by a Veteran, flips Dragon Head. Game ends in Town victory.

    Was the game result altered?


    Additional offenses or players found in replay?


    Player Offenses:

    Big: Racism (Griefing)
    MaxWynn: Name Abuse + inappropriate mentions of minors (Griefing)

    Recommended Actions:

    Big: 4x WL
    MaxWynn: 4x WL

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for reporting this issue and making SC2Mafia a better, more enjoyable game for others!

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