{Permanently Banned} afk: 1-S2-1-3151647; CrunchySoul: 1-S2-1-1993798

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    afk: 1-S2-1-3151647; CrunchySoul: 1-S2-1-1993798

    Account Name: afk#717
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-3151647
    In-Game Name: AIDS Distributor

    Summary: General extreme toxicity

    Spoiler : afk chat :
    I 00:13 [SUPERA]afk ALL -repick
    I 00:15 [SUPERA]afk ALL -repick
    I 00:21 [SUPERA]afk ALL -repick
    I 00:25 [SUPERA]afk ALL -prefer street racer,bus driver,oracle,veteran,mayor,constable
    I 00:26 [SUPERA]afk ALL -repick
    I 00:30 [SUPERA]afk ALL -repick
    I 00:33 [SUPERA]afk ALL wow 2 troll hosts back to back
    I 00:35 [SUPERA]afk ALL lets all kill ourselves irl
    I 00:37 [SUPERA]afk ALL -repick
    I 00:56 [SUPERA]afk ALL -AIDS Distributor
    I 03:37 [SUPERA]afk ALL WTF
    I 03:51 [SUPERA]afk ALL KILL SK
    I 04:48 [SUPERA]afk ALL LMAO
    I 04:49 [SUPERA]afk ALL OWNED
    I 05:03 [SUPERA]afk ALL i was mayor
    I 05:09 [SUPERA]afk ALL bd bussed me with ur target
    I 07:01 [SUPERA]afk ALL 2 arsons, 1 triad, 1 mafia, and 1 neu random
    I 07:06 [SUPERA]afk ALL this setup is more aids than my distributors
    I 07:27 [SUPERA]afk ALL LIGHT EM UP
    I 07:28 [SUPERA]afk ALL BURN
    I 07:38 [SUPERA]afk ALL we're all about to burn to death
    I 07:43 [SUPERA]afk ALL maybe we can convert an arson
    I 07:58 [SUPERA]afk ALL -lw
    I 08:27 [SUPERA]afk ALL 2 arson 1 sk and cult
    I 08:30 [SUPERA]afk ALL kill host irl
    I 08:34 [SUPERA]afk ALL rape his family
    I 08:35 [SUPERA]afk ALL and his pets
    I 08:37 [SUPERA]afk ALL then kill them
    I 08:38 [SUPERA]afk ALL then kill him
    I 08:41 [SUPERA]afk ALL and burn his house down
    I 08:44 [SUPERA]afk ALL wait
    I 08:46 [SUPERA]afk ALL burn his house down
    I 08:48 [SUPERA]afk ALL while hes in it
    I 08:49 [SUPERA]afk ALL that is best way
    I 09:09 [SUPERA]afk ALL 8 is retarded cancer faggot
    I 09:18 [SUPERA]afk ALL kill him and his family and his pets too
    I 09:21 [SUPERA]afk ALL give him aids
    I 09:25 [SUPERA]afk ALL make him die from aids
    I 09:30 [SUPERA]afk ALL i can stock u with aids
    I 09:32 [SUPERA]afk ALL use it on him
    I 09:45 [SUPERA]afk ALL good
    I 09:49 [SUPERA]afk ALL piece of shit mods
    I 09:52 [SUPERA]afk ALL banning ppl for dead chat
    I 09:58 [SUPERA]afk ALL they deserve to suffer and die irl
    I 10:06 [SUPERA]afk ALL nazi pieces of shit
    I 10:09 [SUPERA]afk ALL scared of internet type
    I 10:12 [SUPERA]afk ALL grown men
    I 10:15 [SUPERA]afk ALL pathetic vomit
    I 10:23 [SUPERA]afk ALL i shoot up schools every day
    I 10:25 [SUPERA]afk ALL ive killed millions
    I 10:26 [SUPERA]afk ALL im famous
    I 10:29 [SUPERA]afk ALL on jihad wiki
    I 10:31 [SUPERA]afk ALL google me
    I 10:33 [SUPERA]afk ALL and follow me
    I 10:37 [SUPERA]afk ALL and like my only fans
    I 10:39 [SUPERA]afk ALL and sub me
    I 10:42 [SUPERA]afk ALL and tip me
    I 10:53 [SUPERA]afk ALL here in this faggot state
    I 10:56 [SUPERA]afk ALL weed, porn, and abortions r legal
    I 11:01 [SUPERA]afk ALL we gonna kill everyone in other states
    I 11:05 [SUPERA]afk ALL who have weed, porn, and abortions
    I 11:05 [SUPERA]afk ALL irl
    I 11:06 [SUPERA]afk ALL get rdy
    I 11:13 [SUPERA]afk ALL report 8
    I 11:16 [SUPERA]afk ALL for mass cancer faggotry
    I 11:17 [SUPERA]afk ALL he likes save
    I 11:20 [SUPERA]afk ALL ban him
    I 11:23 [SUPERA]afk ALL ban everyone who likes this save
    I 11:26 [SUPERA]afk ALL and kill their family and pets
    I 11:30 [SUPERA]afk ALL then burn their house down
    I 11:34 [SUPERA]afk ALL and give them aids
    I 11:37 [SUPERA]afk ALL put the aids in the house
    I 11:40 [SUPERA]afk ALL then burn it down

    Account Name: CrunchySoul#199
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-1993798
    In-Game Name: ButtChug

    Summary: General extreme toxicity

    Spoiler : crunchysoul chat :
    I 00:11 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL saves?
    I 00:16 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL i forgot
    I 00:17 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL i have
    I 00:22 [2up]Kalo ALL crunchysoul
    I 00:22 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL yes
    I 00:24 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL dont
    I 00:25 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL you love
    I 00:29 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL be chinese
    I 00:31 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL or dont please
    I 00:32 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL i sees
    I 00:37 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL kalo is a fucking faggot
    I 00:48 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -
    I 00:56 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -ButtChug
    I 01:27 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL shut
    I 01:28 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL the
    I 01:29 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL fuck
    I 01:29 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL up
    I 01:32 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL
    I 01:32 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL
    I 01:33 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL
    I 01:33 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL
    I 01:33 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL
    I 01:33 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL
    I 01:34 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL
    I 01:34 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL
    I 01:36 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL
    I 01:39 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL chugg on that
    I 01:40 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL
    I 01:42 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL
    I 02:11 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -lw
    I 02:21 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -lw
    I 03:02 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL fuck that guy
    I 03:06 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -lw
    I 03:41 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL shut the fuck up 8
    I 03:44 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -pm 8 shut up
    I 03:58 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -pm 8 faggot
    I 04:14 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -save 2
    I 04:17 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -save 2
    I 04:28 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -r fuck you for voting me you punk ass faggot
    I 04:31 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -r fuck you for real
    I 04:34 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -r ima so get you
    I 04:38 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -r ima rape your lil butt
    I 04:45 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -r then eat it, faggot
    I 04:49 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL comin for you
    I 05:06 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -lw
    I 05:46 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL rofl
    I 05:48 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL i love this game
    I 07:21 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL yall veto my save for this shit rofl
    I 07:23 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL i love it, new save
    I 07:28 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -save 2
    I 07:31 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -savegame 2
    I 07:35 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL -s2
    I 08:21 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL its pretty good but insane
    I 08:26 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL and for anyone that wants a good game, yea lol
    I 08:29 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL hey 8
    I 08:45 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL why
    I 08:50 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL he didntmake the save
    I 09:00 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL rofl
    I 09:02 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL okay
    I 10:14 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL umm
    I 10:17 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL not everyone is grown
    I 10:17 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL or men
    I 10:19 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL bro
    I 10:48 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL ok
    I 10:49 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL sry
    I 10:50 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL im 3
    I 11:05 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL fuck u 8
    I 11:07 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL faggot
    I 11:19 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL report 8
    I 11:22 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL agreed
    I 11:30 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL report 8 for being a bitch
    I 11:35 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL kill his dog
    I 11:37 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL and his fam
    I 11:39 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL give him aids
    I 11:43 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL fuck em all
    I 11:50 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL they all gonna die and get reported
    I 11:56 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL rape and report 8
    I 12:06 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL enough for this
    I 12:07 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL trust
    I 12:09 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL this is a mob
    I 12:11 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL get used to it
    I 12:34 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL shut the fuck up 8
    I 12:38 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL stop doing itagain faggot
    I 12:44 [Skwirl]CrunchySoul ALL gg

    Note - Dead chat was pretty toxic, beyond what I'd expect/overlook from players playing in Mafia. I am especially disappointed in AFK for acting like this, since we've had few nice chats where he had clearly demonstrated that he had regretted his earlier behaviours. He knows what is okay and what is not and it's clear from this game that maybe he doesn't care. Is it an one off incidence?

    General toxicity brews further toxicity. It is clearly demonstrated in this game. Rape talk, killing talk, slurs, they are NOT acceptable under any circumstances. No excuses behind it.

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  2. ISO #2

    Re: afk: 1-S2-1-3151647; CrunchySoul: 1-S2-1-1993798

    afk: 1-S2-1-3151647 is Correct.
    CrunchySoul: 1-S2-1-1993798 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:

    afk: Ctrl+1
    CrunchySoul: E

    Previous Offenses:

    Crunchysoul had a bunch of reports in the past, but nothign recent.
    AFK is currently on 18x WL, which is obviously not working if he's going to talk about things like shooting up schools.

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    afk - "AIDS Distributor" - MAYOR - 5
    He is warned of his WL.

    CrunchySoul - "Buttchug" - DETECTIVE - 13


    Setup: CrunchySoul has the host, but gets repicked to Kira. Crunchysoul calls Kalo (Ctrl+6) a "f****t". afk says "Let's all kill ourselves IRL."
    Names: None.
    Roles: None.
    D1: 13 (DETECTIVE) tells others to shut the fuck up and spams empty lines.
    N1: 5 is bussed, and also gets converted into a CULTIST. 13 tracks 1, who does nothing. 13 is also bus driven. Night sequence and death descriptions are off, as its a Kira cult save.
    D2: 15 (JESTER) and 7 (BUS DRIVER) are dead.1= 13 PMs 8 to "Shut up" after saying it in public, then calls him a "F****t". Day ends. Anonymous ballot with no trial executes 1 by a vote of 5. 13 insults 8 again because 8 voted for him and threatens physical violence. 1 flips JAILOR.
    N2: 5 (CULTIST) talks with 6 (CULTIST) and they go to convert 9 successfully. 13 checks 8, but is murdered by the SERIAL KILLER.
    D3: 13 (DETECTIVE) and 14 (CRIER) are dead. 10 is executed. Flip is ENFORCER.
    N3: CULT converts 3 but fails. 5 is incinerated by an ARSONIST and murdered by a SERIAL KILLER.
    D4: 8 (SERIAL KILLER), 5 (CULTIST), 14 (CRIER) (Burn the Evidence, LOL), 3 (CORONER), and 9 (CULTIST) are all dead. 5 makes extensive threats to hurt Kira, his family, his pets, etc. More insulting towards 8 now that he's dead. 6 is killed liveside. Flip is CULTIST.
    N4: General threats against everyone in deadchat.
    D5: 11 (CORONER) is dead. 12 is executed 2-0, flip is ARSONIST.
    N5: More trash talk in deadchat.
    D6: 2 wins an ARSONIST victory by tiebreak with the MAFIOSO.

    Was the game result altered?
    No. They both died 'legitimately'.

    Player Offenses:

    Confirmed accuracy of posted chat above through replay and Scelight.

    AFK and CrunchySoul: Extreme toxicity, RL threats.

    Recommended Actions:

    afk: Permaban
    CrunchySoul: 4x banlist

    Additional Notes:

    Thank you for the report!
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  5. ISO #5

    Re: afk: 1-S2-1-3151647; CrunchySoul: 1-S2-1-1993798

    Quote Originally Posted by mafiamafia View Post
    I was in dead chat with 2 mods. Obviously, I was joking. So this really is just a personal attack on me and against typewritten speech. You guys would do great in American politics. You people really are trolls. You both make me sick.

    Karma will find you both.
    My guy did you even read what you said? You’ve officially lost it if you think any of what you said was a “joke” or “funny”. Hahaha threatening someone and their families lives multiple times is so funny…
    Quote Originally Posted by Mesk514 View Post
    1-I really and truly believe @Unknown1234 is town. He stuck by me when I needed him
    Quote Originally Posted by Gyrlander View Post
    Wow, this game was really easy. I just had to talk dumb shit to survive some days more. :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    If sheriff cleared you honestly I would take him out of my town core and put him as scum.



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