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    Re: Music Point Resotration Request

    Quote Originally Posted by Arrow View Post
    We only have a very limited bank for that ID (1000 points), so you might want to go on the discord and see if anyone remembers you.
    I know Innovation (Music) from one FM game they tried, and have a general impression of who they are, so I'm going to lean in a bit on this one though I have never played with them in arcade personally.

    Of note is that they've made a similar point restore request back in 2023.

    I would say the 20k is probably exaggerated a mild bit due to:
    • The previously requested amount was 10k-20k, and later in the thread mentions point betting.
    • In the time since the previous request, the "arcade lobby status" has 247 results of them (Music#674)
    • Assuming the previous request wasn't fulfilled (or that they didn't recover a bank) getting 20k with just 247 games is relatively absurd based on some of the recent point restores I've looked at -- most of them seemed lower in the 20-30s though one was as high as 66 points per game played.

    I don't think the exaggeration is all that intentional though, based on my impressions of them and the fact that they didn't really get confrontational with the previous point restore request (which a deceptive/manipulative requester might do). Additionally, prior to the previous request, they had around 200 more games or lobbies recorded. If I had to guess, maybe they had points in the lower 10k range? Variability with this estimate could be wild though if they have a habit of doing bets or if they somehow got a recovery of previously-lost points. I don't doubt that they've lost points, possibly even twice, but I'm not so sure as to the exact amount they've lost due to circumstances such as loss of bank file. I vouch on this and hope that, pending input from players who have actually played with Music in-game, maybe we can achieve some sort of compensation for them even if it is not the actual amount that was lost.
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