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    LilBowWow: 1-S2-1-8714937

    Account Name: LilBowWow
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-8714937
    In-Game Name:

    Crimes Committed: Hacking / Ban evasion

    Your Account Name: ikarusdk
    Summary: For the sake of ease, I'm going to refer to the player as he.

    Across 3 games, the player correctly deduces each evil without evidence. Open admittance to ban evasion for hacking in lobby chats. As with all hacking accusations, it may be controversial and difficult to find that hard evidence, but if this guy was banned for hacking in the first place, I don't think it is wrong to assume that given the circumstances, the player started hacking again. Admitted ban evasion is enough for punishment though.

    Circumstantial evidences are provided below. 1. He finds evils with zero information. 2. He's maintained strong confidence and conviction behind his accusations in game 1 and 2. But his whole demeanor in the games changes once I use -real and start investigating. 3. He has very little games under his belt. However his knowledge of the game is of someone who's played this for a while before. 4. Once asked in pre game lobby chat, the player admits to ban evasion as well as 'hacking'.

    I will leave this for others to decide but I believe all the evidences are enough for a permanent ban.

    Spoiler : Game summaries :
    Game 1 (rp 265) - Leads town to lynch Auditor, and correctly informs town who the another evil is before dying. There was no way for this player to know this information.
    Set up - 8331
    Player name : Kinky Boots (14) - BD

    Night 1 - 6 (Sheriff) is killed by mafia. 14 swaps 2 (enchantress) with 13 (Auditor).
    Day 2 - 14 claims as sheriff and says 13 is mafia (clearly wrong information and a lie)
    Night 2 - 14 (bd) swaps 2 with 12 initially, but decides to swap 2 with himself (14). This is weird because he changes 2w12 to 2w14 after the triads decide to silence 12.
    Day 3 - 14 says '4 is another evil'. 4 is arsonist but not reavealed yet. 11 (Constable) shoots and kills 14 who flip BD.
    In death chat, 14 complains that 11 didn't listen to him saying 4 is evil.

    Game 2 (rp 626) - As marshall, leads lynches on 3 evils during mass execution without any information.
    Set up - typical 8331.
    Player name : Ugo De Luca (11) - Marshall

    Night 1 - 15(witch) is killed, and 8(Actress) is executed by Jailor.
    Day 2 - Marshall (the player) reveals on day 2. Before anyone can message the marshall, the marshall says, '9,12,2 in that order'. I thought this guy was just witch hunting or throwing. But he correctly lynches 9 (GF), 12 (Auditor), 4 (Detective) and 6 (Kidnapper).
    Night 2 - 10 (Escort) dies.
    Day 3 - No lynch
    Night 3 - 2 (Jialor) executes 5 (Poisoner)

    Game 3 (rp 627) - Correctly shoots GF day 2. (After the Game 2, I started suspecting the player is hacking. In game 3, after I died (gf) day 2, I used -real to see if my suspicion was justified. And lo-behold. it was LilBowWow that shot the GF. I must admit that since I typed -real, 8's strong confidence died. He's had this conviction behind his accusations in game 1 and 2. This is a speculation of course)
    Set up - typical 8331
    Player name - Angle (8 ) - Constable

    Night 1 - 1(GF) kills 15(Jailor).
    Day 2 - 8(Constable) shoots and kills 1(GF) with zero evidence. Town lynches 13 (exe).
    Night 2 - 7(Auditor) is killed by mafia
    Day 3 - The game from here proceeds as seemingly normal.

    Lobby chat about hacking/smurfing/ban evasion.

    -Mafia- (625).SC2Replay-Mafia- (626).SC2Replay-Mafia- (627).SC2Replay
    Images attachées Images attachées
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    Re: LilBowWow: 1-S2-1-8714937


    LilBowWow 1-S2-1-8714937 Correct


    Ikarus' summary is complete, and LilBowWow even confessed hacking and circumventing permaban.
    This will be treated as Hacking.

    His account has been on January, 25th.


    Smurfing (Ban Evasion)


    Hacking on another account




    His account is already banned, no need to do anything.
    Thanks for the report !
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