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    Re: BusterCannon | 1-S2-1-12828387


    BusterCannon 1-S2-12828387 Correct


    I 00:32 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL -Michael Jackson
    I 01:34 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL NIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I 01:51 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL -lw
    I 02:46 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL todays a new day. goodmorning niggers. you fat fucking chicken eating nigger mother fuckers
    I 03:01 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL so what>
    I 03:07 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL i can do whatever i want
    I 03:12 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL yes i can
    I 03:20 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL nigger.....!
    I 03:27 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL porch monkey nigger
    I 03:32 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL porch monkey NIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I 03:37 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL LOL
    I 04:09 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL NIGGERR!
    I 04:13 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL NIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I 04:23 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL yolo!
    I 05:03 [SyLx]BusterCannon ALL fuck the mods. they can go fucking die. nigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Other (Racism)


    WLx4 Dec 2023 (Griefing, IRL threats, Repetitive Insulting)
    BLx4 in July 2023 for Slur Usage, Witch-Hunting, Griefing. 2x WL in March 2023 for toxicity, and an on hold before that for personal threats.




    Time for a little break for him, I guess
    Thanks for the report !
    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    MM Magoroth and Distorted are the 3 baddies
    just like Agrael Acriel and Auwt being the original 3 baddies
    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    MafiaZ and Skwirl its all a repeat of history
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkRevenant View Post
    But Potoss has Pobes, Zeelot, and Acrons!
    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    Screw you I actually have more grudges towards the people who have their names start with A

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