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    Re: Meanie: 1-S2-1-830635

    1-S2-1-830635 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:


    Previous Offenses:

    A recent 2x WL for reactionary gamethrowing: https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...=1-S2-1-830635

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    Meanie - "Jioang Mojiang" - ARMORSMITH - 8

    He's still under WL during this report.


    Setup: Nothing during setup.
    Names: None.
    Roles: None.
    D1: Setup is 9/3/3. 8 (ARMORSMITH) says nothing during pregame banter.
    N1: 8 hands out a vest to 4. Kills: KIDNAPPER, MAFIA.
    D2: 9 (ORACLE) and 3 (AMNESIAC) are dead. 8 demands 10 to be removed on suspicion of being ARSONIST. The ARSONIST is present in the game, for the record, but it's not 10. He votes for 10, claims he's not EXECUTIONER. Repeats claim, says 4 is BLACKMAILED (faking, there is no BLACKMAILER). 8 hardclaims SHERIFF. He notes that there's no possibility for an EXECUTIONER, as the only NEUTRAL RANDOM spawn has been taken by the dead AMNESIAC. 10 accuses him of randoming as day ends.
    N2: 8 is in the KIDNAPPER'S jail. 8 repeats his claim of SHERIFF having found ARSONIST and points out EXECUTIONER is impossible by spawn table. Kidnapper releases him (he's out of executions anyways). Someone tries to kill 8, but he survives due to being in jail. Kills: SERIAL KILLER.
    D3: 4 (INVESTIGATOR) is dead. 8 laughs about the mafia targetting him while in jail, and repeats accusing 10. 8 continually presses for 10, and gets him to trial. 10 claims SPY and gives a convincing LW, but 8 claims its faked. 10 goes down 6-2 and flips SPY. 8 says, "LMAO LMAO i'm not sheriff" and PMs 12 (who has claimed JAILOR in PM to that he is ARMORSMITH.
    N3: 8 goes to hand 12 a vest, but never gets it handed off because the MAFIA murder him. Kills: MAFIA, SERIAL KILLER.
    D4: 6 (SHERIFF) and 8 are dead. 5 is put to trial but released 4-2. 12 is put to trial and released 3-2. 5 is put to trial and executed 7-0. Flip is DETECTIVE.
    D5: 2 (ENCHANTRESS) and 12 (KIDNAPPER) are dead. 15 to trial, 3-1 conviction. Flip is AGENT.
    N5: Kills: None! (Everyone tries to murder the night-immune ARSONIST).
    D6: Nobody is dead, but the ARSONIST dayburns and incinerates 14 (GODFATHER) and 13 (SERIAL KILLER)! 11 to trial, pardoned 1-1. 7 to trial, convicted 2-0. Flip is ARSONIST. A depleted town comprised of only a CRIER and VETERAN somehow wins the game.

    Was the game result altered?
    No, but only because of the sheer number of scum working against each other. In most games, getting four town and the Neutral Benign killed before any scum went down would nail shut the TOWN coffin.

    Player Offenses:


    Recommended Actions:

    4x WL

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!
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