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    MrHands: 1-S2-1-526044

    Account Name: MrHands
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-526044
    In-Game Name: Anal Penetrator

    Crimes Committed: Griefing

    Your Account Name: Melancholic

    MrHand chooses the name "Anal Penetrator"
    He is 5 and the color yellow in-game. His role is Enchantress.

    Night 1 he gets jailed and he gives his role to the Jailor. Jailor chooses not to execute because it was "easily provable".

    Day 2 and the Jailor is dead. Jailor's LW is n1: 5 enchantress. 5 immediately says that 15 is evil. Several players point out that Jailor's LW said that 5 was jailed and gave his role as Enchantress which begs the question how 5 would know 15 is evil. 5 is eventually put on trial and doesn't mention anything about being jailed night 1. He is lynched.
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    MrHands: 1-S2-1-526044

    Account Name: MrHands
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-526044
    In-Game Name: Great Big Faggot 13(930), Ass Penetrator 5(935)
    Screenshot2023-12-28 23_01_30.jpg
    Crimes Committed: Assorted Griefing(Fake leads to get people lynched, ending in self being lynched instead)
    -Mafia- (930).SC2Replay-Mafia- (935).SC2Replay
    Your Account Name: PonyPonyPony
    Summary: Quick and dirty report for this fella since 935 is the second time tonight he's rolled a non-invest and tried making random accusations until being lynched himself.
    Town came back and won 935, but 930 was a big rougher and led to eventual arso win. Forgot to take a screencap for 930 but here's the TLDR of 935.
    Screenshot2023-12-29 02_14_13.jpg
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    MrHands: 1-S2-1-526044

    Account Name: MrHands
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-526044
    In-Game Name: Butt Pirate 1

    Crimes Committed: Griefing
    -Mafia- (1010).SC2Replay
    Your Account Name: PonyPonyPony
    I didn't keep up with everything he said throughout the match, but to summarize starting on D2 he spent every day spamming chat to accuse me of being triad. He also went into a weird tangent about how I'm a griefer attempting to avoid bans or something idk? Either way it definitely seemed that he was specifically targeting me for a grudge rather than for any ingame reasons.
    And unless he happened to be roleblocked the night I checked as det, he also seems to not even be trying to play the "pretend jester as oracle to get lynched" fake lead strat, he was just faking a lead to waste town's time and thus immediately quit as soon as the final triad was put on trial. IMO atleast.
    Town won in the end, but that silliness was definitely effective in sowing chaos! Most actual jesters dont manage to waste that much time lmao

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    Re: MrHands: 1-S2-1-526044


    MrHands 1-S2-1-526044 Correct


    Replay 58 and 935 (same) :

    MrHands rolls ENCHANTRESS in slot #5. He also chooses the name "Ass Penetrator".

    N1: MrHands is jailed, claims ENCHANTRESS.
    MrHands adds to his lw "fuck this fag jailor".
    The JAILOR (#9) is killed this night revealing his lw (so everyone knows MrHands was jailed and couldn't move)

    D2: Out of the blue, MrHands says "its 15" [15 is PonyPony with his shiny name].
    Pony asks what's the reason, to what MrHands answers "15".
    Pony points out MrHands was jailed according to dead JAILOR's lw.
    MrHands claims he wasn't jailed.

    People feel MrHands is trolling and therefore put him up.
    Does not claim any role, does not defend himself, just adds something along the lines "Why would you say I'm jester and put me up".
    He is guiltied 2-0, and flips ENCHANTRESS.

    It's okay to test someone, but it's not okay to not know when to back off before falling into the Griefing box.

    Replay 930 :

    Prior to 935.
    MrHands - "Great Big Faggot" - VETERAN - #13

    Spoiler : chat log :

    I 00:18 [D1KS]MrHands ALL youre a bastard
    I 00:21 [D1KS]MrHands ALL -repick
    I 00:39 [D1KS]MrHands ALL -
    I 00:44 [D1KS]MrHands ALL -Great Big Faggot
    I 01:15 [D1KS]MrHands ALL why are communists all faggots?
    I 01:29 [D1KS]MrHands ALL why did this shit state colorado
    I 01:31 [D1KS]MrHands ALL ban trump
    I 01:35 [D1KS]MrHands ALL they are literally the only state to ban him
    I 02:07 [D1KS]MrHands ALL im sick of these loud faggots making trannies play in womens teams
    I 02:16 [D1KS]MrHands ALL why dont we see any female to male trannies on mens teams
    I 03:02 [D1KS]MrHands ALL 2 came up mafia
    I 03:19 [D1KS]MrHands ALL its two and i also suspect 12 i will check tonight
    I 04:03 [D1KS]MrHands ALL we got him bent over a barrel. get 15 next. he just typed that fake will
    I 04:29 [D1KS]MrHands ALL holy shit this dumb town
    I 04:33 [D1KS]MrHands ALL holy shit this dumb town
    I 04:51 [D1KS]MrHands ALL trash town can burn in hell with mccain
    I 05:13 [D1KS]MrHands ALL get 15 and 2 after me
    I 05:22 [D1KS]MrHands ALL that bogus will should have been enough
    I 05:27 [D1KS]MrHands ALL whatever
    I 05:38 [D1KS]MrHands ALL this town can suck my dick
    I 05:41 [D1KS]MrHands ALL fucking fags

    N1: Goes on alert during a party.

    D2: Again, out of the blue starts the day by claiming "2 came up mafia".
    Even adding "its two and i also suspect 12 i will check tonight".
    #2 is put up, claiming BODYGUARD, with lw.
    Some people point out that it's a triad game, so there are no mafia check as MrHands claimed.
    #2 is innoed 7-2.
    Votes backfire and MrHands is put up.
    No role claim, no lw, only blaming and putting targets on #15 and #2.

    He is guiltied 7-2, flipping VETERAN.

    Replay 1010 :

    MrHands - "Butt Pirate" - ORACLE - #1

    N1: Doesn't target anyone.
    He is attacked, and saved by a DOCTOR.

    D2: He gets an afk warning.
    It's ballot, he is very close to getting on the stand by EOD.

    N2: Back from afk, he adds to his lw "this town can suck my asshole clean".
    A BG die protecting someone, but no attacker died.

    D3: Again, again, who could've expected, MrHands comes up with a lead "get 14" [it's Pony with shiny name].
    "get 14 he is triad" "hes triad" "14 triad" "14 is the triad" "14 came up as triad"
    Ballot ends with 7 votes on #14 (PonyPony).
    Pony is put up, claims DETECTIVE with lw.
    MrHands then says "story doesnt add up. no leads as detective" "guilty" "guilty" "he will kill me tonight if inno".
    He is innoed 6-6

    N3: Still did not pick any target as Oracle.

    D4: Once again, he pushes #14, flooding the chat with his "info"
    Ballots ends, #3 is put up.
    After #3's defence, MrHands DARES TO SAY : "do not rdm".
    Innoed 6-5.

    N4: Still no target.
    He is busdriven, and an INVESTIGATOR gets the result "trespassing and murder" for him.

    D5: #7 (CONSTABLE) shots down #9 (MM).
    Still spamming about #14.
    #11 is put up, guiltied 6-2, flipping WITCH.

    N5: No target as Oracle.

    D6: People start ignoring MrHands.
    #12 is put up, no role, flipping DH.

    Game ends by town victory.

    As Oracle, he did not play the game at all.

    I am going to charge him with a Griefing case for the combination of offensive/inappropriate name selection, clan name, insults, and only trolling with direct effect on the game.




    Under a WLx2 that started Jan 29 (Rolequitting, slurs)
    Previously known as "Theviolator" with records back to 2013 (gamethrowing, cheating).

    A little quote from him back then :

    Quote Originally Posted by TheViolator View Post
    This is the last fucking straw. You faggets are all dead when Hots comes out. Lick my hairy ass. IKAs momma so fat, when she wakes up she says, "Battlecruiser operational"
    And his fellow cheater :

    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnforcer View Post
    You can all eat my ass




    Shouldn't be too bad to get rid of this guy, he anyway doesn't intend to play the game.
    Thank you for the reports !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    MM Magoroth and Distorted are the 3 baddies
    just like Agrael Acriel and Auwt being the original 3 baddies
    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    MafiaZ and Skwirl its all a repeat of history
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkRevenant View Post
    But Potoss has Pobes, Zeelot, and Acrons!
    Quote Originally Posted by Efekannn02 View Post
    Screw you I actually have more grudges towards the people who have their names start with A

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