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    votes from hatered supremebeing 1-26671021

    Account Name: supremebeing
    Account ID: 1-26671021
    In-Game Name: the tranny terminator

    Crimes Committed: greifing

    Your Account Name:me

    days 2 supremebeing votes 3 (tranny (cuddlez)) .
    his lw not reflect his vote.
    i tell him to not vote from his hatred for trannies and
    tell town to vote him up.
    he is not lynched.

    next night he unplug the switch and DC ..
    all see his lw where 3 is not mentioned.

    greifing !

    a Nest of nazi that complains about racism , the irony ...
    yo bill ... ko-vid or nano started thru flue vaqs campaign 2019-2020

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    Re: votes from hatered supremebeing 1-26671021

    1-S2-1-12671021 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:


    Previous Offenses:

    Currently on 4X WL for racism

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    SupremeBeing - "THE T****Y TERMINATOR" - LOOKOUT - 4


    Setup: SupremeBeing says that intaro 'reported himself for trying to random at start of game.' Setup chosen is complex, with a MASON, WITCH DOCTOR, CULTIST, three TRIAD, and two other neutrals.
    Names: Player "tfarcevol" (1-S2-1-4475486) chooses name "Unknownthehomo butfuk supremef****t". This is intaro. Added.
    Roles: None.
    D1: 4 (LOOKOUT, "The T****y Terminator") PMs 3 ("T****y") "You shall not corrupt my children with your vile ways.", as well as a few threats which would generally fall into roleplaying at this point.
    N1: 4 sets LW "Don't let the t******s win, brothers, do it for the children", then edits out the second half to change it to his action log. He watches 7, who is not visited. Kills: TRIAD, MASS MURDERER. The CULT fails both conversions, and the MASON ascends to MASON LEADER, but is hit by the TRIAD.
    D2: 9 (DECEIVER), 5 (DETECTIVE), and 1 (MASON LEADER) are dead. 4 PMs 3 "You live, for now." 4 updates LW, then starts a vote on 3 for "I bet 3 is the dragon head!" when votes start. 2 counters that it's randoming, and 4 and 2 slug it out with words. But no trial materializes.
    N2: 4 watches 8. 4 sets LW of "MARK MY WORDS, 3 is evil" and then dies to suicide via leaving. Kills: VIGILANTE, TRIAD, LEAVER, CULT convert fails, WITCH DOCTOR convert fails.
    D3: 6 (DOCTOR), 4, and 3 (MASON LEADER) are all dead, the last by the VIGILANTE. With five town players dead, town holds a narrow plurality of 3 over several factions of 2. 10 is put to trial; he goes down 5-0 and flips JESTER.
    D4: 13 (DOCTOR), 11 (CULTIST), 15 (WITCH DOCTOR), and 7 (VIGILANTE) are all dead. Game state: A lone ENCHANTRESS opposes two TRIAD and a MASS MURDERER(who is on cooldown). The ENCHANTRESS has a heart attack. 2 supports a skip, and while he doesn't get it, no trial occurs.
    N4: TRIAD tries to kill 2, but he's a NI MASS MURDERER, which they seem aware of.
    D5: 12 (ENCHANTRESS) is dead. At this point TRIAD has the majority 2 to 1, so they kill off the MASS MURDERER and claim the win. TRIAD victory.

    Was the game result altered?
    No, an extra LOOKOUT wouldn't have saved town, and even though his FUD of the MASON LEADER probably got the VIGILANTE to shoot him, I don't think that would've saved town given how utterly ineffective CULT was the entire game (Failing every save and conversion until getting purged out in one night). Maybe there's an argument the VIGILANTE could've hit someone else, but town simply didn't pull together.

    Additional offenses or players found in replay?

    Intaro: Slur usage

    Player Offenses:

    SupremeBeing: Griefing
    Intaro: Slur usage

    Recommended Actions:

    SupremeBeing: +3x WL to current
    Intaro: 2x WL

    Additional Notes:

    Randomly antagonizing players by naming yourself in game things that are insulting to them isn't going to win you any friends.
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