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    S-FM 349: KRC 2023

    Hidden Random
    ad infinitum

    Hosted by: Lumi, Arete, Wiml, katze, Taffy

    Start Date: April 10th
    Sign-up Deadline: April 6th
    Role Submission Deadline: April 6th
    Avatar Submission Deadline: April 7th
    Phase Change Time: 7 PM Central Time

    The Setup
    In KRC, every player submits a custom made role.
    After all roles are submitted, the hosts assign roles to alignments to create a balanced setup.
    Roles are then randed back to players, but you cannot receive the role you submitted.
    Closed setup, high-powered, role madness ensues.
    Upon a player's death, the role they received AND the role they submitted are revealed.
    Semi-Anonymous: Public Playerlist, Anonymous Accounts.

    How to Sign
    Sign by DMing me (Lumi#1024) on Discord!

    Mandatory Reading:
    1) Post-Signing Checklist
    2) Game Rules
    3) Rolecard Submission Rules

    Recommended Reading:
    4) Game Mechanics
    5) In-Thread Attacks
    6) FAQ

    Optional Reading:
    7) Terminology
    8) Past Rolecard Submissions
    9) Role Hall of Fame

    Player Cap: 30 players

    Due to this game basically snap-filling, the cap has been raised to 38 39 players!

    Spoiler : Playerlist :

    01) Amaya
    02) AnimePigeon
    03) arogame123
    04) Bradland022
    05) deathworlds
    06) DoctorZeus
    07) Dum
    08) Firekitten
    09) Frinckles
    10) Gikkle
    11) Hollowkatt
    12) ikarus
    13) KagamiAoki
    14) loldebite
    15) Macdougall
    16) Marl
    17) Marshmallow Marshall
    18) MartinGG99
    19) May
    20) NANOOK
    21) oliverz144
    22) Porscha
    23) powerofdeath
    24) Prince J
    25) PumpNugget
    26) Ranmilia
    27) Renegade
    28) robyn
    29) Ruby
    30) Ryast
    31) Santygrass
    32) Stealthbomber16
    33) Stellaria
    34) Taku
    35) Varcron
    36) Wesley
    37) Wisdom
    38) Zedus
    39) Zenon
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    Re: S-FM 349: KRC 2023

    Post-Signing Checklist
    1) Review the rules for the game
    This game uses some non-standard game rules, and ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse for breaking the rules.

    2) Submit a custom rolecard to Lumi
    Make sure to review the Rolecard Submission Rules before starting on your role. If you have questions on roles, feel free to DM me. Do NOT ask in thread.

    3) Submit your custom avatar to Lumi
    Create a custom avatar using MSPaint or a similarly low-tech image editing software.
    It's fine if it sucks. That's part of KRC tradition.

    Here is a link to a gallery of some avatars from previous years for reference: gallery link

    The custom avatar is for YOU to use, NOT the person that rands your role! Do not make the avatar related to the role you submitted.

    4) That's it! Now just wait for the game to start!
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    Re: S-FM 349: KRC 2023


    1. RULE NUMBER ONE of KRC: You MAY NOT discuss the role you submitted in any way, shape, or form, anywhere (not even factional chats) other than in direct discussion with the host! Although you are free to discuss the role you received without any restrictions! (Note the difference between the role you submitted vs the role you received!)

      Revealing mechanics of the role you submitted will result in a modkill.
      Revealing the name of the role you submitted will result in a modkill.
      Softing mechanics, softing the name - modkill for both.

      You know what role you submitted and may make decisions and actions accounting for that knowledge (e.g you do not have to intentionally perform sub-optimal actions in order to act uninformed), but aside from that you must act and post as if all the roles in this game were created by me and you have no knowledge on what roles are in the game.

      Players attempting to hunt or deduce role submissions of living players anywhere other than in their own head/in communication with the host will also be in violation of this rule.
    2. 10 posts per day phase minimum. Anyone that fails to meet this will be modkilled and exit the game with a loss, regardless of reason. If there is an early hammer then it will be at my discretion if I think someone has posted enough to not get modkilled.
    3. There will be no subs, Only Mod Kills.
    4. This game is SEMI-ANONYMOUS. That means that the player list will be public, but everyone will receive an anonymous forum account.
      Despite the public player list, you should treat this game like an anon game. Do not mention identities or meta reads on other players at any point. Any attempts to hunt other players mains, out your own main, soft your own main, or cleverly circumvent these rules is liable to being modkilled. You are free to think about these things, or muse about them with the hosts - but none of these thoughts should be evident in your actual posts. Additionally, particularly idiosyncratic players do not need to attempt to alter their playstyle in an attempt to remain anonymous, although the line between idiosyncrasy and softing your main is a fine line that players should be cognizant of and tread carefully. If you have questions on what is or isn't allowed, contacts the hosts.
    5. Cryptography is forbidden. Breadcrumbing is okay.
    6. Never post screenshots of anything. Do not screenshot the thread, do not screenshot private chats, do not screenshot mod communication, do not screenshot. If you wish to quote something, paraphrase it.
    7. The only player communication you are allowed to copy paste is either from the thread to a private chat or to a factional chat. Or from a private chat to a factional chat.
    8. Pasting your rolecard, night feedback, or day feedback in factional chats is okay. Copy + Pasting anywhere else or pasting any other forms of mod communication in factional chats is forbidden.
    9. If you are unsure of what is allowed, ask first.
    10. You may not modify your profile picture or signature at any point during the game.
    11. I reserve the right to modify these rules if needed.
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    Re: S-FM 349: KRC 2023

    Rolecard Submission Rules

    • All submitted roles must be alignment agnostic. Meaning any alignment, including town, group-scum, and 3p can all make use of the role.
    • Roles can be as complex as you like. Bring on the challenge
    • Roles must be logistically feasible More on what is logistically feasible later in this post
    • The role you submit may be rebalanced without your knowledge.
    • If you don't like the idea of your role being modified, you may workshop the role you submit with the host in order to get it into a state where it won't be modified.
    • KRC roles are meant to be fun and relatively powerful. Submit accordingly.

    "Sharp" Mechanics
    Some mechanics are what I call "sharp"
    - The balance of the game rests on a sharp knife's edge, where a slight imbalance in either direction has a disproportionate effect on the outcome of the game
    - Or the mechanic is like a sharp knife - running around swinging it wildly will more often than not result in someone having a bad time
    - Or I don't like the mechanic and I'm sticking it here as a way to restrict its use

    Sharp Mechanics:
    - Kill Power (in particular KP per phase. One shot KP is much less sharp)
    - Silencing (speech manipulation that still allows a player to communicate ideas, even if it's more difficult, is not sharp. Manipulation that makes communicating ideas impossible is sharp)
    - All Forms of Vote Manipulation (Extra vote power, vote stealing, changing votes, elimination-immunity, manipulating other players votes, etc.)
    - Jester Mechanics (Generally anything that makes it so someone wants to be the top wagon at EoD is a jester mechanic. Mechanics that incentivize being voted but not eliminated are fine)
    - Alignment Conversion
    - Alternative Win Conditions
    - Post Count Rankings We had roles in the past that revolved around being top poster, it was a disaster

    You may still use these mechanics, but roles that utilize sharp mechanics are significantly more liable to being modified during balancing. If you wish to use one of these mechanics in your role, come up with a creative non-vanilla implementation. We will try to modify the submitted roles as little as possible, but if balancing is needed (and trust me, it will be needed), boring vanilla implementations of these mechanics will be the first things to be changed.

    Logistically Feasible Mechanics
    This game is most likely going to have thousands of posts per phase, the hosts do not have time to read the entire game closely, so any roles that require a close or careful reading of the thread by the hosts are not feasible. A common way to re-work roles that desire such effects is to put the burden of closely reading the thread onto the recipient of the role. E.g rather than a role having an automatic effect every time X happens, make the recipient of the role able to receive said effect by quoting a post that has X happening in it.

    Other logistically unfeasible mechanics involve things that would be overly burdensome to run. If you have questions on whether a mechanic is logistically feasible or not, feel free to ask before the role submission deadline closes. Such questions will not be answered after.

    Other Regulated Mechanics
    These mechanics are much more useable, but there tends to be more fun alternatives available.

    - Roleblockers Roleblocking is a fine mechanic, it's just that in a setup like this with so many unique roles, getting roleblocked is kind of a bummer. It's still a powerful ability and it's easy enough to balance, so there are likely to still be roleblockers in the setup - but consider using some other manipulative action.
    - Auto-Incriminators Any mechanic which just automatically incriminates someone with minimal counterplay is less interesting than other investigative abilities that have counterplay and fake-claim potential. Alignment cops are the obvious example, but there are many other possible implementations as well. The mechanic is fine enough to balance around, but consider using an investigative ability that gives more room for counterplay OR make there be some level of risk to using an ability that would automatically incriminate scum when successful.
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    Re: S-FM 349: KRC 2023

    Anonymous accounts, an account will be provided for you

    Phase Length:
    48 hour days, 24 hour nights.

    SoD/EoD Time:
    7 PM US Central Time

    Day Action Deadline (including day votes):
    Exactly at posted EoD Time. X:59 = good, X:00 = too late

    Night Action Deadline:
    2 hours before SoD

    Instantaneous Effect Actions Deadline:
    Actions with instantaneous effect cannot be used during the 2 hour period before SoD nor in the 1 hour period before EoD

    Early Hammers:
    Night is always at least 20 hours long with SoD occurring at the soonest following 7 PM time.

    Elimination Type:
    Plurality Elimination on Day 1. Plurality with Majority Hammer on Days 2+
    Votes to hammer is equal to 51% of the number of living players, rounded up.

    Sleeping/Skipping is allowed.

    Last Wills:
    Last Wills are allowed

    Death Notes:
    Death Notes are allowed

    Suicide is not allowed

    Self-votes do not count, the bot doesn't even register them.

    Factional Chats:
    Factional chats will be on Discord. Factional chats will NOT be anonymous.

    Private Chats:
    Private Chats will be on Xoyondo.

    In-Thread Attacks:
    Yes. Refer to the In-Thread Attacks section for more details
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    Re: S-FM 349: KRC 2023

    In-Thread Attacks
    • Starting Day 2, all players may, once per day, shoot at another player.
    • Unless modified by a role ability, this shot is public, regardless of if it hits or not.
    • The player who is shot will have a percentage chance of immediately dying and flipping.
    • ITAs can only be used during pre-set time windows.
    • ITAs will be disabled when the total number of living players falls below a secret threshold.
    • The default percentage chance of hitting will be decided based on overall setup balance, but will likely be around 15%. This may be affected by role abilities.

    In-Thread Attack Windows:
    Window 1: 18 hours after SoD from 1 PM to 2 PM US Central Time.
    View in your local time zone: Link

    Window 2: 25 hours after SoD from 8 PM to 9 PM US Central Time
    View in your local time zone: Link
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    Re: S-FM 349: KRC 2023

    Can I ask questions about the setup?
    Yes, there's no guarantee I will answer your questions, but it doesn't hurt to ask!

    Can we trust you?
    I will never knowingly lie to you unless made to do so by a role.

    What factions are there?
    There is an uninformed majority known as the town, and there is at least one anti-town faction.

    What exactly is an "Anti-Town Faction"?
    Refer to the Terminology Section

    Can rolecards contain hidden information or false information?
    It is possible.

    Will players know their true alignment?
    Yes, players will always know their own true alignment.

    Will players know their true win condition?
    Yes, players will always know their own true win condition.

    Why wasn't my question answered?
    I respond to all questions, even ones that I won't answer (e.g "No comment" or "¯\_(ツ)_/¯"). If it feels like I missed your question, then I probably missed your question and you are free to ask again. Getting 1 notification from a user vs multiple notifications from a user is effectively the same to me, so don't worry!

    What is the difference between factional actions and role actions?
    Factional actions are granted by a player's faction. Role actions are granted by their role. But other than that distinction they are all just treated as actions unless a role explicitly specifies otherwise (e.g a roleblock will stop a factional action just the same as a role action)

    Can you rand your own role?
    No. (The math behind the probability of someone randing their own role is fun: Derangements)

    Was my role modified after I submitted it? Will I know if it was modified?
    The balance team had two primary goals:
    - To make a fun and balanced game for all roles and factions
    - To alter as little about roles as we can in pursuit of this goal

    We did our best to change as little as we can about submitted roles. But if your role was changed, you were not notified, and will not be notified.

    Was the role I received altered?
    I cannot comment on that, refer to the previous question.

    When a player dies and their submitted role is revealed, is the version of the role they submitted shown? Or is the final, potentially-modified version that was actually randed shown?
    The final version of the role that was potentially modified by the hosts will be shown.

    When a player dies and their submitted role is revealed, is hidden information for the role shown?
    Often, yes, but partial hidden information or none of the hidden information is also possible. It is a balance decision made by the hosts during the pre-game balancing.

    When a player dies and their received role is revealed, is hidden information for the role shown?
    Yes, when a player dies and the role they received is revealed, all hidden information for that role is revealed, UNLESS the flip was modified in some way, in which case whether or not hidden information is revealed depends on the nature of the modification.

    What exactly is hidden information?
    Hidden information refers to any sort of information on rolecards that is hidden in certain circumstances, examples of possible hidden information include, but are not limited to:
    - Hidden from the recipient of the role
    - Hidden from role-cops
    - Hidden during the role-submitter's flip
    Information that is hidden to role-cops or hidden during the role-submitter's flip may or may not be indicated as such on a player's role card.

    Submitted roles must be alignment agnostic, do modifications to a role made during host balancing also have to be alignment agnostic?
    No, it is possible that a role was modified with a specific alignment in mind.

    What is the OoO?
    I refer to the OoO I use as "Paradox Avoidant Simultaneous Execution" meaning all actions happen simultaneously - unless a paradox would occur. If a paradox would occur then the paradox inducing roles are executed in a predetermined order instead.

    In 99% of cases this functions exactly like a normal OoO, and you should probably stop reading here.

    The major area where this differs from a traditional OoO is that roles that alter the execution of other roles do not have a strict hierarchy.

    For example, imagine a setup with a Roleblocker and a Bus Driver. With a traditional OoO one of them has to go first, if the Roleblocker goes first then the Bus Driver can never protect other players from role blocks because the RB goes first in the OoO. If the Bus Driver goes first, then the Roleblocker can never stop the Bus Driver from swapping. But with simultaneous execution neither role acts as a trump card over the other role.

    Spoiler : Examples :

    Roleblocker blocks Player A
    Bus Driver swaps Players A and B

    Result: The Bus Driver redirects the block from Player A to Player B.
    Roleblocker blocks Bus Driver
    Bus Driver swaps Players A and B

    Result: The swap is blocked
    Spoiler : More Complicated Examples :

    The way the simultaneous execution technically works is:
    - Iterate over all possible action orderings (With n actions there are n! possible orderings)
    - An action ordering is inconsistent if it results in a retrospective contradiction (e.g a role did their action but then later got roleblocked, therefore they shouldn't have been able to do that action)
    - Ignore inconsistent orderings.
    - For consistent orderings, add the outcome of that ordering to the set of valid outcomes.
    - If there is exactly one valid outcome, use that outcome. If there are either 0 or 2+ valid outcomes, then a paradox occurred and the roles responsible for the paradox will be executed based on a predetermined hierarchy

    Roleblocker blocks Player A
    Bus Driver swaps themselves with Player A

    Result: If the Bus Driver were to go first, then they would swap the roleblock onto themselves which is inconsistent because they already did their action. If the roleblocker goes first, then there is no inconsistency and Player A is roleblocked. So the effective OoO of Roleblocker -> Bus Driver is used
    Roleblocker blocks Bus Driver
    Bus Driver swaps themselves with Player A

    Result: If the Roleblocker goes first, then the Bus Driver can't swap. This is a consistent outcome and is added to the set of valid outcomes. If the Bus Driver goes first, then the swap is redirected to Player A. This is also a valid outcome and is added to the set of valid outcomes. As the set of valid outcomes has two different solutions, a strict OoO is used instead and what happens depends on which role was given priority during set-up creation.
    Spoiler : Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here :

    Bus Driver 1 swaps Bus Driver 2 with Player A
    Bus Driver 2 swaps Bus Driver 1 with Player A

    If Bus Driver 1 goes first, then:
    1 -> 2
    2 -> A
    A -> 1

    If Bus Driver 2 goes first, then:
    1 -> A
    2 -> 1
    A -> 2

    As there are two valid outcomes, a strict OoO is used and whichever bus driver was given priority during setup creation goes first. For the sake of example we can assume Bus Driver 1 has priority so the resulting outcome is:
    1 -> 2
    2 -> A
    A -> 1
    Same as the previous example, but add a roleblocker blocking Bus Driver 1.
    Roleblocker blocks Bus Driver 1
    Bus Driver 1 swaps Bus Driver 2 with Player A
    Bus Driver 2 swaps Bus Driver 1 with Player A

    There are 6 action execution orders:
    1) R -> 1 -> 2 results in a paradox because Bus Driver 1 is blocked, but then later swapped, meaning retrospectively they shouldn't have been blocked. This is an inconsistent execution and is ruled out.
    2) R -> 2 -> 1 has the same result as 1
    3) 1 -> R -> 2 results in Bus Driver 1 getting to use their action, but then later being roleblocked, which is inconsistent, and this execution is ruled out.
    4) 1 -> 2 -> R results in Bus Driver 2 getting roleblocked, but this is inconsistent because bus driver 2 already got to use their action, and this execution is ruled out.
    5) 2 -> R -> 1 results in Player A getting roleblocked, and Bus Driver 2 going before Bus Driver 1. The execution is consistent and so the outcome is added to the set of valid outcomes.
    6) 2 -> 1 -> R has the same result as #5

    There is only one valid outcome in the set of valid outcomes, so the action ordering of either 5 or 6 is used to produce the result where:
    1 -> A
    2 -> 1
    A -> 2

    And Player A gets roleblocked.

    Notice that the only thing we changed from the previous example is we added a roleblock action into the mix. The roleblocked blocked neither bus driver, and yet the execution of the bus drivers' actions flipped. The existence of the roleblocker pruned the set of valid solutions and coerced the OoO into a different outcome despite the roleblock itself not actually hitting either bus driver.
    Spoiler : An OoO resolution that runs in O(n!) ?? :

    While the theoretical upper bound for the run time of this style of OoO resolution is O(n!) the search space can be greatly pruned by only considering actions that can affect other actions. Build a digraph of manipulative actions and then search for cycles on the constructed digraph. Disconnected components do not affect each other and can be executed separately. Acyclic connected components form a tree and can be rooted and then topologically sorted in order to determine their execution order. Only cyclic components on the digraph require O(n!) consideration, since the occurrence of cyclic components is very rare, and the ones that do occur are usually of a low order, the actual computation of the OoO is not O(n!) in practice.

    Will main identities be revealed post game?
    Yes. Remaining anonymous post-game is not an option.

    What's the deal with night 0?
    All role actions and all factional actions cannot be used on night 0 unless they explicitly specify otherwise. Night 0 exists because at least one role exists that requires a night 0. If your role PM makes no mention of night 0 abilities, then you don't have to worry about doing anything during night 0.

    Can I target myself?
    Abilities may only self-target if they explicitly state that they are able to. If this explicit statement is absent, they may not self-target.

    What does _____ mean specifically?
    Refer to the Terminology Section

    How do Death Notes Work?
    Non-Town players may include a death note alongside any killing actions they submit. Town players may only include a death note if specifically permitted to through their role. If a player who dies during the night was targeted by a killing action with a death note, said death note will be included alongside the flip.

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    Re: S-FM 349: KRC 2023

    The Thread - the public game thread
    Private Chats - private chats on Xoyondo where you do not know the alignment of the other members of the chat (e.g Neighborhoods, Architect Chats, etc)
    Factional Chats - private chats on Discord where the alignment of all members of the chat is mod confirmed to be the same and the main account identity of all faction members is known. In KRC members of a factional chat may have alternative win-cons, but it will always be guaranteed that all members of the chat may obtain a win through their shared win-con. (e.g Mafia factional chat, Masonries, etc)
    Host Chats - each slot's private group chat on Discord directly with the host team. If a slot is a hydra then all members of the hydra will be in the same host chat. Host chats are guaranteed to be private and will not be released after the game.

    Alignment - the team someone is playing for. Members of the same non-town alignment will have access to a 24/7 factional chat with all members of that same alignment unless specified otherwise.
    Faction - another word for alignment. A faction may have any number of players, including just one.
    Factional Actions - non-town factions will gain access to some number (possibly zero, possibly one, possibly many) of shared factional actions that can be performed for free alongside their regular role actions. Each factional action must be assigned to a member of the faction unless specified otherwise. Roleblocks will block factional actions unless specified otherwise. Likewise, factional actions are subject to any other game effects as well (tracking, redirection, manipulation, etc.)

    Role - the role that a player receives. Roles are alignment agnostic and any role can be assigned to any alignment.
    Role Actions - the actions granted to a player from their role, as opposed to factional actions.

    Anti-Town Faction - a faction is anti-town if town cannot win as long as any anti-town faction members are alive. Although it may be possible for anti-town factions to win with town still alive.
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    Re: S-FM 349: KRC 2023

    Role Hall of Fame
    A place to honor the particularly interesting or well designed roles from past iterations of the game. The best role submissions from this iteration will be added to the hall of fame too!

    The Infinity Mirror
    By: Macdougall
    Game: KRC: Game of the Decade

    The role utilizes a particularly interesting and unique method for creating a neighborhood, then after the hood is created it presents the members of the hood a number of interesting options. Should they reveal what they're voting for? Should the reveal how they're voting? Should they treat the powers as something that's voted on by a consensus, or should it be up to the players that actually have control over the action? And the fact that the actions can only target players within the hood, with a vigilante shot included, makes this role into a sort of day-at-night with a lot of very neat dynamics. I think it's no surprise that this role was one of the highest voted roles, earning it a spot in the hall of fame.

    Spoiler : The Infinity Mirror :

    Role: The Infinity Mirror
    Any time during the day, submit the name of another player to the game hosts, that player will then be asked to submit the name of another player who will then be asked to submit the name of another player and so on until someone submits the name of a player who was already submitted, forming a mirror, or the Day phase ends. If the Day ends before a mirror is formed, the last person to be targeted will automatically target you and complete the loop.

    Once the mirror is formed, all members of the Infinity Mirror will receive a temporary neighborhood chat for the following Night phase.

    The first name may choose to rolecop someone from the group before end of night and will receive the result at the end of the night.

    The second name may choose to protect someone from the group before end of night.

    The third person may choose to track someone from the group before end of night.

    The fourth person may choose to vig someone from the group before end of night.

    The fifth and any subsequent players who form part of the infinity mirror go back to the start (rolecop, protect, track, vig in that order) but share the same use of their respective action with the other players in the hood with the same action and must vote on who they wish to target (voting for an action is determined identically to voting for the daytime elimination but is submitted privately). All players with that action get identical night action feedback and all will be seen visiting their target by any relevant investigative roles.

    You may be added to the neighbourhood, in which case you are treated like any regular player with respect to potential night actions.

    As a mirror, you are highly fragile and will always die if you are attacked in the Night even if you would normally be protected from dying.

    The Keeper of Dramatic Irony
    By: Amaya
    Game: KRC: Game of the Decade

    This role achieved something that is very difficult to do - creating a powerful wish granting role, restricted enough to not be over-powered, while restricted in ways interesting enough to make it still a lot of fun to play. Similar to many other roles in the Hall of Fame - the extent of what this role is actually able to do mechanically, isn't that unusual - it can protect, create investigative results, redirect, etc. But where this role, and many other Hall of Fame roles, shines is in the method it uses for actually triggering those effects. An interesting range of effects, triggered in an innovative way, while not suffering from complexity bloat - it's also no surprise that this role was highly voted.

    Spoiler : The Keeper of Dramatic Irony :

    Role: The Keeper of Dramatic Irony
    Bound to guarding the Quill of Dramatic Irony in one of the seven fabled shrines of Literary Devices, they are now tasked to use its perverse power to oversee a new story?s unfolding: the story of KRC: Game of the Decade.

    Cursing the Champion (Night, Night 0, Unmanipulatable): Choose a player to become the protagonist for the following day and night. After the day has ended, they will learn that they were under the influence of the Keeper of the Dramatic Irony.

    It?s Not Like That?ll Ever Happen (Night): Submit a post from your protagonist where they make a prediction about unknown quantities in the game or a future event within the game. Tonight, if it is true after the initial action processing, the hosts will make you take an action in order to falsify that prediction. You will not know the exact nature of this action.

    You may only perform one action over the course of the game per archetype:
    Investigative / Protective / Killing / Action-Manipulative / Role-Manipulative / Miscellanea

    If the hosts interpret an post as attempting to repeat an archetype, you will at the end of the night that your action failed due to having already used the use of the [XXX] archetype.

    All ongoing effects granted by your abilities cease functioning at dusk.
    You cannot affect players? win conditions.
    Actions that involve sharp mechanics, or that are otherwise overpowered, may be rejected at the discretion of the hosts.
    You are permitted to interact with your targets to covertly goad them into making a prediction, but if you claim or soft the nature of your ability then you lose it.
    All post submissions are subject to host veto, no explanation required.


    Submitted Post:
    Yeah, I?m basically never dying tonight.
    Result: Submitted Vig shot on target player.

    Submitted Post:
    I don?t think Marl ever does that to Wisdom if he were any wolf role other than wolf kp
    Result: If Marl is wolf kp, an action is submitted to convert Marl into an arbitrary other role, such as a wolf roleblocker. If Marl is a different wolf role, nothing happens because the prediction was already false. If Marl is town, there is no feasible way to falsify the statement without changing Marl?s alignment, so nothing happens.

    Submitted Post (on D1)
    I?m probably getting executed by D3 anyways
    Result: Submitted action to protect that target from execution until D3. However, it only functionally lasts until D2 because it dissipates at the start of N2.

    Compulsive FPSer
    By: Ryast
    Game: KRC: Game of the Decade

    Quite similar to The Keeper of Dramatic Irony, the Compulsive FPSer is able to utilize a wide range of powers, but they're locked behind a particularly innovate activation method. The role is theoretically able to do anything as the fake claim by the player can be anything - and while it would be rebalanced if it were overpowered - it still leaves a huge range of potential abilities at the player's disposal with clever play. But the catch is - you have to be both right and able to push (or at the very least predict) a player's flip happening that day. Overall the submission demonstrates a method to allow for unlimited versatility without breaking balance.

    Spoiler : Compulsive FPSer :

    Role: Compulsive FPSer
    Can?t help yourself
    At some point during the first day, you must fullclaim any role. If you rescind this claim or claim any part of your initial role, you will be vanillaized. Breadcrumbing your true role can result in you being vanillaized, depending on host discretion.

    Target Locked
    Each night except night 0, you may visit a player. You will have a 0% ITA shot if used on that player during the next day.

    The ends justify the means
    At any point during the day, you can send the host a link to a post you made presenting information from your fakeclaim about the player you visited the night before with Target Locked. If that player dies during the same day after the post is made, you will also gain one of the following effects:

    Works every time
    If that player is not the same alignment as you, you gain the role you initially fakeclaimed. This role will follow the fakeclaim as closely as possible, while being rebalanced in the same way another role would be if it were created at the start of the game. You will still be vanillaized for the same reasons as above, but you lose the rest of your initial role. You gain nightkill immunity for the night following the elimination.

    ?My bad
    If that player is the same alignment as you, you will no longer be vanillaized for claiming your initial role, and you gain the role of the player that was eliminated.

    By: May
    Game: KRC: Game of the Decade

    This role's admission is very different from the other three admissions from KRC: Game of the Decade so far. Where those roles demonstrated particularly innovative mechanics, this role doesn't have anything new mechanically. What this role does well is its humor. The "because you're a frog" bit became a running joke among hosts during balance, among players in dead chat, and even prompted the #spoiler-discussion to be renamed to #frog-discussion. It shows how you can put together standard mechanics mixed with humor to make a memorable role that earned it one of the highest vote counts in HoF voting.

    Spoiler : Frog :

    Role: Frog
    + Frog A (Passive): Frog. You're a frog.
    + Frog B (Passive): The first time someone would hit you with an ITA, you jump out of the way because you're a frog.
    + Frog C (Passive): You may submit messages in your role PM during the Night phase, which will be posted in the game thread by the host. The messages will be noted to have come from a frog because you're a frog.
    + Frog D (Passive): You will receive a copy of all investigative ability feedback from abilities targeting you because you're a frog.
    + Frog E (1 target at night): Choose someone. Create a group chat and let them know you're a frog. You can also use it for whatever you want because you're a frog.
    + FFFFrog (1 target at night): Send the message ""I'm a frog"" to target player because you're a frog.

    Woman of Many Masks
    By: Ruby
    Game: KRC: Game of the Decade

    This role is an excellent demonstration of combining excellent theming and storytelling with a few innovative mechanics here or there.

    If the role didn't also incorporate creative mechanics, I would be saying something like "While Frog showed how humor can carry a role even without mechanical innovation, this role shows how a well put together, cohesive, and thematic ability set can similarily carry a role"

    Except this role has that and it has a few of innovative mechanics of its own. The Nest Cover, Shapeshifting, and Lucky abilties stand out there.

    Spoiler : Woman of Many Masks :
    Role: Woman of Many Masks
    You possess the powers of many masks passed down through the generations in your town. After your town fell 10 year ago, you are the only survivor and the wielder of the many masks. The masks, while not all mastered yet, can still be used for limited power; however the overuse of a mask could be cause temporary or even permanent consequences to the user.

    Family Heirloom

    You know the powers of your family's mask, the ?Fox Mask? and are able to handle all masks generated with this role to their full potential.

    Abilities with the key word mask have a negative that roleblocks the user of the item the cycle after use and this restriction is revealed to anyone who acquires one. However you are immune to this restriction.

    Equipping Masks

    To fully use the powers of a mask they require you to embrace them during the day and select which mask you will wear into the night. You may only have one mask equipped at a time and equipping a new one removes the previous.

    If a mask has at most 2 uses left, you may also swap out the mask during the night, however this destructive action will result in the mask's powers being lost forever.

    Embraced Powers

    You have the power of the 5 main animals of your village at your disposal, some with more than one effect, however if any fall to zero charges they will be lost forever and can not be recharged.

    Fox Mask
    (3-Shot, Mask)

    You may use both of the following powers of the fox. The fox is imbued with cunning and shapeshifting powers, though they are known for their mischief as well.

    Assume the form of a dead town player's investigative ability that had uses remaining (In the case there was none remaining you will be refunded that shot of this ability and learn as such.) During that night any role investigations will view you as if you had the role of your target.

    Target two players tonight and learn if any of them visit you or the other target (not themselves). If the answer would be no you will be informed if either of them have targeted you throughout the game. In the case you would get a no from this you will get the same feedback as if you were roleblocked.

    Wolf Mask
    (2-Shot, Mask, 1-night cooldown)

    You may use one power of the wolf. Known for their teamwork and the power to hunt, whether it be to hunt down the ones planning to do harm or to find food to feed others.

    Target a player, they will be attacked and bleed which causes them to die at the end of the following night unless healed. (This can be prevented by a protection on the target night or a heal on the following day.) (This option can only be used once per game.)

    Pack Tactics
    Target a player their actions will be strong manned tonight

    Hare Mask
    (2-Shot, Mask, 1-night cooldown)

    This mask is of the hare and represents the family's reflexes and luck generated from it. This mask passively removes a usage at the end of every night it was worn and de-equips itself at the end of the night in exchange for receiving the benefits of both passives.


    Tonight if you are directly and singley targeted with any ability that has a luck/random element you will always have the most favorable outcome happen to you. In the case that the best is not obvious the hosts will random one within the beneficial options if any exist.


    Block the one action from each player that visits you tonight. If the only action to target you is a SINGLE attack that attack will be prevented.

    Bear Mask
    (2-Shot, Mask, 2-Night cooldown)

    You may use both powers of the bear. The Bear represents the strength of one?s self and the protection of one?s young no matter the cost.

    Protect Young
    Target player is protected from a single attack during the night as long as they haven't been successfully protected yet in this game. If you protect them from multiple attacks at this time you will gain the Macho Modifier. (Macho means you can no longer be protected.)

    Gather Honey
    Tonight you will gather honey as it is a resource used within the mask repair process. At the end of the following day you will gain the ?Honey? Item.

    (1-Use, Day, Multitaskable)
    Gain a single use of a mask within your possession. This can?t exceed the starting uses a mask has however.

    Owl Mask
    (2-Shot, Mask. 1-Night Cooldown)

    You may use both powers of the owl. The mask of the owl was represented by wisdom and the people of the night, not to mention the power of the skies.

    Keep Watch
    Learn the number of times a player was visited over the last cycle. (Previous day and night) however you will gain the feedback at the start of the following night

    Nest Cover
    For the following cycle you and the target player will gain a private chat. At the end of the chat you may grant the target one of your masks, losing all its abilities and giving it to them. You can?t give away your family masks and if that player dies the mask will flip with them.

    The Magician
    By: Firekitten
    Game: KRC: Game of the Decade

    For the final admission to the Hall of Fame from KRC: Game of the Decade, we have The Magician. The role starts out as just as standard JOAT - but its unique gambling mechanic is what earns it a spot here. The recipient of the role can gamble away one of their abilities by betting on who will die that night, and if they're correct then they gain that ability they wagered permanently, with infinite shots, and the ability to multitask it alongside it's other standard JOAT actions. This gambling risk vs reward is unique and creates an interesting dilemma for the player - gamble something weak and you only gain something weak, if even at all, but gamble something strong, and you might have just thrown away your strongest ability for the whole game.

    Spoiler : The Magician :
    Role: The Magician
    Passive - Prepared: You start the game with 1-shot of every card. You gain another shot of a random card if you are on the wagon of someone who is executed. You may use two different day abilities (only one day ability 1 a day, only one day ability 2 a day) during one day
    Day Ability 1 - Magic Trick: Activate one of your cards. The person you activate it on will be aware that a card named [insert name of the card you activated] was used on them, along with the effect of that card. Activating a card causes you to lose a shot of that card. You may only use this ability once a day and you may not activate the same card two days in a row.
    Night Ability 1 - Gamble: Gamble a specific card away. When using this ability, tell the host the name of the card you want to gamble, along with a player who you think will die that night. If that player dies that night, that card will become infinite shot and you will gain that card as an additional day ability (what this means is, you gain day ability 2- card name and effect - infinite shot if you are correct) however, you still may not use the same card on two consecutive Days. If you are wrong, all shots of that card will be lost. You may only gamble cards that you have shots left and you may only gamble one time every Night - infinite uses.

    1. Exposed - Whenever a target player uses a day ability, whether today or any time in the future, the host will always announce that the target used a day ability. Likewise, the host will announce each night whether or not the target used a night action successfully for all future nights.
    2. Life Swap - Submit two players. Both players will be aware that this card was used on them, along with the effects. They will not be aware who the other target of life swap is. If player A dies tonight, player B will die instead. If player B dies tonight, player A will die tonight instead.
    3. Neighborizer - Target a player and become a neighbor with them.
    4. Poison - Poison a player. They will die at the end of the NEXT day phase if a protective action is not used on them (whether it be a day or night protective action, even if the action itself doesn?t heal poison). If they are poisoned day 1, they will die at the end of day 2 unless a protective action is used on them.
    5. Magic Trick - All actions targeting you tonight will instead target the other player. The target will not be aware who you are.

    The Tradestar Midas
    By: Stealthbomber16
    Game: ?KRC: M-FM Edition

    This role was an iconic part of the ?KRC-MFM Edition game. The player who received it, jmwjmw27, also put the role to amazing use, as a third party with a win-con requiring him to make a certain amount of profit before the game ended, he came up with a series of fantastic ideas. From cosmetic accessories to selling poison for dirt cheap only to sell the antidote the next day for a drastically marked up price. jmw eventually left the game with the win after he discovered the power of lootboxes as people rushed to buy his supply in order to adorn their pet crabs with various cosmetic items along with a small chance for powerful abilities if they're lucky!

    Spoiler : The Tradestar Midas :
    Alignment: Space Station
    Role: Tradestar Midas

    Factional Abilities:
    Upgraded Rolecard
    As you are a solo faction, your abilities have been upgraded.
    Upgrades are shown in pink on your rolecard.

    Win Condition:
    You exit the game with a win after you collect 20,000 gold.

    Warning: You are not classified as anti-town, you being alive does not prevent the game from ending. If the game ends before you complete your win condition, you will lose.

    You are the Tradestar Midas from 2012 indie game Cortex Command. You are a space station orbiting planet Epsilon MT-1096. You are the only space station in orbit of this planet, which means any planetary operations must be routed through you.

    There is an ongoing bidding war for the rights to mine on Epsilon MT-1096, which is rich in valuable metals, most notably Gold. You serve as a launching point for all military and mining operations on Epsilon MT-1096 for each faction. The Intergalactic Mining Commission is taking bids for the planet currently, but until then any person can mine on it.

    You are a space station. As a space station, you may take unlimited unique actions per night. Unfortunately, you do not have hands, which means you cannot use items.

    Each player begins the game with 2000 gold- including you. Gold can be used to purchase items from you. Lynched players give half their gold split among each voter, while killed players transfer half of their gold (rounded down) to their killer. If applicable, players that are revived do not retain their gold.

    You gain additional powers as you gather more Gold. You will know what current powers you have and what the next power you gain will be. If you lose gold, you lose the respective power.

    Unlockable Abilities:
    2000: You may send the police to investigate an item, learning who owns the item. You must specify the name of the item prior to using this ability. 1 charge.
    2500: You gain plated armor, giving you immunity to traditional night attacks.
    3000: ???
    4000: ???
    5000: ???
    6000: ???
    8000: ???
    10000: ???
    12500: ???
    15000: ???
    17500: ???
    20000: You exit the game with a win.

    As the bustling center for trade, weapons, tools and artifacts can be bought and sold from the Tradestar Midas. You are open for business at all times, anonymously running a shop where players can spend their gold on various items for themselves or to gift to other players to impact them in the game. Items listed in the shop are presented with only their name, price, and a short advertising description (flavor). The effects of the item are not listed, or may not behave as advertised. As you ARE the space station, you are unable to purchase from this shop. The items for sale and the prices of said items, but not their effects, are determined by you- with the exception of 3 things.

    Crabs: Crabs are always sold for free. A player owning 100 or more crabs at once will kill themselves due to hitting the entity limit. This is a kill that cannot be avoided or protected and ignores all immunity. Crabs cannot be gifted to other players.

    Weapons: As a military operations hotspot, arms dealers are always operating on the Tradestar Midas. Some type of weaponry must be available at all times- determined by you.

    Mining Contract: Available for 10000 gold, the Intergalactic Mining Commission is selling the mining contract for Epsilon MT-1096 to anyone.

    You may refresh the shop at most once every 24 hours. Purchases from the shop can be done at any time, are made anonymously and are first come first serve unless otherwise specified.

    To list items from the shop you should:
    1) Request a price quote from your suppliers.
    You may send a message to the host at any time with a description of an item containing the desired name, effect, and available quantity. The host will give you a price quote for how much that item will cost you to purchase.

    2) Determine the sale price.
    Determine how much you wish to sell each item for on your shop. As you are looking to make a profit, you should sell items for more than they cost you.

    3) Update Inventory.
    Once a list of new items to sell has been compiled by you, you must update the shops inventory as long as it has not been updated within the last 24 hours.

    4) Profit.
    You will be credit gold equal to the difference between the price you listed the item for and the price it cost you to purchase the item. Note: you do not have to purchase the item from your suppliers until you also have a buyer - (you are a futuristic space station after all, you don't have to worry about supply chains or inventory management.)

    Any items that you are selling for a loss will be automatically delisted as soon as your reserve gold drops too low to be able to afford the transaction.

    As you the space station hosting the shop, if you are destroyed, so is the shop. Upon your death the shop closes. The ability host a large amount of shops takes a lot of space, and as such, the ability to open the shop cannot be stolen or copied unless the thief or copier is a large building (such as a large space station, a mall, or a warehouse) or somehow possesses enough private property to reopen the shop (either through mechanics or through flavor at hosts discretion).

    Players can also sell using the shop. For a price that they choose, players may list their items on the shop. If they successfully sell their wares, you get a 30% tax cut of the profit- being a space station is expensive! Players can also sell their actions temporarily for gold, allowing other people to choose what they do for the night. The player may choose how much information they want others to know when purchasing their action, including who is selling, what the individual action does, or what their role does. Players do not have to be honest in their advertising descriptions, buyer beware!

    Gold Rush
    Players will periodically receive gold from the mining operations on the planet.

    Lonely Cowboy in Desperate Need of Some Love and Also Some Bullets Cause He Didn't Pack Enough Even Though His Mother Specifically Asked if He Had Enough Bullets
    By: NANOOK
    Game: ?KRC: M-FM Edition

    The role does an excellent job of showcasing how to make a fun role without relying on power creep. The role in all is rather average from a power level perspective, maybe even a bit on the weaker side as far as ?KRC games go, but from the comically long name to the wacky theming and interesting takes on standard mechanics, the role does an excellent job of showcasing how humor combined with mechanics can make an amazing role.

    Spoiler : Lonely Cowboy in Desperate Need of Some Love and Also Some Bullets Cause He Didn't Pack Enough Even Though His Mother Specifically Asked if He Had Enough Bullets :
    Alignment: Town
    Role: Lonely Cowboy in Desperate Need of Some Love and Also Some Bullets Cause He Didn?t Pack Enough Even Though His Mother Specifically Asked if He Had Enough Bullets

    Factional Abilities:
    Town is the uninformed majority and receives no factional abilities.

    Win Condition:
    Eliminate all anti-town factions.

    Every night, you may do one of the following, and role a 22-sided die to determine the outcome:

    Wrangle Some Cattle or Whatever

    Go out and wrangle some cattle! The amount of cattle you wrangle is equal to the result of your die roll. Day action.

    Sell Some Cattle or Whatever

    Sell the cattle you wrangled during the previous day (cattle not sold the following night will be lost forever into the ether of the desert). For every four cattle you sell, you will receive one (1) bullet (rounded down?this means you can receive a maximum of 5 (five) bullets in a single sale).

    Fire a Warning Shot

    If you succeed, you?ll scare the person you?re warning and any action they would take that night (excluding a factional action) is delayed, and takes effect the following night instead. If you fail, you?ll kill them instead, and feel so wracked with guilt that you won?t be able to use any of your gun abilities again for the following two cycles. Uses a single bullet. Success rate: twelve (12) or higher.

    Sleep With a Loaded Gun Beneath Your Bedroll, Just in Case

    If you?re feeling paranoid, you can sleep with your gun loaded beneath your bedroll. For each person that visits you, if you roll an 8 (eight) or lower, you?ll miss and whatever they are attempting to do to you will succeed?if you roll a nine (9) to 18 (eighteen), you will hit them in a non-fatal manner and whatever they are attempting to do to you will fail (excluding factional actions)...if you roll a nineteen (19) to 22 (twenty-two), you will shoot them dead (and any non-fatal/non-factional actions they are attempting to take against you will fail).

    Each visitor will use up one (1) bullet, regardless of the result of your roll. If you do not have enough bullets for the amount of people visiting you, who you fire at is determined by the host?s resolution order (i.e., if protects resolve before investigations, you?ll fire at someone protecting you before someone investigating you).

    Go Hunting for Some Meat, Cause You Can?t Eat the Cows

    If you roll an 11 (eleven) or lower, you will return to your camp before any actions taken against you. If you roll a twelve (12) or higher, anyone attempting to target you will find you gone from your camp. This action uses up 3 (three) bullets, cause hunting is hard!

    Sleep nekkid

    This doesn?t do anything, it just feels nice and the breeze on your giblets is soothing. If you fail you?ll be so embarrassed that you couldn?t get out of your clothes that you won?t be able to wrangle any cattle the following night. Success rate: two (2) or higher.

    Forum Mengsk
    By: MartinGG99
    Game: ?KRC: M-FM Edition

    Another great example of how a great role can be made without particularly strong mechanics through the use of cohesive theming and interesting application of mechanics. When in the hands of town, the first shot is a loyal vigilante, which on the surface seems useless. But the shot can be used to prune the PoE when you hit town or out a scum when you hit a wolf a great benefit to town. And from a design perspective, a loyal vigilante not killing someone is much more interesting mechanically as there tends to be much more plausible deniability than a boring and simple alignment cop.

    Spoiler : Forum Mengsk :
    Alignment: Town
    Role: Forum Mengsk

    Factional Abilities:
    Town is the uninformed majority and receives no factional abilities.

    Win Condition:
    Eliminate all anti-town factions.

    Forum Mengsk

    I will not be stopped. Not by you, or the mafia, or the third party, or anyone. I will rule this thread or see it burnt to ashes around me!
    You initially have two abilities:

    A one-shot night kill, which will not work upon targeting a non-town (town being the uninformed majority faction) and will be treated as if you were role-blocked. This kill cannot be protected against except for role-blocks or redirections.

    You passively have a one-time vest saving you from either a night-kill or day-kill, except for eliminations. You will not know if this vest has been used.

    If either:
    • You are the last living member of your faction
    • You are the only member of your faction
    • There has been at most 1 non-town death by the end of night 2

    Then the following will happen:

    Your role will be re-named to Emperor Mengsk.

    You will gain another one-shot night-kill, but instead of working against town it will work against any non-town (hitting a town with this shot will not work in a similar manner instead).

    You will gain a one-time ability to death-tailor a player at night to a role and alignment of your liking. You will learn their true role (but not alignment) at the same time.

    The Pincushion
    By: jmwjmw27
    Game: ?KRC: M-FM Edition

    A mechanically fresh take on an investigative role. Everyone knows that alignment cops are boring and probably too strong, even in a setup like ?KRC, but a Follower (target a player to see what action they performed) is far too weak for a setup like this. But the pincushion takes the idea of a Follower and makes it more powerful in a mechanically interesting way by instead being able to "pin" players and get semi-Follower feedback on them every night for the rest of the game, potentially building up an investigative network over the course of the game and getting stronger and stronger unless mafia deals with them.

    Spoiler : The Pincushion :
    Alignment: Town
    Role: The Pincushion

    Factional Abilities:
    Town is the uninformed majority and receives no factional abilities.

    Win Condition:
    Eliminate all anti-town factions.

    As the pincushion, you utilize pins to collect large amounts of information. When a player is pinned by one of your pins, it will inform you when that player uses an action of the same type as the pin. Your pins can be one of five types:

    - Pin of Information: Will notify you when the pinned player uses an informative action. (This is determined by the host, but includes things like cops, watchers, investigations, and trackers)
    - Pin of Killing: Will notify you when the pinned player uses a killing action. (This is determined by the host, but includes things like executions, vigilante shots, vengeful kills, PGO kills, werewolf kills, and arsonist ignites)
    - Pin of Protection: Will notify you when the pinned player uses a protective action. (This is determined by the host, but includes things like bodyguard, doctor, poison heal, and faith heal)
    - Pin of Support: Will notify you when the pinned player uses a supportive action. (This is determined by the host, but includes things like roleblocks, bus drives, motivations, and neighborizes)
    - Pin of Ambiguity: Will notify you when the pinned player uses a miscellaneous action, defined as any action that the host does not categorize as informative, killing, protective, or support.

    Passive Ability:
    Pins and Needles ? Anyone who visits you during the day or night will be struck with a pin type of your choosing. They will not be notified of this. If someone is already pinned with a pin of a different type, they will gain this pin in addition to the pin they already had. If someone is already pinned with a pin of the same type, nothing will happen. You will be notified of everyone who is pinned visiting you at the end of each day and night phase. This passive cannot be roleblocked.

    Active abilities:
    - At the start of each day and night phase, you can choose from killing, informative, protective, support, and miscellaneous. For the rest of that phase, all pinning actions will use pins of that type. This active ability can be used in conjunction with all other abilities, and cannot be roleblocked.

    - During the night phase, you may choose to strike a player with a pin. They will be struck with whatever pin type you?ve chosen, and will not be informed.

    - Once per game, you may choose to forego striking a player with a pin, and instead change the type of each individual pin you?ve already placed to a type of your choosing (The pins do not have to all be the same type).

    Notes on the pins themselves:
    -Pins cannot be removed, and persist on death and revival. If a pinned player dies, and uses an action while dead, or after being revived, you will still be notified.

    -A player can be pinned with as many different kinds of pins as possible, but cannot be pinned with more than one of the same kind of pin. If a player chooses to set two of their pins on someone to the same type, one will be removed.

    -Pins will notify the user of astral (ie nonvisiting) actions, but not of passive abilities.

    -If the pincushion somehow pins themselves, the pin will function as normal.

    Spoiler : Example :
    Player A is the pincushion. Player B is a day cop / night vigilante.
    During the start of day 1, Player A sets their pins to Informative. Player B uses their day cop action on Player A, and receives their result as normal. At the end of day 1, Player A is informed that they struck Player B with a pin during the day phase (Player A does not know when exactly this happened, and is only given a list of players that were struck during that phase). At the start of night 1, Player A sets their pins to killing, and pins Player B. Player B vigilante kills Player C. At the end of night 1, Player A is informed that their killing pin on Player B reacted, informing them that Player B used a killing action.

    The Administrator
    By: Dum
    Game: ?KRC: M-FM Edition

    This role was extremely cool. And honestly, too strong for the setup. Rather than nerfing it we gave it a win-con aimed at keeping balance in the game. And then deathworlds, an SCP expert, randed the role, and it was just perfect. He used the role to its fullest potential, integrating mechanics and SCP lore into his actions, using them to great and entertaining effect while keeping up a balancing act between factions while staying alive himself. Deathworlds created a full log of all his actions during the game, and for the first time, that action log is now available for all to read here!

    Spoiler : The Administrator Action Log :

    DAY ONE:
    -Use 294, (punch in true Potential and drink) - GRANTED - Effect: Deathproof until day 2
    -Use SCP-662, (summon Mr. Deeds, ask if he is able to discretly provide information regarding other players) - DENIED -
    -Use SCP-662, (summon MR. Deeds, ask to provide as much gold currency as possible), -GRANTED- Effect: Gain +1000 gold currency
    -Use SCP-2140, (Show 2140 to Chad Knight) -Granted, pending review- Effect: - The target will instantly receive the following feedbacl:
    Another player is requesting to convert your alignment, do you accept?
    If the player is non-town they will automatically decline (but will still receive this feedback)

    If the player accepts then your faction will convert from O5 Council to SCP Foundation.
    They will join your new faction
    Your faction will gain the following two abilities:

    Factional Communication
    You share a permanent (day and night) factional chat with all other members of the SCP Foundation.

    We die in the dark, so they may live in the light.
    If any member of your faction dies, then all living members exit the game with a loss.

    The ethics committee presents this consideration to you for your approval or denial.
    -Use SCP 662 and SCP-500, (Summon Mr Deeds, provide him with a pill, and give it to Dark Unicorn) -GRANTED- Effect: Target received feedback stating that a butler appears, gives them a pill, and leaves
    -Use SCP-500 (Consume SCP-500) -GRANTED- Effect: After a short delay, target is cured of all disease and is "the pinnacle of health"
    -Use Foundation resources to provide effective immunity to all convential and unconvential attacks -DENIED-
    -Use Foundation resources to provide body doubles and memetic defences for next night (2/3 chance of an effect to instead target a double, and targets are forced to say a sentence depending on if they target the administrator, or a body double) -GRANTED- Effect: Unknown
    -Use SCP-4001 (Have information provided by SCP-4001 photocopied and anaylized for information regarding their capabilities, targeting tesseract) -GRANTED- Effect: Role card was revealed, with role name, flavor and allignment redacted
    -Use SCP-914 (Have both weak energy pistols refined on the "fine" setting, and tested to determine capabilities) -GRANTED- Effect: Weak Energy Pistols turned into "Plasma Pistol" one Plasma Pistol was expended in the process.
    -Use SCP-4001 (Used in the previously described manner except targeting Chad Knight) -GRANTED- Effect: Role abillities are revealed
    -Use SCP-294 and SCP-038 (Molten gold created from 294, forged into an ingot, presed against 03 -GRANTED- Effect: +1000 gold, and an additional +1000 gold per phase
    DAY TWO:
    -Allocate foundation resources (borrow 162 gold currency) -GRANTED- Effect: 162 gold gained, now 162 gold in debt.
    -Use SCP-3668 (Equip SCP-366 -GRANTED- Effect: Unknown, presumed night immunity
    -Use SCP-4001 (Targeting ohno) -GRANTED- Effect: Learn that they have the ability to target someone during the day and chat anonymously at night
    -Use SCP-4001 (Targeting Kitty Cat Dance) -GRANTED- Effect: Learn that their role is "The PQ Maneuver"
    -Use SCP-4001 (Targeting Forsaken Bones) -GRANTED- Effect: Learn that Forsaken Bones is "The Tradestar Midas", that they currently had four abilities, and that they will win and leave upon collecting 20,000 gold, unable to determine how prices are set or where they get their inventory
    -Use SCP-4001 (Targeting Demonic-TP) -Granted- Effect: Learn full role card of Demonic TP (note: both this and the previous request were fulfilled during the night, instead of during the day)
    -Use SCP-914 (Put "Robinhood Bow" into 914, refined on the "fine" setting) -GRANTED- Effect: Yield x1 "Robinhood's Gun"
    -Use SCP-914 (Put "Robinhood Bow" into 914, refined on the "fine" setting) -GRANTED- Effect: Yield x1 "Robinhood's Gun"
    -Use SCP-4339 (Hold pen, and declare "I appear as town" -DENIED- (note: denied per Addendum 4339-2: Ethics Committee Moratorium stating that "All further use and experimentation with SCP-4339 has been suspended.")
    -Use SCP-6229 (Use item to generate boxer briefs that causes the wearer to appear as "town" to those that would perceive the weaerer) -GRANTED- Effect: Unknown, presumably fools allignment detection
    -Use SCP-3668 (This is a renewal, item SCPs in the inventory use one request per cycle) -GRANTED- Effect: SCP-3668 remains in inventory
    -Use SCP-2412 (Ask "What alignment is Demonic TP?") -DENIED- (Note: The Ethics committee [Lag] denied this request stating "The ethics committee is against:
    - Murder
    - Necromancy
    - Excessive violations of privacy (read: alignment cop)
    - Anything that's too OP (might risk revealing the existence of the federation!)")
    -Use SCP-248 (Place a "100%" sticker on plasma gun) -GRANTED- Effect: Unknown
    -Use Anomalous Item (Receive glass ormanent that causes those who make contact with it, unable to lie) -GRANTED-
    -Use SCP-4001 (Targeting Is that a Leaf) -GRANTED- Effect: Learn Is that a Leaf's abilities.
    -Use "Contain" factional ability targeting "Demonic TP" -GRANTED- (Note: This is a factional ability) Effect: Ability used as described in role card
    -Use SCP-2412 (Ask "What factions currently exist in S-FM 399: ?KRC, M-FM edition?") -GRANTED- Effect: Learn that the remaining Alignments are: -Town, -Triad, -O-5 Council, and -Space Station (Note: This cost 2 requests)
    -Renew Anomlyous briefs -GRANTED-
    -Use SCP-4001 (Targeting Purple) -GRANTED- Effect: Learn that Purple can swap actions of two different players, can intercept them, can send back nonsensical feedback, killed players may hydra with purple
    -Use SCP-662 (Drunkingly request that Mr. Deeds provide a burner phone to Purple that has a single anonymous contact, have Deeds say "You have friends, Mr. Purple, please allow them to help you and your faction.") -GRANTED- Effect: Received the phone as described, Purple had the option to join a anonymous slack chat, they accepted)
    -Renew SCP-3668 -GRANTED-
    -Use SCP-1066 (Sign name on 1006, whilst thinking of sharpshooting) -GRANTED- Effect: "Disappearing briefly, you reappear with a detailed understanding of sharpshooting. This buff will last until your death.

    Your hit-rate for all weapons you wield is multiplied by 4.
    If the hit-rate hits 200% as a result of this, the attack gains the Ninja modifier
    If the hit-rate hits 400% as a result of this, it will penetrate one layer of bulletproof vests (Note: this will still not kill true-bulletproof players)" (Note: The ethics committee gave the administrator the following warning before asking if they wished to proceed "It is worth noting that approximately █% of subjects do not survive the four years."
    -Use SCP-2412 (Ask "How many living triad are there remaining?") -GRANTED- Effect: Learned that there was exactly three remaining triad
    -Use SCP-4001 (Targeting Dark Unicorn) -GRANTED- Effect: Learned that the role name is "Town Leader" with no further explanation.
    -Use SCP-4001 (Targeting self) -GRANTED- Effect: Was given a copy of the administrator's role abilities (Note: A heavily redacted personal history was given, the administrator's death was faked three times)
    No requests

    Spoiler : The Administrator :
    Alignment: O5 Council
    Role: Administrator

    Factional Abilities:
    (1-shot, Multitaskable)
    Once per game you may target another another player to secure their safety. They will be rolestopped.

    (1-shot, Multitaskable, Day Action)
    Once per game you may target another player during the day to contain them. They will be kidnapped that night and placed in a chat with you. You will appear anonymous, they will not. They will also be roleblocked and rolestopped.

    (1-shot, Multitaskable)
    Once per game you may target another player to protect them. They will be immune to all forms of death and negative debuffs tonight and tomorrow except modkills and the daytime execution. This immunity functions by canceling any actions or effects that attempt to inflict fatal damage to the target, meaning it overrides abilities that otherwise pierce immunity.

    Win Condition:
    Maintain Balance.
    You win if all of the following conditions are met when the game ends:
    - You are alive
    - There are at most 3 town alive
    - There are at most 2 anti-town players alive

    You only count for parity if your not-counting would result in a loss.
    Quote Originally Posted by Example
    3 group-scum vs 3 town vs You - you count for parity and the game continues.
    2 group-scum vs 2 town vs You - you do not count for parity, the group scum obtain parity and the game ends in a win for group-scum and you.
    Warning: You are not classified as anti-town, you being alive does not prevent the game from ending, even if the game ending would result in you losing.

    Welcome, newly appointed administrator. Your death has been faked, and class A amnestics given out to any who knew better. You are now a ghost. (Host note: You are not actually dead, nor are you a ghost. This is just flavor)
    As the admnistrator of the SCP foundation, you are the most powerful person on earth. In addition to access to limitless "conventional" resources from the foundation you also have access yo thousands of anomalous objects to use at will. You may read up on those here (passcode Monteauk) https://the-scp.foundation/

    Some notable things to get started:
    Class A amnestics

    You powers are only limited by lag the ethics committee

    You may also read more about the foundation here: https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/foundat...troduction-hub

    Its important to never let power make us forget why we do what we do.

    The foundation doesnt rule the world, it serves it. We die in the dark, so they may live in the light.

    Secure. Contain. Protect

    The Android
    By: deathworlds
    Game: ?KRC: M-FM Edition

    The story of this amazing role is actually a tragedy. An one of a kind role with an incredibly unique system to it, unrivaled mechanical complexity, put in Loldebite's hands. And then... Loldebite purchased 1 million crabs from the aforementioned Tradestar Midas. And instantly died as a result. Mid-Day 1. After having made only two posts.

    Yeah... that one was really on me as a host for letting something that could blindside a player to instantly kill them through really no fault of their own. Lesson learned for future iterations of the game. But this role still stands as one of the most fascinating role concepts I've ever seen.

    Spoiler : Android :
    Alignment: Malevolent AI
    Role: Android

    Factional Abilities:
    Upgraded Rolecard
    As you are a solo faction, your abilities have been upgraded.
    Upgrades are shown in pink on your rolecard.

    Note: These upgrades will not appear to any role-cop or ability peek abilities unless said actions also contain an alignment check.

    Win Condition:
    You are an anti-town faction. You win if any day begins with all of the following conditions met, or nothing can stop this from happening:
    - You are alive
    - There are no other anti-town factions alive
    - There is at most 1 other player alive

    You are an android, a robotic entity disguised as a human.

    By default you are resistant to damage from fire, cold, soul damaging, fisticuffs, and knives.
    It takes two attacks from a damage type you are resistant to to count as a lethal attack for you. Being healed in any fashion resets the amount of attacks you may survive from any resistant damage type.
    By default you are immune to damage from poison, hunger, thirst, toxins, biological agents, radiation, telepathy, blood magic, and asphyxiation.
    Being attacked from a damage type you are immune to will have no effect.

    By default you have an ability to tackle another player during the night, if their rolecard contains no means of inflicting lethal damage on another player, you inflict a lethal attack upon them as they are unable to defend themselves. If they have an attack that can effect you, you fail in your attack and all your other actions fail. Your target is informed if they survive an attack.
    You may only perform one action per night unless otherwise specified.

    At the start of every day and night you gain an amount of upgrade points you can use to improve any of your four subsystems. You may spend upgrade points at any time, nothing can prevent you from spending upgrade points. You may not reallocate spent upgrade points.
    You start the game with 2 upgrade points.

    At the start of every night you gain upgrade points by fulfilling the following conditions during the day:
    +2 upgrade points at the start of every night by default.
    +1 upgrade point at the start of every night if you have not been dealt damage from a lethal attack during the game.
    +1 upgrade point for every vote on you at the end of the day.
    +3 upgrade points for being the hammering or last vote against a player that was lynched the previous day.
    +1 upgrade point for being a vote on a player that was lynched the previous day, this stacks with being the hammering or last vote on a player.
    +2 upgrade points for having the highest post count for the prior day.
    +1 upgrade point for having the 2nd or third highest post count for the prior day.
    +3 upgrade points for killing a player during the day.

    At the start of every day you gain upgrade points by fulfilling the following conditions during the night:
    +1 upgrade point at the start of every day by default.
    +1 upgrade point for being the target of a beneficial action during the night, these points cannot be gained multiple times during the same day/night cycle.
    +1 upgrade point for being the target of a neutral/benign action during the night, these points cannot be gained multiple times during the same day/night cycle.
    +2 upgrade point for being the target of a negative action during the night, these points cannot be gained multiple times during the same day/night cycle.
    +2 upgrade points for not being the target of any action from another player during the night
    +2 upgrade points for killing another player during the night.
    +1 upgrade point for surviving an attack

    At any time you may fulfill the following conditions to gain upgrade points, you can only fulfill these conditions once:
    +1 upgrade point for making the host laugh
    +5 upgrade points for surviving to LYLO or MYLO.
    +5 upgrade points for reaching level 10 in any subsystem.
    +5 upgrade points for eliminating the last player of any faction.

    Thanks to your upgraded rolecard you also gain:
    +X upgrade points each start of day and each start of night where X is the equal to the corresponding phase number. This quantity is not affected by the upgrades to the Energy Production Core.

    To upgrade a subsystem simply message the host and inform them of how many upgrade points you want to spend and for which subsystem. Each upgrade's cost is equal to the level of the upgrade. You must upgrade subsystems in order, I.E. you must have levels one-three of core before getting level four of core. All upgrades are permanent. You start with level 1 in every subsystem.

    Spoiler : Core upgrades :

    Core: Energy production
    Level 1 core
    Level 2 core
    Level 3 core
    You gain one additional upgrade point per start of day and start of night.
    Level 4 core
    Level 5 core
    Each night you may write a message that will be publicly displayed at the next start of day
    Level 6 core
    Level 7 core
    Each condition that you may fulfill to gain upgrade points now yields that many upgrade points +1.
    Level 8 core
    Level 9 core
    At night you may overcharge your core, killing everyone that visits you and that visits a target of your choice. If your target visited no one during the night then they also die. These are attacks from high heat, radiation, and electrical discharge. You have exactly one charge of this ability. Charge is refunded if the ability fails to kill any target.
    Level 10 core
    You may now perform up to two actions per night.

    Spoiler : Chassis upgrades :

    Chassis: Health and body
    Level 1 Chassis
    Level 2 Chassis
    Level 3 Chassis
    Your tackle action no longer has a chance to fail if the target has a killing action.
    Level 4 Chassis
    Level 5 Chassis
    You gain a one automatic use immunity to lethal attacks.
    Level 6 Chassis
    Level 7 Chassis
    You gain resistance to all attacks, any attacks you were previously resistant to become immunities.
    Level 8 Chassis
    Level 9 Chassis
    You gain the ability to auto-repair yourself during the night. You are healed from all damage and immune to all harmful effects during that night, this does not grant lynch immunity.
    Level 10 Chassis
    It now takes three attacks from a damage type you are resistant to be a lethal attack for you, in addition, all your attacks bypass normal kill/attack immunity.

    Spoiler : Locomotion upgrades :

    Locomotion: Agility, movement, and dexterity
    Level 1 Locomotion
    Level 2 Locomotion
    Level 3 Locomotion
    At night you may run, nothing can effect you during these nights and you cannot perform any other actions. You may not run two day/night cycles in a row. If used during the day you lose the opportunity to vote and post, this does not grant lynch immunity.
    Level 4 Locomotion
    Level 5 Locomotion
    You are gain immunity to effects or abilities that track who you visit or what you do.
    Level 6 Locomotion
    Level 7 Locomotion
    You are immune to misdirection, roleblocking, and other abilities that would change who you intend to visit.
    Level 8 Locomotion
    Level 9 Locomotion
    At night you may swap two players, any actions that would effect one player would instead effect the other and vice versa.
    Level 10 Locomotion
    You may perform a single night action during the day per day. Each action that would last for the duration of the night would last for the entirety of the day.

    Spoiler : Processing upgrades :

    Processing: Intellect, reaction speed, and perception
    Level 1 Processing
    Level 2 Processing
    Level 3 Processing
    You gain the ability to analyze a player at night, learning if they have the ability to attack or kill another player.
    Level 4 Processing
    Level 5 Processing
    You gain the ability to passively know the names of all players who visit you during the night.
    Level 6 Processing
    Level 7 Processing
    You gain the ability to passively know whenever random effects or abilities are used, you passively know the result of all random outcomes.
    Level 8 Processing
    Level 9 Processing
    You gain the ability to alignment check a player at night, learning their alignment. This ignores normal investigative immunity. You have two charges of this ability, if you are out of charges you may continue to use this ability every other night.
    Level 10 Processing
    You gain the ability to perform all abilities gained from processing once per night without spending your normal action. This does not use your normal action(s)

    The Breadcrumber
    By: Gikkle
    Game: ?KRC: Gravity Falls Edition

    As I've mentioned before, the Breadcrumber is perhaps my favorite role concept of all time. It's only limit is perhaps your own creativity - and normally a role like that would be wildly overpowered, but the restriction of requiring you to make a post for each letter you want to do keeps it in check. Just read the role, it speaks for itself in how cool it is.

    Spoiler : The Breadcrumber :
    The Breadcrumber

    The Breadcrumber can do any action imaginable that doesn’t break the game (Must ask the hosts if the action is possible or not), but they must spell it out completely using the first letter of a string of posts during the most recent day phase(they must quote the string of posts to prove they did it to the moderator). The longer the string of letters, the stronger the action can be. The action doesn't have to be an already established role. Additionally, the post with the first letter must contain one of the keywords “start” or “begin”, and the post with the last letter must contain one of the keywords “end” or “stop”. It is up to the moderator whether this can be used during both the day and the night, or just the night. It is up to the moderator to determine how many "breadcrumbs" the breadcrumber has(however they always have at least one, and they have at least two if they can only do their action during the night)

    Example string of posts, where the first letter of each post makes up a sentence:

    Hello everyone, lets get this started (the word "start" is said here, initiating the breadcrumb)
    Everyone, tell me your top 3 scum/town
    All votes on this wagon are dumb
    Look at this post
    Bruh moment
    Oh, I didn't see that
    But you said you TRed him, when did that stop? (the word "stop" is said here, ending the breadcrumb)

    All in all, the first letter of each of these posts would spell out "Heal Bob", which would heal the player named "bob" in this scenario.

    Example string of posts that the hosts will NOT accept:

    Hey peeps let's get this party started!
    Wow that's kinda cool
    It's NAI how they are acting
    No, I am not a crook
    Gosh, this role of mine is weird :/
    Aaaand I'm out of this conversation
    Man, we need to vote that guy off
    Elvis Presley was a god
    I think the derailing of the thread should stop.

    Spells out WIN GAME xD

    The Artisan
    By: yzb25
    Game: ?KRC: Gravity Falls Edition

    I might have a bit of a soft spot for this role as it was the one I randed, but it's just a great role! A wide selection of powers that require careful planning lest you accidentally debuff allies or buff the enemy, paired with the powerful but often underrated messenger ability that synergizes with your buffs/debuffs as a means for you to anonymously advise your target of what colors to pick. And given it's ?KRC where any roles are possible, the prospect of having to pick colors with just an anonymous note which you're not sure you can trust is quite exciting! The Artisan ended up playing a pivotal role in the outcome of the game as through disastrously bad luck I appeared to be almost certainly mech-locked scum, despite actually being town. It took a leap of faith (and good reads) from Gikkle when he trusted me telling him to pick Grey to turn the game around.

    Spoiler : The Artisan :
    Role: Artisan
    Select a target during the day. You may send them a message of any length, which they will receive at the start of the night. Additionally, select at least 3 colours from the following list:
    Brown, Indigo, Violet, Gold, White, Blue, Maroon, Red, Cyan, Black, Purple, Green, Yellow, Turquoise, Grey, Beige, Silver
    The host will then randomly select 2 additional colours, and the target will receive all these colours in a randomly ordered list. The target must select one colour that night, otherwise they will die. According to which colour is selected, one of the following effects will be resolved:

    Brown - You will gain a debuff.
    White - You will gain a buff.
    Silver - A random player loses the ability to vote the next day.
    Gold - You will be roleblocked this night.
    Indigo - The artisan will learn your role this night.
    Purple - The artisan will learn your alignment this night.
    Turquoise - You will permanently appear to be an alignment you are not to investigatives.

    Violet - Gain a bulletproof vest.
    Red - Gain a one-shot pistol.
    Black - A random player of another alignment will die.
    Cyan - Nothing happens.
    Green - Actions will be redirected to a person you visit this night.
    Yellow - You and a person you visit will be protected from one attack for this night.

    Blue - Learn the identity of the artisan.
    Maroon - The artisan will have a slight chance of dying.
    Beige - Nothing happens.
    Grey - Learn the alignment of the artisan.

    NOTE: You may never choose to target the same person twice, unless you have already visited everyone. Colours someone else has chosen will be removed from the selection. You will appear to visit your target to investigatives, but noone else

    The Necromancer
    By: BananaCucho
    Game: ?KRC: Looney Tune World Edition

    Killing off Bugs Bunny on day 1, just for him to come back, puppeted by Frinckles, breaking out into song was one of the most memorable moments of the game. And it is a great example of how to make an otherwise relatively mundane set of powers into something unique and memorable. At its core, the role's power is mostly just as a double voter with some medium and anonymous poster abilities on the side. But that double voter effect was made so much more interesting and memorable through a thematically coherent role with the potential for tons of different creative applications.

    Spoiler : Necromancer :
    Role: Necromancer

    You are the necromancer. You have the ability to reanimate dead players

    Night action: Target one dead player for reanimation. You receive access to their account and can use it to post and vote the next day. You also are linked to the dead spirit through an anonymous chat for the duration of the spell


    The following part of the role is NOT given to the player in their role card

    The necromancer is a novice and therefore their power is weak. At some point during the day the reanimated body will fail and they will lose access to it. Could be 24 hours into the day, could be six hours, could be 36 hours, could be ten minutes. And each day is different. Up to host when to remove access and how to determine. Will also lose access to anonymous chat with the dead spirit.

    When the reanimated body access is lost, no notification is given to game players that the body is decomposing and no longer playing. Current vote from the body is still in play and a legitimate vote.

    That being said, the dead reanimated player is not factored into player count when determining how many votes are required for lynch. For example if 13 players are alive, 7 votes are required for lynch. The dead player can vote but 7 votes are still required for lynch instead of 8, which would be normal for 14 alive players.

    The dead player is not listed in the alive players at day start and is definitely listed in the graveyard instead. The host will not answer any questions whatsoever about the dead player posting and voting. The host will simply ignore the question.

    The dead player can be lynched. If this happens, the player is resurrected and the original player regains access. This can only happen once per game. Future lynched dead players stay dead.

    Shippy the Container
    By: Stealthbomber16 and Efekann02
    Game: ?KRC: Winter 2020-2021 Edition

    "Think of it like the Grinch stealing Christmas, except instead of Christmas, you're stealing people."
    "If you hold more than 500 items for some fucking reason, you gorge and instantly die."
    "You are too large and too heavy to fit on a catapult."

    This role is hilarious, the addition of random clauses to a rolecard is great and basically a KRC meme at this point, usually they do nothing... but when they do do something!

    It also inspired my first KRC role to have the ability to send people mass quantities of random junk mail, with the hope of making some shipping container out there gorge and instantly die.

    Spoiler : Shippy the Container :

    Shippy the Container
    Think of it like the Grinch stealing Christmas, except instead of Christmas, you're stealing people.

    On every even-numbered night you may kidnap a player to keep inside of you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
    Players who are in your container share a permanent chat and may only target other players who are in the container. You, as the container, have access to this chat as well. The players know who you are and you know who they are. You are unconditionally immune to any life-threatening attacks from players inside the container (They will be informed of this).
    Players who you kidnap are unable to interact in the thread aside from voting you, and cannot be eliminated unless you are voting them.
    If you die, every player is let out of your container. The permanent chat is dissolved. In addition, every player gets a 1 use night action gun which they may use in addition to their night action. Unbeknownst to them, however, the gun has a 50% chance to backfire, instantly killing them instead of the person they targeted. (To be clear, players do not know their gun has a chance to kill them. This will also not be shown as part of your flip, but the role-submitter of this role will be aware of it.)
    If you are eliminated (via vote), the container collapses upon all those trapped inside of it, instantly killing one player of your choice that was inside of your container.
    If you have more than 50% of the living players trapped in your container, you gain access to the Mega Doom Cannon, which you may use to kill a player not inside your container every night.
    Being a shipping container, you may hold 500 items maximum. If you hold more than 500 items for some fucking reason, you gorge and instantly die.

    You may not be transported unless the person transporting you has the proper equipment to transport you (ie, a crane or boat).
    You are too large and too heavy to fit on a catapult.
    You are immune to reality warping effects.
    You are made of metal.

    Cereal Arson Father
    By: deathworlds
    Game: ?KRC: AGAIN!

    A play on a previous role from long, long ago (Serial Arsonfather), the Cereal Arson Father:
    - Has enormous amounts of cereal, making them immune to dying from hunger.
    - Is an ordained priest
    - And oh yeah, is an inventor-style role with amazingly wacky theming

    This role is another great example of how cohesive theming, even when it's wacky, nonsensical, and off-the-wall can go a long way to elevating otherwise fairly standard abilities (okay, these abilities aren't actually that standard, but you get my point).

    Spoiler : Cereal Arson Father :
    Cereal Arson Father
    Each day you may give up to 2 people a single box of cereal each, cereal does different things depending on how you give it to someone. You may only do one thing to a box of cereal as you give it to someone.
    Players may choose to give a received box of cereal to someone to use during the day instead of using it that night. Players are informed of what the cereal does unless specifically stated otherwise.
    • You may Bless a box as you give it to someone, using this cereal will prevent them from dying from any 1 non-lynch attack during the phase they use it.
    • You may Mark a box as you give it to someone, using this cereal will mark them for consumption. Players aren't informed of being marked, but are notified that the box smells cool upon receiving it.
    • You may Stick a lighter in a box as you give it to someone, using this cereal will consume the souls of those marked for consumption, giving the user one random ability of the following per soul consumed [1-time attack immunity, 1-time misdirection immunity, 1-time detect all who visit you that night, 1-time roleblock immunity] Players aren't informed of receiving these abilities, and are used automatically.
    • You may Normally give a box to someone. It's tasty and feeds them, yummy.
    • You may Rig a box as you give it to someone, this box appears as a box given normally, but will publicly reveal the name of a player that visited them that cycle upon death if used.
    • You may Fit a gun in a box as you give it to someone, using this cereal gives the user a 1 time use attack that they may use in addition to their normal abilities.
    • You may Stick a note in a box as you give it to someone, as you submit this action, type out a short message that you could fit on a small note of paper, the player that uses this box receives the message given. Using the cereal reveals the message.
    • You may Poison a box as you give it to someone, using this cereal forces the player to type in the persona of a cereal mascot of their choice for the next day cycle. Failure to do so will result in them exploding into regular cereal that everyone may use. Players aren't informed of what the box of cereal does until it is used.

    You may not give yourself a box of cereal, but can use and receive boxes of cereal from other players normally.
    You cannot die from hunger. As you have an enormous amounts of cereal.
    You also have a lot of milk, it should last you the entire game.
    You're also an ordained priest, you are holy.
    You're also an arsonist, as such you are immune to death by fire.
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