Hi, my name is Wrath.

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    thanks Hi, my name is Wrath.

    Seeing how most players of this old game just fade away into existence, I'd like to offer my introduction as well as farewell at once because it's the most efficient.

    This is in no way organized, so apologies to people who prefer some type of chronological order. I'll actually take back that apology and save it for later in my anecdotal biography.

    Without a further ado, let's begin my tale from beginning to end.

    My name is Wrath.

    I'd like to think I started off getting introduced to mafia when I was 8-10 years old. Back when town of salem was blowing up, I sat home with an antique piece of history: A Windows XP computer that would chug and overheat at the most basic flash games. What little options i had at the time were further limited, which contributed to the eventual discovery of town of salem! What a blast it was, social deducing and learning to read people's roles from a chat box. I played it for awhile, dropped it for a couple of months, and did some other things a 10 year old kid. My obsession for mafia never went away, though, and my older brother introduced me to sc2 in the same year where I began playing squadron & probes vs zealot on the arcade cuz i sucked at the normal gamemode (still suck at RTS). There, I found sc2mafia.

    At the time I played on my brother's account because I didn't have a battle.net account yet. It was there that I learned sc2mafia was in fact, the progenitor of Town of Salem, and DarkRevenant's inspiration for BMG to create ToS. I preferred Sc2 over ToS' roles as the chaotic roles in Sc2Mafia made it far more appealing for me and made the game unpredictable, complex, and non trivial to solve. I was the one that got my brother into playing Sc2Mafia because of how much hours I put into the arcade game on his account until he decided to donate 100 doubloons to become a benefactor even after I stopped using his account to play. (Toast, thank you for restoring his points by providing a save).

    I took a hiatus of playing on sc2 mafia for around 3 years on sc2 before I came back 2021 ish. Now I am aware I missed the CHOO clan era, but I was here for the era of HonestMan era. As funny as it was even if he was intentionally griefing games, you can't deny it was...interesting.
    I still miss players of that era even if I've forgotten their names because of that interesting component to lobbies. You all have made the game enjoyable enough for me to come back to. Except the 1-2% outlier peeps. Especially them.

    Before I end this,

    I want to dedicate a paragraph on its own to my friend Lumi/Lag. I'm not sure if I've ever conveyed my thankfulness, but I have the strength to say in this post for some odd reason. I regret the things I did on MU (rent free in my head :/) that has made you frustrated at my lack of awareness for others. But I want to reinforce that when our friendship first started on that dumb post I made out of nowhere, you are someone I've always looked up to and continue to see as a role model. I loved discussing conversations with you that went deeper than surface knowledge that I couldn't with other people of my age. I loved your fearless conviction and intelligence on matters that were open ended. Without you, I would not be where I am today. I can't be you, but I'll try my best to be someone that I know you would be proud of. IN ALL REGARDS,

    *ahem* (I have some really bad attachment issues lol)

    I'm sorry (that's the apology I took back, and now I offer it to you, the reader) for anything I've done to make you frustrated if you've known me.

    If you've made it this far reading my boring post, I would have already gone back to the real world where mafia is just a short experience in my long lasting life. I can say for certain however, I've found my peace in growing and ending with this community of fabulous players.

    There are veterans who I've seen playing this game since the beginning of time still playing now 7 years later.

    I salute to you for continuing to fill lobbies up.


    Goodbye, my name was Wrath. <3

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    Re: Hi, my name is Wrath.

    good luck
    I love oops

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