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    SuperDuper: 1-S2-1-876392

    SuperDuper: 1-S2-1-876392

    Respective Hotkeys
    SuperDuper: 1-S2-1-876392: 8

    SuperDuper: 1-S2-1-876392 roles Sheriff in slot 13 with name Zanipolo the Big

    Night 1: #13 the Sheriff writes 9 is triad in lw. He CHOSE TO NOT CHECK ANYONE. He was also roleblocked by me #10 Escort.

    Day 2: #13 accuses #9 of being triad. #9 is lynched, flips Silencer.

    Night 2: #13 the Sheriff writes 10 is triad in lw. He STILL CHOSE TO NOT CHECK ANYONE.

    As sheriff, he didn't check people the first 2 nights, but accuses 9 of being triad when he has no evidence. I think this is griefing.
    -Mafia- (3096).SC2Replay
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    Re: SuperDuper: 1-S2-1-876392

    1-S2-1-876392 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:


    Previous Offenses:

    He's had a 4x Watchlist for gamethrowing, back in 2013, when Fred was Warden.

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    SuperDuper - "Zanipolo the Big" - SHERIFF - 13


    Setup: Setup is "Electric Boogaloo". Three ELECTROMANIACS, three TRIAD, and an ANY RANDOM oppose town.
    Names: One person uses the name-timing bug. SuperDuper gets a default name.
    Roles: None.
    D1: 13 (SHERIFF) wants 9 removed, and says to kill him. Also claims VETERAN. Its worth noting that 9 is the user with the timing bug.
    N1: 13 makes no check, but updates his LW to say he detected 9 as TRIAD. Lack of action is irrelevant, since he was ROLE BLOCKED anyways. Kills: TRIAD.
    D2: 11 (CONSTABLE) is dead. 13 claims his 'lead' that 9 is TRIAD. Of note, 9 actually *IS* a SILENCER. 9 spams in -skip repeatedly, to claim he was blackmailed. He isn't. 9 put to trial, claims he is blackmailed. He goes down 5-4 with 13 an essential hammer to send him upriver. 13 PMs 9 to say "Don't even join my games again, you a dead ass bitch every time." Other people suggest name abuse reports on 9. Flip is SILENCER. 10 suggests VIGILANTE take out 13.
    N2: 13 makes no check, but updates his LW to accuse 10 of being TRIAD. 6 has a heart attack. Lack of action is again irrelevant as 13 is roleblocked a second time. Kills: VIGILANTE, TRIAD, ELECTROMANIAC, ELECTROMANIAC, AFK, SUICIDE.
    D3: 7 (VETERAN), 1 (ELECTROMANIAC), 10 (ESCORT), 15 (DIVA), 6 (ELECTROMANIAC), and 5 (BUS DRIVER) are all dead. With seven players alive, town is at five members (ARMORSMITH, SHERIFF, LOOKOUT, BUS DRIVER, and VIGILANTE), opposing a DRAGON HEAD and an ELECTROMANIAC. 3 PMs 13 to ask if he was 'escorted'. 4 hardclaims VIGILANTE and asks for role PMs. 13 PMs 4 "Hey fuck yourself, retard." 8 is put to trial. Players ask how 9 was detected TRIAD given the escort's LW indicates he was RBed. 13 responds that 10 is "prob throwing". 8 claims SHERIFF and that 2/4 are NS. He goes down 5-0 with a guilty from 13 and flips ELECTROMANIAC.
    N3: 13 checks 4, then switches to 14 and gets an NS read. No kills.
    D4: 14 PMs LW to 13 to try and bolster support. 13 says nothing and the rest of the players put 2 on trial. He claims BUS DRIVER and a guilty on 9. He goes down 4-0 with 13 voting to convict. Flip is DRAGON HEAD. Town has won.

    Was the game result altered?
    Despite faking 2 leads on scum, no, because 9 actually WAS scum, and 10 was killed before the 'lead' could be used. So no.

    Player Offenses:

    SuperDuper: Toxic player griefing

    Recommended Actions:

    2x WL

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!
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