Hey y'all. I used to play the SC2Mafia mod very VERY actively from 2015 to 2020, where D1 is normally just 10-30 seconds of trolling, people rolequitting, edgy humor, and bullshitting around before the real game begins. So when I entered my first Forum Mafia game, I honestly had no idea what to do on the more important D1s of FM, which not only has been extensively lengthened, but they actually have a vote at the end of the day, meaning D1 is just as crucial as following days, with no leads from Power Roles or kills to go off of. It's all mindgames and guesswork and actually reading people without much context, which is something mod players wouldn't have much experience with.

So I gotta ask, to prevent myself from being suspiciously withdrawn or unneedlessly brash on D1 as I have both accomplished with misapplication of SC2Mafia mod experience on my first FM game a while ago, how would I, as either a Citizen/Basic Townie, a Town Power, or scum, play D1?