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    We've also just been made Aware of blizzards new custom map policy in war3 reforged. If we were to even think about making anything for that platform, not only would blizzard get exclusive ownership of it but we'd get banned for using 3rd party ip anyway.

    The new new policy is definitely designed because blizzard are still super angry that dota and the multi billion dollar moba market started in their game and they got fuck all from it - even losing the naming lawsuit against valve. As far as we know this only applies to reforged and can't be really retroactively applied to sc - but it's something to keep an eye on
    I think it's funny that this change didn't even help Blizzard.
    Element TD is now available on Steam - yet Blizzard get none of it even though it was originally a WC3 map.
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    Re: Blizzlol

    I hope the Parasite devs make a standalone version and that this version becomes as popular as Among Us, both for the insane fun it would create and for the slap at Blizz lol.
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