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    New Role; Pirate || Neutral Evil

    "Raise Anchor and Hoist the Colours, theres loot to plunder!"

    Goal: You must plunder (X) targets.

    Ability: Choose a target at night. You will visit and "steal" their loot.
    Spoiler : Spoilers! :
    (You dont get to use/keep the loot, sorry.)

    "A strange man visited you in the night. You were Plundered!"
    "You made away with [Target] loot! A Pirates Life for Me!"
    "You failed to find any loot from [target].

    Role Description;

    -Looting a player will steal their abilites, if it can be stolen, that is.

    -Plundering cannot be redirected, or affected by Witches, Deciever, etc.

    -Plundering a players loot will take priority over Bus Drivers.

    -You will steal (1) vests from a player. (survivor, citizen, armorsmith vests)

    -You will steal the weapon from players with a gun. (DH/GF, Enforcer/Mafioso, Kidnapper/Jailor, Vigilante, Veteran.)

    -Players must wait 1 night to find their weaponry.

    -You may steal Immunity from the Executioner and Witch.

    -You cannot plunder from the Maniacs. (Sk, Mm, Arso)

    -You cannot be roleblocked.

    -Must plunder (1), (2) , (3) (optional) targets.

    -You cannot plunder from players with nothing to steal!

    Greatest Pirate You've Ever Seen [150 pts.]
    -Win the game as Pirate and achieve the Pirate Wins ending screen.
    Handicapped [50 pts.]
    -Steal something from an Amnesiac.
    The Black Pearl [50 pts.]
    -Steal the paranoid Veterans gun.
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