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    in progress FM Multiball Captains Mode

    Multiball - Captains Mode

    Mafia Godfather

    Triad Dragon Head


    All standard S-FM Rules apply
    Pictures are allowed within reasonable size. Hopefully I don't need to specify what "reasonable size" is.
    Videos are allowed as long as autoplay is off.

    48 hour days.
    24 hour nights or early ending nights at host discretion.
    Last wills allowed.
    Suicide is allowed at host discretion.
    Lynch system is to be determined by the host and stated during signups.
    Mafia/Triad have a night chat and a factional night kill which may be carried out instead of a night action if no other teammates are performing night kills. Mafia/Triad learn each others identities on night 0 and may spend the night communicating.

    Special Mechanics
    Game begins on night 0
    Upon the beginning of the game, a list of 20 roles, 8 of which will be citizens with no night actions, will be revealed.
    The evil factions will then take turns drafting roles into their alignment from the list. The Godfather and Dragon Head roles pick a role for their faction to have. Leftover roles will be randomly dispersed amongst the townspeople. Mafia will have first, fourth and sixth pick. Triad will have second, third and fifth pick. Townspeople will not know the roles drafted. Evils will.
    Due to the nebulous nature of the setup list, an OoO can not be constructed here. It is the duty of the host to resolve any order conflicts. Assume any roles with similar night actions (ie, investigations or night kills) will happen at the same time.

    TBA: base rolecards (what makes mafia different than triad? what makes a godfather different from normal mafia?) / wincons
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