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    Angry Another Ruined Game with Broken Cult Mechanics

    Why isn't a total revamp of cult being prioritized over frills such as goofy new roles and odd role changes?

    Cult is consistently:

    1. Broken
    2. Unbalanced

    Settings, such as recruiting every night, simply should not exist. Additionally, nothing about the cult is neutral, yet it gets sneaked into games as a neutral role. The only real balance to cult is the mason, which doesn't usually spawn in the games cult is hidden in.

    Cult leader doesn't even begin to fix the problems of the cult.

    Can we prioritize making cult its own faction in the list so I don't have to wait until the game actually starts to start a leave train if cult chance isn't 0?



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    Re: Another Ruined Game with Broken Cult Mechanics

    Host the game yourself and dial the cult slider all the way to 0. Hosts are free to host games however they like.

    Working as @Dark.Revenant intended.

    I will remind you inciting leave trains is a punishable offence.
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