S-FM Masquerade Madness II

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    S-FM Masquerade Madness II

    S-FM Masquerade Madness
    A 7 Player Game

    Roles List
    Serial Killer

    Role Cards
    An attendee of the ball, you have no special abilities

    Serial Killer
    An uninvited attendee of the ball, each (RP)hour (night) you may kill and disguise yourself as one of the other Masqueraders.
    You have a 1 time ability to kill a masquerader and remain in your current disguise.
    You have an auto-vest that will protect you from a lynch on D1 only. The activation of this auto-vest will consume your 1 time ability to remain in your current disguise.

    Win Conditions
    The Masqueraders must determine who the uninvited guest and reveal his identity.
    The Serial Killer must eliminate the masqueraders or be in a position where this cannot be stopped.

    Game will start on D1
    Day length will be set at 48 hours
    Night length will be set at 24 hours
    All roles posses the ability to vote with the [vote] command
    Lynches will occur at a 51% or greater vote and thread will be locked
    Lynching will lock the thread but not end the day unless day is under half elapsed

    Special Mechanics
    All accounts will be anonymous and assigned to players by the host
    Upon disguising as a masquerader, the SK will assume control of their account and lose access to their previous account

    English only.
    No invisible ink, password protected posts, or anything else that another player wouldnt be able to emulate. This includes creating your own languages, or encrypting your text and providing decryption keys on subsequent days. There are many ways to appear unique and hard to emulate should you be concerned the SK is going to target you, but methods that cannot be copied are prohibited.
    No out of game communication
    No editing posts
    No direct quoted PMs from host are acceptable
    Minimum 10 post count per day, with posts constituting more than 1 sentence.
    Last wills are not permitted, deathnotes however will be, if they are kept short.
    No personal attacks on players
    Images may be posted, videos may not
    Threatened, attempted, or faked gamethrows are prohibited and will result in force replace or modkill at the host's discretion
    Questions can be asked in Green and optionally tagged with a @mention, or PM'd to host
    White will be reserved for host to answer in
    Navy, Medium Blue, and Blue are banned.
    COM hunting, or posting in a deliberately identifiable manner will be dealt with by host.
    Signs are to remain secret, do not disclose with other players if you are partaking in the game.
    Archons will not be accepted

    Lastwills/deathnotes removed/added
    Rules regarding confirming yourself mechanically.
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    Re: S-FM Masquerade Madness II

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJack View Post
    What happened last time? A recap plz.
    I was fast hammered for 0 logic 24 hours early without an opportunity to defend myself, based on 0 evidence

    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM Blue Masquerader View Post
    Hey moron. shut the fuck up or I will shut you up, k? I'm not the person your going to insult and live happily ever after. K? Understand that,

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    Re: S-FM Masquerade Madness II

    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptonic View Post
    I was fast hammered for 0 logic 24 hours early without an opportunity to defend myself, based on 0 evidence
    not true, it's easy to spot a calix from a mile away
    Quote Originally Posted by AnassRhamur View Post
    Please don't post in the punished players section if you're not involved. Consider this a warning from Thugnificent. You got one Thug ticket. Collect 3 more of those and i'll have to issue a Thug Infraction. Collect 3 Thug Infractions and you get 1 Thug Misdemeanor Charge.

    Spoiler : :
    Citizen, Agent, Citizen, Vigilante, Citizen, Godfather, Citizen, Citizen, Voter, Elder, Mafioso, BackUpSleuth, Escort, Mafioso, Detective, Citizen, Citizen, Tailor, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen, Citizen, TheJoker, Citizen, LadyGaga, Mafioso, Winston Wolfe, Detective, Citizen, Citizen, Masquerader

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    Re: S-FM Masquerade Madness II

    Thread updated now that I have internet and a PC again.

    So for Superjack, and anybody else that wants a recap of this game, the SK chose not to 'disguise' n1, throwing some wifom early into the game, and ended up surviving till the final lynch of the game, where they were unfortunately hammered. Crypt (the SK) was heavily invested in his role and maintaining his appearance as RLVG, unfortunately that meant he didnt want to post during the hours that RLVG wouldnt have posted, and was subsequently lynched because 'mesk is always town'.

    Proposed Changes
    So I believe that the outcome of the first run was about as good as it was going to get, SK surviving all the way to the final decision, and I think we were pretty damn lucky to get there. I would be happy to run this setup more or less the same again barring minor rule changes, but id also be willing to add a new mechanic.

    The first suggestion is to add a d1/n1 vote where all players can submit to the host a vote on which player they believe would be hardest to disguise as for the following day. Whichever player racks up the most votes, is then submitted to the SK as an option to disguise as, like a challenge. Should the SK choose to accept the challenge, and avoid being lynched the subsequent day, they would receive an extra charge of their no-disguise ability.

    Whilst it is unlikely they would use this ability, as the game wraps up around d3, it would add extra layers of wifom to the game. As would the possibility of the town voting the SK themselves as the most difficult to disguise. In the event the SK is chosen, they can choose to take the challenge as staying as themselves, this still consumes a charge of their ability though. The only accompanying rule that would be required is that town cannot discuss who they would or wouldn't vote, their submissions have to remain confidential throughout the game.

    The second suggestion is giving the SK an auto vest against lynches that can only be activated on d1. The use of this vest would consume the SKs no-disguise charge. This ensures game passes at least the first day where it could disappointingly end due to random lynching. The town would have a lot of information to work with, knowing how the SK types etc, but the SK gets a second shot and hopefully learns from their mistakes, has enough of their own info to succesfully disguise as someone else.

    Only shortfalls I see are that players with exceptionally bad spelling and grammar will have a difficult life as SK, although as town they allow the SK plenty of opportunity for an easy emulation. So, same as in the first game, i see it as a trade off worth making.

    When posting signups for this game, il be sure to add a disclaimer that this game has a 'spirit' that should be adhered to, and that players like Crypt and PTB are good examples of the type of gameplay that this setup encourages, so that players are better prepared for how to approach the game.

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