The previously announced reorganisation of staff positions is now in effect. Changes :

- The Super Moderator position ("blue") has been abolished. All staff members with Infraction permissions will now be guardians of peace in the general areas of the forum.

- The Arcade staff branch's hierarchy has been clarified to reflect the level of in-game powers of each staff member. Darker colors represent higher positions in the hierarchy of a specific brach of staff.

  • Arcade Head (formerly Warden) : Leads the Arcade branch of staff.
  • Arcade Administrator : Have Administrator-level permissions in-game, review appeal requests and can do point restores.
  • Arcade Moderator : Have Moderator-level permissions in-game.
  • Arcade Keeper : Process reports.

- The Forum Mafia staff branch has been updated to formally implement the long-standing Head of FM title, with a color hierarchy similar to the Arcade branch's.

  • Forum Mafia Head : Forum administrator permissions, leads the Forum Mafia branch of staff.
  • Forum Mafia Moderator : Review setups and moderate the Forum Mafia section, including Forum Mafia games.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask in the Answer Hall.