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    New neutral role

    Idea for a new character:

    Alignment: Neutral Evil or Neutral Benign
    Ability: During the day he can select any dead player and talk with him at night. Like Jailor for dead. He can use his ablility only then someone lynched (summoning spirits requires sacrifice).
    Coroner can protect from this ability (Spiritualist need corpse)
    Goal: Not sure about goal, he can play for evils of for himself, but not for town (will be too op)

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    Re: New neutral role

    I remember people hating getting the Medium from Town of Salem (what this role is, don't lie) added, which is a shame since I would then have the morale to actually stay in the game instead of just leaving (except when the game is almost over, when my side is about to win, or I know some serious shit is about to go down)

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    Re: New neutral role

    Sorry, we won't be considering roles that interact with the dead by nearly any means. The permeance of death is an underlying concept in Mafia.

    As an aside, I may consider adding goofy roles that can to rotating game modes but that's far and away.

    At any rate, thank you for your suggestion.

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    Re: New neutral role

    Death being permanent is a fundamental rule to this version of mafia. Otherwise, the game could be wildly different.

    It is like how I have advocated in the past against cult and other role/faction changes within a game. You are working toward one goal as lets say town and now you have a completely different one when recruited to cult.

    Amne is a bit special because it is neutral, but still.

    Auditor keeps a tax evader the same alignment usually (unless he audits himself).

    These are some of the base concepts that the rest of the game is built on. Changing them and you are pulling the bottom layer of bricks from the Jenga tower.

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    Re: New neutral role

    Quote Originally Posted by renegade View Post
    Fair things to point out in your second post for the record--

    But yeah. Just wackass roles that can make an appearance in a controlled environment. I dont want said roles spilling over into classic or standard variants or accessible otherwise unless they're deemed strictly balanced.

    Omni-Jester, Bonker were two I had in mind. There are more than two days in the week, however.

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