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    LiquidHarO 1-S2-1-3391265

    Account Name: LiquidHarO
    Account ID:
    In-Game Name: Piero the Depraved

    Crimes Committed:
    Game Throwing

    Your Account Name:

    I Jailed the dude on n1 and he claimed agent and gave the numbers of his Mafia. I treated it as WIFOM for the sake of the game until the midgame where it was clear he wasn't lying. I think I used -real to get his ID during the game and -report at the end to let people know it was being reported. Regardless, the Mafia ended up winning because I was killed early but the intent to throw was there. I think I may have used -roles after I died to double check.
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    if you have elixir to contend with gl hf

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