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    Re: PioneerProDJ: 1-s2-1-1276601

    Pioneerprodj:Correct. 1-S2-1-1276601

    Players Added to Report

    Respective Hotkeys
    Pioneerprodj: E

    Previous Offenses
    Lag-Cheating: http://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...hlight=1276601

    Setup and names: Pion spams the start button to start the setup, while he receives the Lag-cheating warning. He is Veteran (oh boy I know where this is going) and is 9.
    Day 1: The game starts with day 1 vote. No discussion even (Keep in mind that Pion was the host). 9 immediately votes 1. Other people follows. He says " 1 is always evil".
    1 claims lookout on trial, but 9 guilties anyway. 6-6 vote. 9 next moves to vote 8 "get this fag spammer out of here". But 9 gets a taste of his own medicine and is trialed. He of course doesn't claim his role,
    because as we all know, if he claimed veteran, he will lose his "fun". He gets lynched.

    Later: Mafia wins.

    Was the game result altered?
    No, Disguiser dies n1 to bg.

    Player Offenses
    Player 1: Greifing

    Recommended Action
    2x Watch-list

    Additional Notes
    Thank you for the report Taunt. This is the kind of veteran whose goal isn't to kill evils, but to simply kill as much as he can. He aggroes everyone and alert at night to kill them. Honestly people with this strategy most of the time harms town, because why would evils visit a Jester wannabe? Only towns would try to investigate this person in case he is evil faking jester.
    I have no use for these bloodless minnows. Bring me a prey that will sate my bloodlust. I hunger.

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