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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by rumox View Post
    You're right. Wow, what? I don't get that. He will just become obvious scum the next day?
    Pretty much.

    I just got an idea!

    If the Tracker sees that a focker received an item from a Mafia Blacksmith, that guy would invariably be singled out as scum. Mafia could gift people items, framing them in the process...

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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by rumox View Post
    Mafia Blacksmith will no doubt be passing guns to teammate(s), unless they wanna play hard mode without having the ability to kill.
    True but making this informatuon public now gives mafia scum incentive to hand out fakes and switch it up it may have been a good idea to keep that to yourself untill a scummy player was seen recieving an item

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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by rumox View Post
    Authenticator can only deal with items in their possession, not others. He would have to pass the gun to someone that reveals as the Authenticator.. which is not optimal. Tracker could work, I need some clarification on that role actually.

    @SuperJack Tracker description is "At night, you may target a player, you will discover which role their last item or items has come from." Does this mean if a Rigger gives someone an item Night 1, then a Town Armorsmith gives him armor on Night 2, then the Tracker visits said player on Night 3... is he only given the prompt of the Night 2 item? Or all items in his possession?

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