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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by Fielzanks View Post
    For all we know the rigger could be the only smith we have in the game.
    But I will still assume we have a gunsmith in the town and in the mafia.
    IF that assumption turns out to be true; communication and allegiances will be necessary to win.
    IF it is not; usual read gameplay and nights actions can solve the riddle for us.

    BUT take into consideration these two points :
    -Any player can give their item to someone else at the cost of a night action.
    -An item use forbid the use of a night action.

    These two elements tell us that items are worse on TPR than on Cits, and that items may be passed freely from hand to hand without original gunsmith knowing. So our strategy about giving a gun to someone first night could backfire on us heavily, because we would need to confirm the original target still has his gun, which in turn blocks his night action, and gives less than what we would have gotten without doing it.
    Everything you have been posting are really good points information and safe to say you are a good town read for me, also im going to hard claim Cit here and let yall know i have my gun liscense and dont mind wielding a 45

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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by blinkskater View Post
    Also im up for a sheep lynch that guys dumber then a bag of rocks but im not ok with lynching low posters because all of our low posters at the time were asleep... We can get more information from people who have had more interactions with each other when lynching
    You know we still have 34+ hours in the day? I don't think they will be asleep that long.

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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by Marluxion View Post
    -vote Efekannn02

    Ez :clap:
    Found a scum.
    Hm i actually have a slight townread on efe for this, in my opinion he is actingnlike we/want expect him to act to appear, like a scum, when he is actually town, and as much as he wanta to kill distorted he wants the fake items/to not use them

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    Re: S-FM The Smith's

    Quote Originally Posted by rumox View Post
    I find the Multitasker role interesting,

    @SuperJack if Mafia have a Weaponsmith and Multitasker, can they pass a gun to the Multitasker two nights in a row and then kill 2 people on Night 3? Or is it only 1 vest/1 shoot combo allowed.
    Multitasker can use two guns in one night.
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