Changelog 12/29/2017

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    Changelog 12/29/2017

    Discord Update

    Ability Additions

    • Recruitable by Mason Leaders and Cult Leaders, but doesn't lose their original win condition
    • Can be recruited multiple times, never changes alignment
    • Mainly used for Pirates setup

    • Determines if player is recruitable or not
    • If Mason Leaders can recruit people like Vigilantes with no charges, Scouts will get a positive response
    • Framed targets make Scouts read the role as negative

    Narrator Updates
    • Added role modifier for Jailors to be able to clean some roles on execution. Has option for charges. Defaults to 0.
    • Can't make your name a number anymore. For example "3" and "-50" are invalid names.
    • Auto setups now rely on the the number of players currently in a game. Player limit is locked to the highest that the setup can handle, and the roles list will update as players leave/join the game.
    • No more factional friendly fire if Disguiser, Bus Driver, Cult Leader, Infiltrator, Operator aren't in the game.
    • Faction kill will now go through even if 2 people submit actions to try and complete it. One of them will win a tiebreaker and be sent.
    • No warnings on faction kills errors when it doesn't matter who performs the kill. Roles like lookout make this matter.
    • Sheriff text for knowing difference between guilty investigations won't appear if it can only detect one faction.

    Setup Additions/Modifications
    • Pirates/One Piece/Treasure Island
      • Completed auto setup balancing
    • Brave New World
      • Completed Devourer, aka jailor that cleans roles.
    • Added Intermediate Cult Setup
    • Added Executioner to 2 Mafia intermediate setup
    • Added setup that uses almost all Narrator roles. Recommended Mash Setup

    Narrator Bug Fixes
    • Team night kill prompt won't appear to be on cooldown for town anymore
    • Losing your role ability won't trigger fake charges being set
    • Fixed prefer bug when preferring same thing twice in arow
    • Fixed auto setup issue not showing role card
    • Fixed culting attacked veteran causing memory issues. All injuries will just be wiped
    • Fixed issue with trying to pass more bread than having
    • Single mason won't force respawn if masonLeader exists

    Discord Features
    • Can't host two games at once in same channel
    • Can't join different games in different channels
    • Game timeout works
    • Greets all channels
    • Only people that are in games will postpone the timeout period
    • Chat roles and host voting options hidden and forced off in discord mode
    • Custom encodings for announcements
    • Keeping track of which channels were edited, so on server restart, i know which channels to restore talking privileges to
    • Help lists all available bot commands
    • Can change prefix. It defaults to '!'.
    • Added colors to roles list
    • Prefer works, but won't give you a prompt that it worked.
    • Hiding/disabling manual games on UI if discord game
    • Can change name using !name
    • Upon nighttime, if you have actions that you can submit, the bot will prompt you for it.
    • Can't chat directly into browser if discord game, but talk in discord gets copied into browser
    • Can target people with numbers. For example, "check 13" instead of "check voss"
    • Graveyard visible in info
    • Feedback will be pmed to you
    • Successful targeting will now be relayed back to you in pm
    • Lynches will specify what role/team the person was on.

    Visual Fixes
    • When timer expires, text saying that you've opted to skip for daytime no longer appears
    • Timer doens't start if game attempts to start but fails

    • Mason chat to be more of a modifier. These roles get to be part of a custom chat, and the 'neighborizer' role, a new ability, would add people to that. Also having the ability fail or not on non towns, as a general modifier would be cool too.
    • Would like to add Marshall and Joker
    • Still, I would like to integrate Narrator with Maybe hosts will then use this for S-FMs? TBD.

    FM XVII: Bonney Jewelry (Journalist)
    FM XVIII: Kalou (Savage Godfather)
    FM XX: Joseph Bertrand (Marshall)
    FM XXI: USA (Escort)
    FM XV: Whiskey (Whore)

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    Re: Changelog 12/29/2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Cryptonic View Post
    Damn boy u been busy
    I've never stopped ahaha. The Skwirl channel's been playing with the Narrator using the Discord integration <3

    FM XVII: Bonney Jewelry (Journalist)
    FM XVIII: Kalou (Savage Godfather)
    FM XX: Joseph Bertrand (Marshall)
    FM XXI: USA (Escort)
    FM XV: Whiskey (Whore)



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