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    S-FM The Coldest War

    S-FM Cold War: A 13 Player game

    Roles list

    Capitalist Scum
    President Truman (Godfather)
    President Nixon (Consigliere)
    JFK (Consort)

    Leon Trotsky (Spy+Vigilante)
    Vladimir Lenin (Professor+Doctor)
    Hidden Communist
    Hidden Communist
    Soviet Worker (Citizen)
    Soviet Worker (Citizen)
    Soviet Worker (Citizen)
    Soviet Worker (Citizen)

    The Others
    Joseph Stalin (serial killer)
    Fidel Castro (Arms Dealer)

    Possible Communist role:
    Sleeper agent,Gulag officer,KGB agent,Anti communist agent,Premier Security Service,Premier's personal 'Entertainment'

    Spoiler : Capitalist Scum :

    President Truman

    Passive Ability: Leader of the Mafia, may override night actions.
    Heat Action:- The Doctrine, Role block all town and others ability, targets will not be informed of roleblock.
    President Nixon

    Action: Target one person at night, learning their role
    Heat Action:- No Ballistics, Stops all weapons firing for 1 day and night, does not stop Mafia roles. Does not stop castro handouts.

    Action: Target one player at night, roleblocking them. Target is informed of roleblock.
    Heat action:- Become The assassin, gives JFK a one shot gun and Nixon a one use vest

    Action: May be sent for the factional night kill.

    Spoiler : Proletariat :

    Leon Trotsky
    Action: Can see all actions made by the mafia (3 uses)
    Action 2: Has a KGB rifle, can shot and kill a player, 2 uses
    Heat action:- Shades, Not give a fuck about anything, gives you auto vests. (last for 2 days)
    Is told if attacked with vest on
    Vladimir Lenin

    Action: Target one player at night, protecting them from all attacks
    Heat action:- Target one player during the day. You will gain a permanent nightchat with that player.
    At the time of your death your Protegee (Night chat target) will gain all healing abilities in addition to their role powers.
    Target is not told if healed,
    Lenin told if heal is successful
    Sleeper agent
    Action: Target one player at night, learning who targeted them AND learning who they targeted.
    If attacked by Western Scum is activated and turned over to their side as a mafioso
    Gulag Officer
    Can select a Political opponent(player) at night to Throw in the Gulag,
    While in the Gulag the PO is role blocked,healed and is able to speak to the Gulag officer
    The Gulag officer can choose 1 of 2 actions to do:
    1. Stage an accident in the gulag killing the PO (1 use)
    2. Torture the PO revealing a random piece of information, this info can be anything from a whole players role to a random action that happened last night.(3 uses)
    KGB agent
    Starts with a one use vest
    Can torture a player at night revealing a piece of random information (gulag info)
    Heat action: Kneecapper, fires a shotgun at a player role blocking them and making them unable to vote the next day (1 use)
    If sleeper agent is converted in game KGB gains a one use gun and 2 auto vests
    Anti-Communist Agent
    Ask a player during the day to post a anonymous message for the next day
    player asked must post a report to the Putin(me) to be posted to town if they do not comply a 'Accident, will be staged on such player.
    if attacked by the Capitalist Scum will covert into a American reporter.

    Premier's personal 'Entertainment'
    choose a player at night to roleblock
    if lands on Leon OR Lenin they will not be roleblocked
    player will be notified of roleblock.
    Premier Security Service
    Choose a player at night to guard, if that player is attacked both PSS and attacker will die instead.
    Heat action: Known attacker, if PSS is attacked the attacker dies and the PSS does not (lasts for 1 day, 1 use)
    Soviet Worker
    Action: None
    Has the power of the vote.

    Spoiler : The Others :

    Joseph Stalin

    Action: Kill one player at night
    Heat Action:-NKVD, Finds out a random players role
    Heat Action 2:-5 Year plan-for 2 days,2 random players (per night) are roleblocked
    Fidel Castro

    Action: Target one player at night,choosing to give them a 1-use gun or a 1-use vest. Mandatory action.
    Heat Action:-Revolution, stops all votes for one day but is revealed.
    American Reporter
    Choose a player to post a anonymous message the next day, non mandatory
    Heat action:Free Press, Change his/her win con to:
    Make sure the Proletariat wins-is revealed to town but cannot be lynched for 1 day.
    Make sure Stalin wins-gain a auto vest and 1 use gun.
    Make sure Fidel Castro wins-gets revealed but is immune to attacks.
    Continue with the Own agenda-Continue with win condition.

    Spoiler : Gulag torture information :

    X player visited X player last night
    X player was visited by X player last night
    X player is [insert role]
    X player is [insert alignment]
    X player got roleblocked
    X player got [insert action here]
    X players previous feedback is[insert past feedback]
    A player got [insert action here]

    Win conditions
    Capitalist Scum-Overpower/Eliminate the Proletarian,and Joseph Stalin
    Proletarian-Eliminate Stalin and the Capitalist Scum
    Joseph Stalin-Eliminate/Overpower the proletarian and Capitalist scum
    Fidel Castro-Survive till the end
    American ReporterSurvive till the end with Stalin and Castro dead

    1. Night chats/Gulag chat open
    2. Professor chat opens
    3. Vest/Auto-vest used
    4. No ballistics
    5. Revolution
    6. 5 Year plan
    7. Kneecapper
    8. Role blocks/The doctrine
    9. Detective/Lookout
    10. Consiglerie
    11. Known attacker
    12. Bodyguards move into position
    13. Heals
    14. Kills
    15. Sleeper Agent converted
    16. Weapons/vest given out
    17. Journalist report sent


    Lynch's will be used with vote tags
    Roles will be randomized
    Days will be 48 hours and nights 24 hours
    All mafia share night chats
    Last wills and death notes allowed
    Guns/vests can not be used with night action
    Guns/Vests given out will be available for the proceeding nights.

    Heat mechanics
    Special ability that only certain roles can use
    they can only be used once but are very powerful
    they can not be used with normal actions

    Putins Rule of Conduct
    No invisible ink or password protected posts
    No out of game communication
    No editing posts
    No direct quoted PMs from host are acceptable
    Minimum 10 post count per day, with posts constituting more than 1 sentence and being of relevant content
    No personal attacks on players
    Images may be posted, videos may not
    Threatened, attempted, or faked gamethrows are prohibited and will result in force replace or modkill at the host's discretion
    Questions can be asked in Green and optionally tagged with a @mention, or PM'd to host
    White will be reserved for host to answer in
    Navy, Medium Blue, and Blue are banned.
    All rule violations will be met with punishment at hosts discretion. Infractions on your account may also result depending on the severity of rule broken.

    So comrades any questons and До свидания.

    Spoiler : CHANGELOG 1.0 :

    Added the unique jailer role, Gulag officer.
    Minor changes to Name of Russian worker to soviet worker
    Added rule to allow death notes and LW
    Castro now gets revealed when uses heat action
    Minor change to wording of Leon Trotsky spy ability

    Spoiler : CHANGELOG 2.0 :

    Change confirmed TPR to Hidden communist
    Added possible roles
    Added Premiers Security Service,Anti communist agent,Premier's personal 'Entertainment' and KGB Agent
    Added second heat action to Stalin due to unfairness to Stalin's role.

    Spoiler : CHANGELOG 3.0 :

    Changed journo win con
    Nerfed heat actions to one use only
    Added minor change info to mechanics
    Added gulags torture information
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