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    S-FM Rainbowmania

    Random game idea, idk lol (I can't host this game, I just thought i'd put this in the proper place if I want suggestions on how to fix the wincons, or maybe someone else might find it interesting and want to host it)

    Role list:
    ]Blue team x3
    Green team x3
    Red team x3
    Yellow team x3
    Purple team x2
    Orange team x1

    Blue/Green/Red/Yellow team roles:
    every night may convert one person to be part of their team (factional)
    - converted Blue/Yellow/Green/Red: civilian type

    Purple roles:
    - converter (guaranteed role) convert a member to Purple each night
    - shooter dude (guaranteed role) kill a person each night
    - converted Purple: civilian type
    Special: if converted, will still only have the Purple win conditions, and will still have Purple teamís night chat, in addition to the new teamís night chat, and know the identity of the Orange team player and the other 2 people immune to conversions.

    Orange team roles: jester type, may vote, will kill a voter upon death, cannot be converted, can choose 2 people at game start to also make immune to conversions
    All teams get a night chat with their respective teams; if converted you will join your new team's night chat

    Win conditions:
    Blue team: must have both the Red and Yellow teams consist of at most one remaining player (players got converted or died)
    Green team: must have both the Blue and Red teams consist of at most one remaining player (players got converted or died)
    Red team: must have both the Yellow and Green teams consist of at most one remaining player (players got converted or died)
    Yellow team: must have both the Green and Blue teams consist of at most one remaining player (players got converted or died)
    Purple team: have everyone still alive be Purple team, or nothing stopping this
    Orange team: get lynched

    There can be no win situations (I think?); there can be situations in which more than one team wins.
    Special wincon: all teams except for Purple and Orange teams win if both the Purple and Orange teams are eliminated, even if the Orange player has fulfilled his win condition of being lynched.

    Special mechanics:
    1: Dead will not show their alignment until day start of day after they are revealed to be dead
    2: 51% to lynch, lynches not mandatory
    3: You may not reveal any of your teammates, you may pm the host during the night if you want to reveal your team color (you can also lie about what team color you are), and your team color will be revealed along with the start of day message. You may do this only once. If you want to, you may also type a message that you want sent along with your team color. Formatting should be something like: 'I want to reveal my color to be ___, and send a message of "_____"'. However, only two people will be able to have their roles/message revealed per day, and the system is first come first serve. (Nights start the moment end of day message is sent). This message may not reveal the colors of anybody else, whether it is true or false. The host can choose not to submit your message if it violates any rules. This "revealing" does not have to happen.
    4: Nights - 24h
    5: Days - 24/48hr
    6: Game ends when at least 1 team is completely eliminated, with the exception of Orange team
    7: If a team has won, but the game hasn't ended, the color and half (rounding up) of the winning team's members will be announced in the nearest game message (start of night/start of day). For instance: should there be only 1 member remaining of the Yellow and Green teams then the
    8: you WILL be modkilled if you ever softclaim or claim your/your team member's/anyone's team color, and are caught doing so unless the host is pm'ed (see rule 3)
    9: No over-the-top insulting etc., out of game communication, usage of white bold text, etc. usual FM rules

    night kill by Purple team, jester guilt
    conversion (RNG if someone is converted multiple times)

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