S-FM: ???? (Signups)

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    S-FM: ???? (Signups)

    This is a hidden game for 15 players, it will not go on the ladder; that does not mean you won't play to your win conditions. This game will be hosted by Mesk514, and myself.

    This game will start within 48 hours of receiving 15 signs. If more than fifteen signs are received, then the /sign list will be randomized.

    This is not a newb friendly game

    1. Spruance
    2. Mr.StoleUrGurl as Twentytwo and Fury
    3. Gyrlander
    4. Otakudweeb69
    5. Reemus
    6. Suntax
    7. Voss
    8. GoatseOntheCupboard
    9. RLVG
    10. Hybrid
    11. Marshmallow Marshall
    12. SuperJack
    13. NoctiZ
    14. Stealthbomber16
    15. widomakr
    16. Rachyl

    1. Nawa

    /Signs and /Reserves
    Spoiler : : :
    1. RLVG
    2. SuperJack
    3. Hybrid
    4. Voss
    5. Rachyl
    6. widomakr
    7. Suntax
    8. Gyrlander
    9. Otakudweeb69
    10. Marshmallow Marshall
    11. Stealthbomber16
    12. Sprunace
    13. Goatseonthecupboard
    14. Reemus
    15. Mr.StoleUrGurl as Twentytwo and Fury
    16. NoctiZ

    1. Nawa

    Spoiler : : :
    A hidden S-FM for 15 players.


    Role List:


    Spoiler : Role Cards :




    Days and Nights are between 24 to 48 hours, depending on schedule.
    Lynches will be handled by the automated lynch system using [vote] tags, with a 51% hammer, [DATA CORRUPTED]
    All actions must be PM'd to me 1 hour before each cycle ends.
    Game starts on day 1.
    I reserve the right to not answer any questions, PM'd to me, or in the day chat.

    Death Descriptions:


    Special Mechanics:


    Win Conditions:

    The Ten Commandments Rules:

    1. Any player may be replaced or modkilled at host discretion.

    2. White Bold Text shall not be used by mere mortals, this text shall be used only by me.

    3. Do not post screenshots without my permission.

    4. Do not post links to other websites, unless you have permission from me.

    5. Videos and photos must be in spoilers.

    6. Excessive insulting is not allowed.

    7. Thou who edit or delete thine post shall be smited.

    8. Quoting any host to player communication (excluding feedback) will result in an immediate modkill.

    9. Usage of invisible ink is allowed, but I must request that you at least divulge what you are making invisible with me.

    10. Communicating with players or through third parties about the game is strictly forbidden

    Information that I was coerced forced to reveal:
    1. There is a majority faction.
    2. There are between 1-2 team scum factions.
    3. Cult may or may not exist.
    4. There are between 1-3 neutral roles.
    5. Win conditions can be achieved by eliminating the players not on your team.
    6. No stupid fucking jesters.
    7. Your role cards are accurate mostly accurate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattZed View Post
    deathworld's and RLVG's suicides made me lul. I take a lot of pleasure in knowing that I gave you an night action, and that you used it to kill yourself.
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    At least Mesk has lewdy lefty and raunchy righty. You're not even Canadian.
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    BRO HUUUUUUMP!! That's so Mesk.
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    fucketh me in the ass

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    Re: S-FM: ???? (Signups)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid View Post

    wanna sign?
    Appreciate the offer but I wanna take the next couple weeks to settle in my new apartment / prepare for uni.

    Maybe I'll play another in a month or something. =)
    Btw Gyrlander what the fuck have you done to Bakugou you terrible piece of shit. Change that pic right now. o.o

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