Make sure that you are presenting a professional and appropriate ethos as a host to your audience. No one wants to invest their time in a game if they do not feel the host is competent or going to reciprocate the effort.

Please read and follow these guidelines before you submit your thread:

  • Even if the theme of your game is illiteracy, your setup is expected to follow the conventions of proper English grammar. Exceptions will be granted only to non-native English speakers.

  • Your setup is formatted in such a way that it is pleasant to the eyes and mind of your audience and helps them better understand the nuances of your game.

  • All special mechanics are thoroughly explained so that there is no confusion to prospective Forum Mafia players.

  • Proofread your thread. Everyone makes mistakes, and proofreading is a great way to catch some obtrusive ones before publishing.

With the release of Legacy of The Void, the community should be seeing an influx of new players. Demonstrating proper host ethos is a great way to catch a curious reader's attention.

Finally, these guidelines should not be oppressive to your creativity as a host, but rather complement it!