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    Vault 9: Information

    Welcome... to Vault 9.

    Life in the vault has been especially tough. When the vault was first opened all those years ago, as fire fell from the sky, the denizens of Vault 9 were just happy to be alive. As the years passed life began to get tougher. It became clear that Vault-Tec had not built Vault 9 to conform to any luxurious standards of living, and the only entertainment came from the deranged ramblings of the local Radio Host which were aired on the Vault Broadcast System.

    Just as life was beginning to become unbearable, four years ago several of the major vault life preservation systems failed simultaneously. Amidst the chaos, a small access panel which everyone had presumed faulty mysteriously slid back. Looking for a place to rest, a small boy followed the corridor behind this access panel and discovered something that would bring the vault to its knees.

    An Armoury, stocked with a deadly arsenal of assault rifles, handguns and ammunition.

    Almost three hundred vault dwellers died in the ensuing riots.

    It is the year 2021. Only seven vault dwellers are now left. Long ago it had been decided to let the Armoury stay under lock and key, and the remaining weapons were either destroyed or locked away. Resigned to a life of misery, sitting in the burnt out shell of the vault which was once filled with the hustle and bustle of normal life, you were overjoyed to hear of the approaching New California Republic and the chance of a new, peaceful life.

    It is just a few days before your vault will open onto the surface, and you have decided that it is too risky to leave the vault without the security provided by the weapons in the Armoury. With news of possible enemy agents in your midst, you have all decided that the weapons must be democratically distributed.


    The NCR, Enclave, and Brotherhood of Steel are currently en route to the Vault-Tec installation.

    Vault 9 will open in three days, on the third night.

    Vault 9 will consist of three day cycles with two night cycles. The Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel may not kill anyone at night, nor may any Wasteland Wanderers or NCR Killing Roles - the only weapons available in the vault are awarded through a voting system. Once a player has been given a killing ability they may use it whenever they wish.

    During each day, instead of voting to LYNCH a player, you will vote to GIFT a player a weapon. When a player has received a weapon, at night they may choose to use the abilities of their weapon OR ​use their normal night action.

    Day 1: Normal majority vote - once a player is 'hammered', they will receive a TWO-SHOT VIGILANTE GUN. Kills made by this gun will register as Vigilante kills.

    Day 2: Secret ballot - one vote per player, sent directly to me, whoever has the most votes at the end of the day will be gifted with a VETERAN'S ASSAULT RIFLE. The player is gifted with the option to go on Alert at night a total of THREE times, and will act like a Veteran whilst on Alert. Kills made while on Alert will be registered as Veteran kills, and the player will be immune to death that night.

    Day 3: Secret ballot, one vote per player, sent directly to me. Whoever has the most votes may CHOOSE to give another player the abilities of a GUNSMITH - whoever wins the secret ballot may not choose to give themselves the ability of a Gunsmith, but must pick another player. The Gunsmith will have unlimited charges of his role and may act like a normal Gunsmith.


    Role List for Vault 9:

    Hidden Any
    Hidden Any
    Hidden Any
    Hidden Wastelander
    Hidden NCR
    Hidden NCR


    Participants of Vault 9:

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