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Report Format

Step 1: Set the thread prefix to whichever crime you are reporting the user of.

Step 2: Make the thread subject according to the following template:
Username: #-S2-1-#######
Step 3: Paste the following into the body of the thread and then fill in the form:
HTML Code:
[b]Account Name:[/b] JoeGreen
[b]Account ID:[/b] 1-S2-1-1234567
[b]In-Game Name:[/b] Pelvic Thrust

[b]Crimes Committed:[/b] Game-Throwing

[b]Your Account Name:[/b] DarkRevenant
[b]Summary:[/b] At the beginning of the game, he repeatedly posted the names of all of the Mafia, then left.  The Mafia were then lynched on the following two games.  Clearly, this is a cut-and-dry case of game-throwing.
Step 4: (IMPORTANT!) Attach a replay of the game in which this player committed the crime(s). StarCraft II automatically saves replays, so if you forgot to create a named replay in-game, you can still find it. Unsaved replays can be found in \Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\#######\#-S2-1-#######\Replays\Unsaved\Multiplayer (on Windows, at least). Make sure to view from a player's perspective in order to see the game in a replay. (Mac instructions are below)

Step 5: (Optional) I highly recommend that you attach screenshots (especially with stuff circled, and other annotations) of the crime occurring.

Step 6: Post the report and wait for a moderator response.

Mac Instructions for getting a replay:
Directory Path: /Users/shortusername/Library/Application\ Support/Blizzard/Starcraft\ II/Accounts/######/#-S2-#-#######/Replays/Unsaved/Multiplayer/

/Users/shortusername/ can be replaced with ~/ in most situations. In many situations, an asterisk (*) can be used for a wildcard. If you are the only user on your computer, a complete directory path, as used in Terminal, would be as follows:

~/Libr*/Appl*/Blizz*/Starcraft\ II/Acc*/*/*/Rep*/ (Which is the base replay directory)

Basic Terminal navigational commands:

cd [arg] - Change Directory ('.' denotes current directory, '..' denotes prior directory)
ls [arg] - Lists current directory ('-l' will list everything, one per line)
open [arg] - Opens the directory or file (Arg is required; Use '.' to open current directory)
pwd - Print your current working directory (ie. The path to your location)
Table of Crimes and Punishment

These are general guidelines. There are some rare, unlisted crimes that are given punishments based on severity.
Sorted by severity:

"Crime": Trolling
Trolling is acting like an idiot for the pursuit of hilarity, or otherwise screwing with people in a manner that does not ruin the game.
Severity: None
Yep, that's right, nothing will happen to regular trolls.

Crime: Role-Quitting
This one is obvious. This is for all those people who ruin games and setups by leaving just after seeing their role card. Example: "DOCTOR? Fuck this, I'm out."
Severity: Low
Role ragequitters are bad people. The game sometimes automatically punishes them, too. But don't bother reporting them.

Crime: Griefing
Griefing is similar to trolling, but actually results in the game being ruined. This is trolling taken too far.
Severity: Medium

Crime: Cheating
Cheating is using methods unintended by the game (such as abusing Skype, lag screen, or forcing players to read their role cards) to gain an unfair advantage over other players.
Severity: High

Crime: Game-Throwing
This is intentionally playing to lose. An example of this is a Mafioso giving out the names of his fellow Mafia to the town during his trial.
Severity: High

Crime: Abuse
Abuse is abusing donor or (more seriously) moderator abilities. This includes kicking people at random, cheating with the mod message system, etc.
Severity: Very High

Crime: Hacking
Hacking is obvious: getting donor codes or moderator abilities, modifying bank files, mining players' roles, etc. are all examples of this.
Severity: Very High

Every punishment is up to my sole discretion. Moderator input, trustworthy members, and WELL-REASONED, WELL-WRITTEN REPORTS are more likely to result in punishment.

Watch List is a list on the website. For various reasons, people on the watchlist are no longer added to a list in-game, to save time and effort and focus on the real punishments: kick-vote and ban lists.

General punishment guidelines:

A discredited report

On-Hold (3 months)
One or multiple unconfirmed reports

Watch List (4 weeks)
Low or Medium Severity: Multiple reports
High Severity: A confirmed report
Very High Severity: A credible report

Kick-Vote List (2+ weeks)
Medium Severity: A confirmed report and a criminal history
High Severity: Multiple confirmed reports or a criminal history
Very High Severity: By Administrator decision

Ban List (4+ weeks)
High Severity: Multiple confirmed reports and a criminal history
Very High Severity: By Administrator decision

Dropping from Ban List to KickVote List or from KickVote List to Watch List will result in a sentence equal to double the time spent in the previous punishment level (i.e. someone sentenced to 2 weeks in the KickVote List will then have 4 weeks in the Watch List after the first term is up.)