Arso wins over jailor?

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    Re: Arso wins over jailor?

    If day comes up and there are only 2 people, Arson will always win. Unless the Role Option is set for Serial Killer to win, Arson will always win. Just like the argument for why Cult wins ties over Mason Leader. The game sees Arson and Town, Arson wins over town. regardless of what the role could do given 1 more night.
    I imagine it would take DR a really long time in order to program all the special little scenarios through which the tie rules don't apply.

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    Re: Arso wins over jailor?

    Hard to program or not, it's simply wrong that arso wins over jailor

    What I would do with these "undetermined cases" is: don't do the quick ending, just let jailor kill the arso or let the arso kill the jailor. Problem solved, right? Or he could simply write some very complex logic that compares the roles, but I agree that that seems like a lot of work.

    UX always beats code requirements.


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    Re: Arso wins over jailor?

    I mean, the arsonist got that far when really, the sk/arson generally have the hardest time winning the game (other than witch or wtever). You shouldn't make such kind of exceptions. Besides, what if there was a jailor left with no executions remaining? Should the game let the jailor win then? It's just so intricate to set all of these kind of things.

    Long story short: let the arson/sk win.

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    Re: Arso wins over jailor?

    I'm surprised that so many people don't know the basic mechanic about 1v1s... the only way a town can win a 1v1 during day is if that town is a citizen with the option turned on. Otherwise Scum ALWAYS win.

    Scum will even win over a Mayor even though mayor has more votes.



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