{Ban List} Eminem: 1-S2-1-13075067, QuantumPulse: 1-S2-1-13315302

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    you're banned Eminem: 1-S2-1-13075067, QuantumPulse: 1-S2-1-13315302

    Account Name: Eminem
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-13075067
    In-Game Name: Slim Shady
    Crimes Committed: Intentional Game-Throwing

    Account Name: QuantumPulse
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-13315302
    In-Game Name: eminem faggot dead
    Crimes Committed: Role quitting

    Your Account Name: ChannelMiner
    Eminem clearly states that he wishes to lynch 11 on d1.
    Eminem makes up a claim that 11 is veteran with no evidence, leading to 11 being shot by constable, 4 is then lynched.
    QuantumPulse trolls the lobby by starting with 1 AI slot https://sc2arcade.com/lobby/1/1719242972/619221 then proceeds to quit the game because Eminem 1-S2-1-13075067 was in the lobby, additionally he uses a bigoted name.
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    Re: Eminem: 1-S2-1-13075067, QuantumPulse: 1-S2-1-13315302

    QuantumPulse: 1-S2-1-13315302 is Correct.
    Eminem: 1-S2-1-13075067 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:

    QuantumPulse: E
    Eminem: Ctrl+3

    Previous Offenses:

    Both players are new accounts, but I doubt they're new players.

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    QuantumPulse - "Eminem f****t dead" - BUS DRIVER - 8
    New player messages, but he was gone before he got his role.

    Eminem - "Slim Shady" - DETECTIVE - 4
    New role message displayed.


    Setup: Slot 15 is occupied by AI, which can't play the game. Channelminer hands out 20 points to everyone. QuantumPulse has host. He says "Don't add AI or what, bitch? What will you do? Fucking q***r". Eminem calls QuantumPulse (1) a "f*g" "Kicking people cuz of pedo shit" "fuck u 1." QuantumPulse tells Eminem to "kill yourself". Arguments between the two continue and escalate with threats that I'm not going to repeat here. Host is left idle. At 1m7s, the host is handed off to "Playwizdiots", then later to Deathbringer, as 1 and 10 continue to bitch each other out. Game eventually starts at about 90s in.
    Names: QuantumPulse chooses name "Eminem f****t dead" and ragequits. Review ended.
    Roles: None.
    D1: 4 insults QuantumPulse for starting with an AI slot. He continues using slurs and being belligerent.
    N1: 4 tracks 11. He sets a last will of "IMA SKIN 11 BABBIES", which he's previously threatened players with spousal abuse, breaking necks, skinning babies, etc. 4 is witched onto 2 by the WITCH and gets a result of "Target did nothing." Kills: TRIAD, LEAVER.
    D2: 15 (DIVA disguised as LOVER) and 8 (BUS DRIVER) are dead. 4 reports that 11 is the WITCH, which based on his statements, appears to be a misunderstanding of how WITCHING works. After yelling about it enough, he gets 12 to reveal as CONSTABLE to blow away 11. Flip is VETERAN. 4 to revenge-trial for lying. He goes down 2-0 on a DOCTOR claim and flips DETECTIVE. He jokes as he dies and starts insulting 11 in deadchat when he gets there. Day ends.
    N2: 4 is dead. 1 and 13 have heart attacks. Kills: TRIAD, INFORMANT, AFK, AFK.
    D3: 13 (LOVER), 3 (???, INFORMANT erased CONSTABLE), 1 (MASS MURDERER), and 6 (BUS DRIVER) are all dead. With 7 players alive, a JESTER is in the game. This means that the two TRIAD have a WITCH backing them against an INVESTIGATOR and SHERIFF and DETECTIVE with a lurking JESTER. Scum win. Votes stonewall and day ends.
    N3: Kills: TRIAD.
    D4: 10 (DETECTIVE) is dead. Votes stonewall, day ends.
    N4: Kills: TRIAD.
    D5: 2 (JESTER) is dead. Day is skipped.
    N5: Kills: TRIAD.
    D6: 9 (INVESTIGATOR) is dead. 7 to trial and he goes down 2-0. Flip is SHERIFF. The TRIAD win with a WITCH assist.

    Was the game result altered?
    QuantumPulse's AI was the LOVER, which is largely irrelevant, but he still quit to spite another player, costing town a powerful BUS DRIVER.

    I suspect Eminem was confused that WITCH works differently than ENCHANTRESS so his accusation was an honest mistake, even though it cost town 2 slots.

    Player Offenses:

    QuantumPulse: Griefing, extreme toxicity.
    Eminem: Griefing, slurs, extreme toxicity.

    Recommended Actions:

    QuantumPulse: 4x WL
    Eminem: 2x Banlist

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!
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