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    Re: KRC: Sc2Mafia 13th Anniversary Game (S-FM 357)

    Hall of Fame: Morshu
    By: YouButWorse
    Game: KRC: Sc2Mafia 13th Anniversary Game

    In the era of limited power level KRC roles, it's difficult to create a submission that allows for the kind of complete freedom and creativity in mechanics that is most often associated with wish granters or reality benders. But Morshu manages to do just that. By front-loading the item creation process to night 0, it simultaneously limits the power level problems that true wish granters have, removes the impact of mid-game host discretion, and all while preserving the potential for post-rand creative design. It's the perfect KRC role - in a setup that is all about designing roles, the opportunity to design items within the game could not be more fitting.

    Spoiler : Morshu :

    Role: Morshu
    You are Morshu, the Funky Shopkeeper with 2 lines
    "Sorry Link, I can't give credit! Come back when you're a little, mmm, richer!"

    Your role is Rolecop-Immune and Uncopiable.

    No Credit (Passive): Each player other than you starts the game with 30 rupees. At the end of the day, each player will then gain 10 rupees.

    Lamp Oil, Rope, Bombs! (Night 0, Compulsive): Create a list of 5 items and their corresponding effects. These effects may not involve any banned mechanics or any form of killpower and only one may involve any "Sharp" mechanics. Item effects have a 100 character limit. The hosts will price them according to their effect. The hosts may reject your item effects, so submit early.

    It's yours my friend! (Day-action): Select a player, tonight they will be offered your list of items including their effects. They may spend their rupees in order to buy items, which serve as a 1-shot ability with the corresponding effect. They may buy multiple of any item. You may not visit the same player twice.

    Come back when you're a little, mmm, richer! (Passive): If a player does not buy any of your items, they will be Blocked.

    Profit Margin (Mafia-Only, Passive): For every rupee that a non-Mafia player spends at your shop, you earn two rupees. You may only sell to Mafia with “It's yours my friend!” if over the course of the game you have sold to town on more nights than Mafia.

    Stockpile (Mafia-Only, Night, Multitaskable, Unlimited Use): Purchase items from your own shop.

    The player you target will be told:

    This will be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to shop at Morshu's!
    Or will you have to come back when you're a little, mmm, richer!

    Morshu will not visit you again, and if you do not buy anything then you will be Blocked. Items are guaranteed to do what they say they do.

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    Re: KRC: Sc2Mafia 13th Anniversary Game (S-FM 357)

    Hall of Fame: DVC Warrior
    By: Delta
    Game: KRC: Sc2Mafia 13th Anniversary Game

    Multi-power roles are a staple of KRC. But where multi-power roles often fall short is a lack of mechanical synergy or interconnectedness between their abilities. DVC Warrior is a great example of how to combine top-notch (and all too relatable) flavor with mechanically interconnected powers on a multi-power role. The role has a medium ability and ITA killpower. And while it could have stopped there, the combination of the medium ability with the dead player getting to decide who can be targeted with the ITA provides a degree of mechanical connectedness that is often missing from so many roles. Rather than having a medium chat and then proceeding to disregard whatever the dead player said - the DVC Warrior is mechanically obligated to listen to the dead as their shot selection is limited to their three picks.

    Spoiler : DVC Warrior :

    Alignment: Town
    Role: DVC Warrior

    Factional Abilities:
    Town is the uninformed majority and receives no factional abilities.

    Win Condition:
    Eliminate all anti-town factions.

    For years people have disregarded the power of the masses. The power of the majority. One mind alone may not hold much power. But a collective, a hivemind? The centralized power of human(?) thought, gathered into one concentrated power. That is terrifying. That, alone, could be argued as the most powerful thing known to man.

    I am, of course, talking about the spectator chat of any given Mafia game.

    The DVC of a Mafia game is filled with warriors. Warriors who can snipe wolves on just a skim. Who can lock the game within a few hours, if even that. And that's just one spec chat resident. Take that and multiply it. A terrifying concept, yes? You understand. The spec chat hivemind is a force to be reckoned with. After all, spec chat is never wrong.

    The spectator chat is, undoubtedly, the best part of the game for the lowly player as well. While any given player might tremble in the face of a spec chat resident, they still appreciate the joys of reaching the graveyard. The ascension to Valhalla after a well fought battle of tunneling townies and taking no blame. The afterlife after living through getting ghosted by town while trying to kill an outed wolf. The spectator chat is a safe haven for poor souls. Poor souls like you.

    You are the chosen one. You are spec chat's warrior. Why wait for death to embrace the DVC? You'll bring the DVC to the thread yourself.


    Spec Chat Is Never Wrong

    Everyone knows the famous spec chat tunnel. It is fabled amongst players how quickly spec chat will lock in a member of the Mafia, how swiftly that read will spread amongst the masses. You'll do the same. Spec chat cannot possibly be wrong, and neither can you.

    During the Day you may target a town player that died during the previous Night or the current Day, if no player is selected, you will choose one randomly (including the Day elimination). That Night you will enter an anonymous neighborhood with said player. The dead player will be told by the hosts that they must submit an answer to “Who are your top 3 wolf reads?” before the end of the night. The following day you may choose to tunnel one of those three players. If they fail to answer, or if all three die that Night, you may choose any player to tunnel.

    Spec Chat Weighing In
    In addition to your usual ITA, you may also fire a Level 5 ITA Attack at the tunnel target (submitted privately). This ITA will be displayed as being fired by the dead town player you were in a hood with.


    If your tunnel dies that Night or during the following Day and flips as non-town:

    Never Ever Wrong!

    DVC is always right! Good job. Spec Chat Hivemind level increases by 1 point.

    If your tunnel dies that Night or during the following Day and flips as town:

    You enter one of the 5 spec chat stages of grief.

    Denial: The first time this happens, no it didn't. Spec chat couldn't possibly be wrong. Don't be silly. Nothing will happen in this instance, because it didn't happen.

    Anger: The second time this happens, it'll probably start getting annoying. It's okay. Just a fluke. It's entirely the fault of that last dead town, they didn't know what they were talking about, you just need to believe in the next one. It's definitely getting to you, though, as your hands are shaking. (Spec Chat Weighing In ITA becomes a Level 7 ITA Attack)

    Bargaining: The third time this happens, ouch. Spec chat is always right though, aren't they? Maybe you just need to give them more chances. (Spec Chat Weighing in ITA becomes a Level 4 ITA Attack. Additionally each day you may fire a Silent Level 4 ITA Attack at one of the three players suggested by the dead town, including but not limited to your current tunnel.)

    Depression: The fourth time this happens, it's probably just really sad. . You don't feel up to talking with DVC anymore, you need time to recover. There, there. (You no longer get a neighborhood with the dead town you targeted. They simply get prompted to choose their top three wolf reads without further explanation via the hood.)

    Acceptance: The fifth time this happens, you've given in. Blessed be the DVC, but you cannot bear to see their reputation tarnished further. There's far too many obvious wolves alive and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Guess you'll have to do it yourself ¯\(ツ)\/¯ (You lose Spec Chat Is Never Wrong and Spec Chat Weighing In. Instead you gain an additional Silent Level 8 ITA with no targeting restrictions.)


    Spec Chat Hivemind Levels

    For every level of Spec Chat Hivemind, the level of the ITA attack given by Spec Chat Weighing In increases by 2. (e.g being on the Anger stage with 2 levels of Spec Chat Hivemind yields a 7+2*2 = Level 11 ITA Attack).

    Spec Chat Is Inevitable

    Once regular ITAs have ended, you may continue to use your Spec Chat Weighing In shot. It may now be fired at any point during the Day phase.

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    Re: KRC: Sc2Mafia 13th Anniversary Game (S-FM 357)

    Hall of Fame: BAR - Beyond All Reason
    By: MartinGG99
    Game: KRC: Sc2Mafia 13th Anniversary Game

    This role takes the guidelines for "how to make a good role" and just throws... them out the window. Thematic consistency? Who cares! I'm half-submarine, half-spirit! Concise, organized role text? No thank you, doing that would ruin the build-up to my punchlines. Being reasonable? Have you seen the role name??

    And you know what? It works. Beyond all reason, it works. The abilities are weird (which is perfect for KRC), the theming is hilarious, and the punchlines consist of one of my all-time favorite KRC jokes in "If someone modifies your role so that you identify as a sub or submarine instead of a half-submarine (excluding the part about being a spirit), you also die because subs are not allowed in the game, only modkills."

    And the crown jewel for this role is it's weirdest ability of all - ad infinitum. It's a concept that is so unpredictable and yet has so much potential for crazy and amazing interactions in a setup like KRC. It's so novel and yet so simple that it makes you wonder why no one thought of it sooner. And the way this role synergized with Moon Worshipper to create the infinite full moons was just a pure, peak-KRC moment. Aa well-earned place in the hall of fame.

    That said - use this role as a template at your own risk! Beyond all reason, this role worked out fantastically, but wow did it have a very narrow line to walk in order to effectively pull it off!

    Spoiler : BAR - Beyond All Reason :

    Role: BAR - Beyond All Reason
    Well, except game balance and hosting reasons. An inexplicable collection of effects and abilities loosely inspired by the name. Also a fun game, but really its more about the name than anything else of the game.

    Everything in this role may or may not be secretly subject to hosts' discretion beyond what is written here (hypothetical examples: additional limitations or conditions or alternative process). Host's discretion is treated as beyond hidden information, and as such no one will be able to find that out with any ability or effect what-so-ever. That would be too reasonable. Additionally, friendly reminder from the role creator that roles which explicitly lie to you are banned from submission, and hence everything here can be trusted to some extent despite the role's name.

    Every Night you have the option of causing someone else's non-factional, non-killpower ability or abilities to occur ad infinitum. You will be seen as targeting and visiting them an infinite amount of times. In the event that doing so is absurdly powerful in terms of balance or would break things, you will only cause the ability to repeat twice. If would still be absurdly powerful, you will do nothing and visit/target yourself. If what you are attempting with this ability is logistically unfeasible to process in one Night phase, but would for some reason be logistically feasible if it was known to occur two whole Day/Night cycles in the future, then that will occur without any possible interference ("any possible" means strictly that -- including your death) and you will have this ability permanently disabled once this specific clause is initiated. In the event that this ability is made forever disabled/gone, you will be notified.

    You are secretly half-submarine, and so every Night you may choose to be on the surface or underwater for the following Day. This is multitaskable with any other abilities you choose to use at Night and cannot be roleblocked or otherwise interfered with. Both of these choices do nothing (wowee).............except the role creator didn't feel like making that joke in full. Instead, underwater state will act in a more protective manner when it comes to ITAs (You gain 1 Level of Armor against ITAs, but your own ITAs decrease by 2 levels) and the surface state will act in an offensive manner when it comes to ITAs (Your ITAs increase by 1 level, but have -2 Armor against ITAs (yes, statuses cannot be below 0, but remember, this role is beyond reason.)). If you forget to check this every day (smh...) then you automatically default to what you most recently were -- you begin the game submerged but may choose to surface on Night 0.

    If you show the hosts appreciation (should be done privately, unless you want the role creator to know who you probably are ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) for being awesome hosts who put a lot of effort into making this game happen, you'll gain a permanent +1 Level for your ITAs. Bonus points if you do it post-game too, though sadly there can't be any mechanical effects beyond the end of the game.

    Inexplicably, you are considered a spirit or otherwise which makes you a half-submarine spirit (wait, what?) and are targetable by dead-interaction mechanics and similarly styled passive effects no matter how irrational or silly the outcome might be. As a result, you cannot be sent to limbo (death means permadeath) unless an ability for whatever reason specifies that you are sent to limbo in its wording.

    If a post restriction (or otherwise related condition) which originates from a non-factional ability is placed upon you, you automatically fail it (for better or worse). If you are given any sort of conditional trade offer or otherwise, you automatically accept, where possible. It would be too reasonable otherwise. Note that this may include "sharp" post restrictions that are powerful enough to carry a steep penalty, such as ones that would require you to follow the rules but -- since you automatically fail it -- would be killed (not modkilled, as it originates from a role ability) for it.

    In the event that some other role secretly modifies your role, you will be notified of the contents of the change. If someone modifies your role so that you identify as a sub or submarine instead of a half-submarine (excluding the part about being a spirit), you also die because subs are not allowed in the game, only modkills.

    There is one final effect: Unless you directly caused your own death,...[HIDDEN INFORMATION BEGIN, DOES NOT FULLY REVEAL ON FLIP BUT ROLE RECIEVER CAN SEE]...during a host-determined length of time, another player in the game will have the option of inheriting a copy of your role wherein said copy replaces their original role. Since it is a copy, this copy will include any current effects such as permanently disabled abilities or modified text. They will know the full contents of your role, except this bit of hidden information (to be noted as hidden information).[HIDDEN INFORMATION END]

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    Re: KRC: Sc2Mafia 13th Anniversary Game (S-FM 357)

    Hall of Fame: Moon Worshipper
    By: spookycat
    Game: KRC: Sc2Mafia 13th Anniversary Game

    I talked before about how multi-power roles (such as but not limited to JOATs) often lack mechanical synergy and interconnectedness. And while Moon Worshipper does have some mild mechanical interconnectedness with the New Moon duplicating the effect of the next moon, this role doesn't really follow the route of greatness via mechanical interconnectedness. Instead this role demonstrates one of the other ways to take a relatively standard JOAT and elevate it to greatness - thematic consistency and cool flavor. The different JOAT effects correspond to different phases of the moon with different bits of flavor text tying the phase of the moon with its corresponding effect. And the whole role just feels so grandiose and mysterious - like, making it so the sun doesn't rise and instead a phase of the moon rises? Making certain players publicly blessed by this rising moon without any elaboration on what it does? Modifying players flips to include a lunatic modifier? The role is an incredible example of how small flavor touches that have little balance impact and are easy to run can enhance a role's flavor and elevate it to greatness.

    Spoiler : Moon Worshipper :

    Role: Moon Worshipper
    You stand atop a nearby hill, using the cover of the forest to watch the town from afar. Being distanced from them is nothing new to you. You've been branded a "lunatic" by them -- cast out, misunderstood, and exiled. But they don't understand. They don't know you've come to show them the way. The way of the Moon. Ancient civilizations knew of this strength, but the modern town has lost this connection. You believe yourself an emissary of the Moon, here to guide those who reject you to true greatness through the Moon. Any and all who don't welcome the Moon... their fate is not your responsibility.

    As the Moon Worshipper, during any Night phase (including Night 0*), you may submit a message to the hosts along with a list of 2-4 players (including yourself, if you choose yourself) to "bless" in accordance with the phase of the Moon you choose from the list below. Your message has a word limit of 100 words, and it must be roughly in line with your flavor character.

    The following Day, the sun will not rise, and will be instead be replaced by the moon at whatever phase you chose. Your message will be published (and clearly marked as having come from a role) along with the list of "blessed" players. Depending on the Moon state, additional things may also be included.

    (*If you submit N0, there's a one-time exception -- you may delay picking the Moon phase and "blessed" players until any time within the first 24 hours of Day 1, at which point the moon phase and targets will be announced immediately.)

    You are Semi-Compulsive, meaning that you may not submit no action twice in a row. If you try to, the hosts will randomly pick a moon phase from the available options and a random list of players to bless. You will additionally be publicly humiliated, in a method up to the host's discretion.

    The states of the Moon you may choose (and their effects) are as follows (you may only pick each one once):

    Blood Moon: With the Blood Moon, a dark shade of red brings a foreboding sense of dread to the day as everything shimmers with a deep crimson. The Moon prepares to sap strength from humanity. All of your blessed players have increased ITA accuracy. The specifics of the accuracy increase is determined by the hosts, however, the buff will be stronger the less people you have blessed by the Blood Moon. If 75% or more (rounded up) of the people your blessed players target with their ITAs die that Day phase (by any means) then the Moon will be ready to accept a heir. You may appoint someone to be this "heir" - meaning that if you die and you're unable to use all your moon states, on the Night immediately following your death, your heir may choose 1 unused moon state and use it once.

    New Moon: The Moon hides itself, preserving its strength to supply itself more for a future effort. With the New Moon, any players blessed by the New Moon will have the effect of the following Moon copied onto them as well. This has no other effect.

    Blue Moon: The arrival of the Blue Moon calls for a feast, and a celebration of life! All blessed players are allowed to submit one ingredient privately. At the end of the day, all the ingredients submitted by the blessed players are compiled and cooked into one food item, which the blessed players have the option to eat in tandem with performing their action. The specific effects of the food are up to the hosts.

    Crescent Moon: The Crescent Moon shows the Moon building power. It helps guide your actions, but it does not empower them. All blessed players may choose to submit an additional backup target for each of their abilities that cycle. If a blessed player's abilities would not successfully affect their primary target but would've successfully affected their backup target if they were instead the primary target, the abilities will instead be performed on the backup target and the action submitter will be informed that their target was changed to their backup.

    Full Moon: The origin of the term 'lunacy' derives from craziness originating from a Full Moon. And now, the Moon shall make some lunatics. All blessed players become "lunatics". This opens their mind to a connection with the Moon, allowing them to see dead people. Each blessed player is randomly assigned a player who died on the night you activate this ability or on the day of the Full Moon and is given a private chat with said dead player during the following night only. The players blessed by the Full Moon will flip with the modifier "Lunatic". Additionally, all "blessed" players will have their feedback scrambled in a method determined by the hosts during the night after the day of the Full Moon.

    Finally, once you've used all your cycles of the Moon, you may choose to reveal yourself as the Moon Worshipper at any point in the Day. If you choose to do so, the hosts will reveal your role title, and you gain a 1-shot "mark" ability. You submit this mark when you reveal and the end of Day post will say that whatever player you marked will have been marked by the Moon. This will not say what that means, however.

    You may only mark a player who was never blessed. This mark empowers all actions performed by blessed players (from any previous blessing) on that player, making any actions they take that target the marked player Strong-Willed. This lasts for the rest of the game. You get your mark back when your marked target dies and may submit another marking action the next available Day phase (with a maximum of 1 mark submitted per phase), and your mark disappears when you die.

    Your Moon actions are multitasking, meaning you may perform them in tandem with another action, if you get any.
    Your Moon actions cannot be roleblocked, however, your blessings may be redirected.
    If you try to bless any Sun Worshipper role, the Moon considers you a traitor. This will vanillaize you, publicly shame you (with a method to the host's discretion), and you will have confirmed all the "lunatic" rumors about you.
    If you make a Sun Worshipper role your heir, the Moon will not abandon you, however, you will still be publicly shamed with a method to the host's discretion.

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