S-FM: Choose Your Roles

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    S-FM: Choose Your Roles

    S-FM: Choose Your Roles

    Role List:


    Special Mechanics:
    Game start with Night 0 that will last 24 hours. The MAFIA will not share a chat with each others or know each others identity until Day 1 start.

    All players will have options to choose between three different roles. Whatever they choose they will go ahead and play that role. The game is designed that all three choices are similar in power. All three choices will have same alignment and it will be obvious which alignment your choices are.

    This is a semi-closed setup. You will not know what roles are in game. There are no duplicate roles, 36 different roles are in the game. You are not allowed to discuss about what roles you did not choose in the pregame.

    Regular Mechanics:

    Days are 48 hours. Nights are 24 hours.
    Game start on Day 1 with a lynch after everyone choose their roles.

    Mafia share 24/7 chat. Mafia can decide who to send to perform a factional kill. Mafia can still perform their role cards along with performing the factional kill.

    Plurality vote will be used. Not voting will count as abstaining. Hammering does not lynch the person or end the day. Whoever has the most votes by 48 hours will be voted out. In an event of a tie, there will be 1 hour extension of sudden death. The first moment tie is broken, the day end. If tie is not broken during this hour, the day is skipped. Night will be reduced to 23 hours if this happen.

    Death Notes/Last Wills are not allowed. Roles/Alignments will be revealed upon death, but you will not know what killed them(unless stated otherwise).

    No editing, no deleting posts
    No videos
    Cannot mention anything at all from your DMs with the host. This may result in a modkill depend on severity.
    You are not allowed to discuss the two role cards you did not choose pregame.
    If you have questions, ask in GREEN TEXT and I will answer them, or ask via DMs
    You must have discord to play. Add me powerofdeath#0997.
    No cheating, contacting out of game, or playing against your win condition.
    You must post at least once every 24 hours and minimum of five times in the 48 hours day span. You will receive 1 warning, and will be replaced if this happens the second time. In an event of a replacement, day may be extended by 24 hours.
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    Re: S-FM: Choose Your Roles

    In essence, this is basically a setup that you can only run if either we (the reviewer) know what roles are behind the curtain or you have enough trust by us that we believe you'll make a good-faith attempt at running a decently-balanced setup.

    On that note, I will approve this setup. If you're looking to have me review the hidden content (generally two sets of eyes will detect more issues than one) feel free to reach out to me in whatever private means. Site DMs, discord DMs, etc.
    A.K.A "That One Idiot"

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