[Mechanics] BG on MM dies to MM spree, even at unrelated houses?

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    BG on MM dies to MM spree, even at unrelated houses?

    Had a strange situation where (12 BG) went to protect (7 BD) who swapped himself with (14 MM). Then when the (14 MM) did a spree at the house of (2 Ench), (12 BG) was murdered as well. Another role (11 Invest) who also targetted (7 BD) that night survived. All other evidence points towards the spree having happened correctly at 2's house, so my only guess is that the bug ties to something with BG specifically, in the case of protecting a MM?

    Or maybe something truly cursed happened via quantum enchantress/BD entanglement. Either way figured it'd be a fun case study for y'all to dissect.

    -Mafia- (407).SC2Replay

    TLDR of what everyone did that might be relevant as evidence:
    2 Ench, Lured 6, repelled 13. Doesn't end up dying despite spree at their house. Perhaps intentional if considered visiting 6 during a lure?

    6 Oracle, targeted 14, lured to 2 and dies to MM. Death reveals Ench(2). Makes sense to die with spree at 2.
    7 BD, swaps 7/14, survives. Makes sense to survive despite visiting himself and 14, since spree at 2.

    11 Invest, targets 7(swapped to 14), survives. Correctly sees MM crimes, survives as expected with spree at 2.
    12 BG, targets 7(swapped to 14), dies. Despite targetting 7 initially, with the swap to 14, I end up dying to MM

    14 MM, targets 2. Kills 15 and 6 who were visiting 2. Kills me, but not 11, even though we both were visiting 7(BD to 14).
    15 AS, targets 2, dies. Makes sense to die with spree at 2.
    [/COLOR]-Mafia- (407).SC2Replay

    Spoiler : For completion, other roles in the match :

    1 Det, unrelated?
    3 Mayor, unrelated?
    4 AS, unrelated?
    5 Kidnapper, unrelated?
    8 Lover, unrelated?
    9 GF, unrelated?
    10 Judge, unrelated?
    13 Agent, unrelated?
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