{Watch List} Pochita: 1-S2-1-9828640; ShadowStorm: 1-S2-1-12947195

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    Pochita: 1-S2-1-9828640; ShadowStorm: 1-S2-1-12947195

    Account Name: Pochita
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-9828640
    In-Game Name: Hunk with Suave Hat(9)

    Crimes Committed: Role Quit

    Account Name: ShadowStorm
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-12947195
    In-Game Name: I love being trolled(2)

    Crimes Committed: Griefing/Role Quit?
    Screenshot2023-11-10 21_09_37.jpg
    Your Account Name: PonyPonyPony
    -Mafia- (321).SC2Replay
    Summary: 9 Rolequits immediately. 2 Spams chat, then quits immediately first night.
    Screenshot2023-11-10 20_47_04.jpgScreenshot2023-11-10 20_54_55.jpg
    10 also left after seeing his GF quit, but I just wanted to quick and dirty report the 2 most blatant trolls. Add 10's info if ya wanna
    Screenshot2023-11-10 20_54_47.jpg

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    Re: Pochita: 1-S2-1-9828640; ShadowStorm: 1-S2-1-12947195

    Pochita: 1-S2-1-9828640 is Correct.
    Shadowstorm: 1-S2-1-12947195 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:

    Pochita: Ctrl+2
    Shadowstorm: 7

    Previous Offenses:

    Pochita: A previous Role-quitting under the name "Newbie" in 2021: https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...1-S2-1-9828640
    Shadowstorm: 2x WL for slurs in September: https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...-S2-1-12947195

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    Pochita - "Hunk with Suave Hat" - GODFATHER - 9
    Shadowstorm - "I love being trolled" - JAILOR - 2


    Setup: Shadowstorm spams "I LOVE TO BE TROLLED" until antispam kicks in.
    Names: None.
    Roles: 9 (GODFATHER) rolequits.
    D1: 10 (AGENT) quits, mentioning "My guy got GODFATHER and immediately left, lol, awesome, cya" and quits. This is reactionary and not punishable. 2 (JAILOR) spams "I LOVE TO BE TROLLED" repeatedly until antispam kicks in. He first jails 14 then swaps to 7 as day ends.
    N1: 2 is in JAIL. JAILOR says "CAPS LOCKS FOR THE WIN! ROLE?" 2 spams "I LOVE TO BE TROLLED!!!!!" until antispam kicks in. He quits when the JAILOR pipes in an execution. (After whicch the JAILOR cancels the kill). I don't think this is rolequitting directly, I feel this is probably just standard trolling taken too far. Anyways, all reported are gone, so accelerating review. Kills: MAFIA, SERIAL KILLER, LEAVER, LEAVER, LEAVER.
    D2: 9 (GODFATHER), 5 (BODYGUARD), 10 (AGENT), 13 (JAILOR) and 2 (JAILOR) are all dead. People vote for 1 (SERIAL KILLER) but train doesn't leave station before day end.
    N2: A JANITOR converts to a MAFIOSO. Kills: MAFIA, SERIAL KILLER
    D3: 3 (AMNESIAC) and 12 (SHERIFF) are dead. 14 is put to trial. He reveals as MAYOR on the stand and is released 6-0 with one abstention. The JUDGE immediately calls COURT and 15 goes down. Flip is BODYGUARD.
    D4: 14 (MAYOR) is dead. 1 is sent to trial. He goes down 2-1 on a note that "Mafia wins 100% tomorrow if you kill me."
    N4: The JUDGE advises to kill 7. The MAFIA doesn't listen and targets 11 instead. Kills: MAFIA.
    D5: 11 (JUDGE) is dead. With four players remaining, a LOOKOUT, CRIER, and JAILOR oppose a MAFIOSO. The three town vote up 4 on an ESCORT claim (there are only two PROTECTIVE spawns and the BODYGUARDS took them) and execute him. He goes down 3-0 and flips MAFIOSO. Town claims the win.

    Was the game result altered?
    Had two MAFIA not quit D1, this game probably would've gone scum. Props to the SK and MAFIOSO for sticking it out and trying to win.

    Player Offenses:

    Pochita: Rolequitting
    Shadowstorm: Griefing

    Recommended Actions:

    Pochita: 2x WL
    Shadowstorm: 2x WL

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!

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