{Permanently Banned} Nincompoop 1-S2-1-13018411

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    Nincompoop 1-S2-1-13018411

    Account Name:: Nincompoop
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-13018411
    In-Game Name: Ai Long

    Crimes Committed: Intentional Game throwing

    Your Account Name: DanteLestat
    This game he tells who they are day 1 and starts telling others slurs he says "1 GODFATHER; 6 BEGUILER; MANIC INBRED FUCK; SO IS GEMMA AND DANTE

    this man has commited multible accounts of game throwing that its not even funny. he does racial slurs and if he is mafia he will tell the town who they are because his excuse is "I don't like mafia role i rather do something fun."

    in game we know to just kick him but he has multible accounts which i can give a list of some I've confirmed are his alts by others. I also have some more replays that I can show if needed.
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