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    Zeratul 1-S2-1-1103432

    Account Name: Zeratul
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-1103432
    In-Game Name: Guy is lowest IQ mafia player

    Crimes Committed: Griefing

    Your Account Name: Invictus
    This player was a jailor and I was a vigilante. Night one witch controlled me to shoot a random person but fortunately vigilante shot Night immune. So I asked jailor to jail me so witch cannot control me anymore. Jailor jailed vigilante on night 2 and I explained to him why I was asking him to jail and there was a vigilante shot on the night sequence n1. However, this player trolled and decided to execute me just because I was a specific player. Plus, he was telling me to say n word in jail. Vigilante's claim was very provable but this player exed me not out of the strategy but out of hatred against a specific player. Please punish him accordingly.
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    Re: Zeratul 1-S2-1-1103432

    1-S2-1-11103432 is Correct.
    He's a member of clan RACHYL.

    Respective Hotkey:


    Previous Offenses:

    2x WL for excessive unnecessary spamming as "Bloodwrath" in 2021: https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...-S2-1-11103432

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    Zeratul - "Guy is lowest IQ mafia player" - JAILOR - 8


    Setup: "Guy" harrasses a new player who has an old ID. Zeratul demands a repick as 1 hasn't set up the game more than a minute in. INVICTUS gets the repick and save loads.
    Names: None.
    Roles: None.
    D1: 8 says "Guy is the dumbest person to ever play mafia", seeming to reference a prior loss. 8 opts to jail 1, then switches to 10 after 10 says "I want that engraved on my wall" referring to the insult, which is pretty much a hardclaim that he's Guy.
    N1: 8 has 10 in jail and immediately does an execution. 10 (SERIAL KILLER) claims ESCORT but 8 responds "YOu're not ruining this game". This could be targetting, but as he's actually scum, hard to say. At the end of night, 10 cops to being the SERIAL KILLER. Kills: VIGILANTE (Witched by 13, hit 5 the NIGHT IMMUNE DRAGON HEAD) JAILOR, TRIAD.
    D2: 11 (CONSTABLE) and 10 (SERIAL KILLER) are dead. 2 hardclaims VETERAN and is fucking assassinated by the DOUBLE FLOWER, flipping JESTER. 8 jails 9. 6 votes for day skip, but day ends instead.
    N2: 9 is in 8's jail. He claims VIGILANTE and "Controlled by WITCH." 8 says "I'll exe cus you're a monkey, say the n word, you won't do it cuz admins cucked you. HAHAHAH, get fucked invictus" Up until now this was a weak report. Kills: JAILOR, TRIAD.
    D3: 9 (VIGILANTE) and 13 (WITCH) are dead. 14 is put up on suspcion of being TRIAD with 8's help. Claiming JUDGE, he goes down 3-0. Flip is SILENCER.
    N3: 8 cannot jail. Kills: TRIAD.
    D4: 6 (ARMORSMITH) is dead. The JUDGE calls court and pushes for an execution on 7. 8 gets AFK messages during court, but cancels out after the second one. 7 is hammered by the JUDGE and one other voter. Flip is VETERAN.
    N4: 8 cannot jail. Kills: TRIAD.
    D5: 3 (LOOKOUT) is dead. With 6 players alive, the roles are JAILOR, SHERIFF, DOCTOR opposing JUDGE (on cooldown), DRAGON HEAD, and DOUBLE FLOWER (Spent). Town lacks votes, but so does SCUM for now. Day ends after complaints about quarduple vote power JUDGE. In any case, the town's only hope is a failed kill via DOCTOR, a JAILOR EXECUTION, or TRIAD on JUDGE action.
    N5: 8 has 7 in jail. JUDGE hardclaims slot 4. 8 executes 7 on a STREET RACER claim. Kills: JAILOR.
    D6: 7 (DRAGON HEAD) is dead. 3/2 town to scum. The JUDGE calls his second COURT and sends 12 off the island. 8 quits as he does. Flip is SHERIFF. People complain about JUDGE strength as day ends.
    N6: Kills: TRIAD, LEAVER.
    D7: 15 (DOCTOR) and 8 are dead. TRIAD wins with the JUDGE.

    Was the game result altered?
    Had he not wasted his N2 kill witchhunting Invictus, he'd have had an execution left going into the end game. Town also would've had a VIGILANTE free of WITCH control, and an extra player to deal with the JUDGE and ENFORCER. Yes.

    Player Offenses:

    Witch hunting/griefing

    Recommended Actions:

    6x WL

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!

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