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    Tirca: #[1-S2-1-20329772]

    Account Name: Tirca
    Account ID:[1-S2-1-20329772]
    In-Game Name: Zanipolo Lombardi

    Crimes Committed: Game-Throwing

    Your Account Name: MySonata
    Summary: He was clearly trolling the game by not only being silent with leads as sheriff, but waiting until he was voted up for not private messaging the mayor his role and lead when asked for night before, then when he goes onto the stand, he finally gives his lead that someone is mafia with the most suspicious non descriptive testimony. It caused the town to lose an unnecessary game by causing the mayor to then suicide and leave the game rightfully saying "troll town" before leaving, and I do admit that mayor should not have left like that, despite the trolling, and I shouldn't have said "worst sheriff ever," but that does not excuse his trolling. However, in the graveyard I did try to make amends by telling Tirca(Zanipolo Lombardi) that it's okay we all make mistakes, and I even asked if he was new, but to no response...... To be honest, even after all that, I wasn't going to go to the extent of reporting him, but it is what happened after the game that made me report. . Tirca immediately rushes to host another game (can't see why he would he was near afk the whole game), and then as the new host, he auto kicks me from the lobby not allowing me to join. Kicking me every time I join, despite not being toxic, and in fact, I was NICE to him despite his trolling. Toxicity should not be the response to grace.
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    Re: Tirca: #[1-S2-1-20329772]

    1-S2-1-20329772 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:


    Previous Offenses:

    This player is unknown to us.

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    Tirca - "Zanipolo Lombardi" - SHERIFF - 6


    Setup: Two repicks and Squirrel gets the host with a 8/3/3/1.
    Names: None.
    Roles: Tirca checks help, presumably to check how far they are from -prefer.
    D1: Some general trolling.
    N1: CRIERchat says to kill evens and court on d3. 6 checks 3 and gets an NS. Kills: TRIAD.
    D2: 14 (SHERIFF) is dead. People push for a vote on 1 since "Judge is in odds". 1 goes to the stand with 6's help. On essentially no defense, he's released 5-3 (6 abstains). Votes start going up on 1 again, and 12 is fucking assassinated by the DOUBLE FLOWER. Flip is ESCORT. 1 goes back to trial. On no defense he goes down 4-3 with 6 abstaining. Flip is ARSONIST.
    N2: JUDGE tells TRIAD to leave a deathnote, noting that CRIER is impossible in the setup. 6 checks 5 and gets an NS. Kills: TRIAD.
    D3: 15 (JUDGE) is dead. The irony is not lost on the survivors. Day ends with no trials, only discussion. To this point 6 has said little if anything other than his vote.
    N3: 6 checks 2, who he reads as TRIAD. Kills: JAILOR, MAGIC DUEL, TRIAD.
    D4: 9 (WITCH), 5 (ENCHANTRESS), and 11 (BUS DRIVER) are dead. There are 8 players alive. Three are TRIAD and one is AMNESIAC, so a miselimination dooms TOWN. 8 reveals as MARSHALL, starting a quarduple execution. Most players PM 8 but 6 does not. Four votes pile in on 2, giving 6 the opportunity to hammer down a TRIAD. However, he doesn't, and day ends without an execution, wasting the MARSHALL's power.
    N4: 6 checks 13 and finds he's TRIAD. Kills: JAILOR, TRIAD.
    D5: 2 (ADMINISTRATOR) and 3 (JAILOR) are both dead. 6 players remain: MARSHALL, SHERIFF, and INVESTIGATOR oppose a DRAGON HEAD and spent DOUBLE FLOWER, with a lurking AMNESIAC. 6 checks -colors. 6 is put on trial. He claims SHERIFF with 13 as a TRIAD, but goes down 4-0. (It's noteworthy that since the AMNESIAC voted to convict, even the other two TOWN innocenting wouldn't have saved him). Flip is SHERIFF.
    N5: 8 (MARSHALL) quits. Kills: TRIAD.
    D6: 7 (INVESTIGATOR) and 8 are both dead. TRIAD wins the game with an AMNESIAC hanger-on.

    Was the game result altered?
    Yes. 6 could've hammered a known TRIAD during a marshall execution or otherwise been a lot more helpful.

    Player Offenses:


    Recommended Actions:

    2x WL

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!
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