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    Re: S-FM ★ Silent Night 2 ★



    Holiday Patron

    You are a Holiday Patron! You have no special powers but you love the Holidays!

    THE MAFIA (and Achro)HAVE WON!

    # |Player | Role
    1 |Bananacucho | Town Odd Medium Sender (Ghost of Past)
    2 |Ultra | Vanilla Town
    3 |Martin | Town Death Emissary Bodyguard (Gingerbread Bodyguard)
    4 |Arrow | Mafia Janitor Mafia Redirector (Evil Shelf Elf)
    5 |Macdoug | Vanilla Town
    6 |Achromatic | Neutral Slappy (Scrooge)
    7 |MM | Vanilla Town
    8 |Dark Magician | Lost Wolf Medium + 2x Dead Chat to Game Thread Modposter (Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come)
    9 |Stellaria | Mafia Actress (Hallmark Channel Actress)
    10 |Wisp | Vanilla Town
    11 |Sabi | Vanilla Town
    12 |Power Of Death | Town Even Medium Sender (Ghost of Present)
    13 |Loldebite | Town Caroler (Caroler, duh)
    14 |Ikarus | Vanilla Town

    I want to personally thank everyone who participated in this game. All of you are really amazing players that I enjoy having around and I wanted to host a game with all of you in it for maximum chaos. There's a few people who I couldn't get in tho so I've gotta get a bigger setup next time so I can get more people in it too. Hell we even had the boss of our website in this game. This was dope.

    Congrats to the Mafia Team (and Achro.) Thanks so much to @geyde for making this awesome setup and @Lumi for co-hosting!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)ﻭ 레드벨벳 ! ! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

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    Re: S-FM ★ Silent Night 2 ★

    Quote Originally Posted by powerofdeath View Post
    I would say it depend on few things. If Dark Magician is indeed town, then I honestly think the mafia are probably the active players since theyre pretty excited about running this game and easily causing 3 mislynches in a row. Stellaria is probably mafia for this. One of you/Ikarus if not both are mafia. I believe if its Ikarus + Stellaria, then its probably Mac as third. It make sense since both of them protected Mac Day 1. All three of them had terrible reads so far. If its MM instead of Ikarus, then I would say Arrow fits the description as third Mafia.

    If Dark Magician flip Solo scum (neutral vs solo mafia). Then it would be quite hard to find other mafia except for reads alone because mafia would easily jump on this slot as well as town. I would still scumread Stellaria here. Arrow is easily to slot in as third mafia because I got nothing towny from him tbh. New forum players playing as mafia are usually reserved compared, while new players as town usually have some weird interactions/reads. Arrow fits the reserved type of player.

    If Dark Magician flip Mafia (in a group). I would reread and see who was "defending" him, who was "bussing" him, and who Dark Magician was trying to protect. I think it would make Stellaria look better in my eyes. It make Wiisp look better unless you consider Wiisp bussing. I would have to reread Ikarus slot to see if their weird interaction Day 2 was forced or not. It will make few other slots look bad, such as Mac. Arrow can still be third mafia here just because.

    All in all, Arrow is probably mafia.

    My reads from yesterday:

    Dark Magician




    My reads currently: (Yes I'm a lot less confident in my reads because so many mislynches does kinda ruin your confidence)

    Dark Magician


    OP reads

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    Re: S-FM ★ Silent Night 2 ★

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Magician View Post
    Stellaria I thought that you might have been a wolf tbh after that reaction to my softing lmao.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stellaria View Post
    hi Wisp it's been forever since we played together. Remember dying embarassingly fast day 1 when we we're both mafia in champs, remember that?

    I would very much like it if you could outline your playstyle for me. I mentioned that I thought it possible that you could use FF to escape the game conveniently when it gets late, but Sabi says that's not true. So I think I want to get to know you more to read you specifically because I feel like my read on you probably isn't fair
    "back when we we're both mafia in champs?"

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    Re: S-FM ★ Silent Night 2 ★

    Quote Originally Posted by Stellaria View Post
    this is my best game

    now nobody will ever trust me again lol
    Exactly. Die. Get lynched D1 every game.

    Well done :P
    Quote Originally Posted by The Lawyer View Post
    Besides your lamp and your refridgerators, do you find anyone else suspicious?
    Quote Originally Posted by oliverz144 View Post
    it looks like many, e.g. MM and lag, suffered under the influence of paopan. However there is a victim: frinckles. He left the path of rationality and fully dived into the parallel reality of baby shark, king shark, and soviet union pizzas.
    Spoiler : The meaning of life :



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