★ S-FM Silent Night 2 (15p) ★

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    ★ S-FM Silent Night 2 (15p) ★

    This is a semi-closed version of Silent Night.

    List of roles which could be in the game:

    Every player will have one of the following roles. Most players will be vanilla. Many of the other roles can target one player at night to perform an action. If a role is stackable, it means that a player can have that power in addition to another role. There is no limit to how many of the stackable roles one player may have.

    Town / Mafia
    Caroler - Gives another player a list of three names, at least one of which is not town.
    Cop - You may check the alignment of another player.
    Bodyguard - If your target is attacked, the you will die in place of his target.
    Roleblocker - At night, you may stop another player from using their ability.
    Oracle - Upon death, the alignment of the player you last targeted will be posted to the thread.
    Doctor - Prevent a player from being killed at night if they're attacked.
    Emissary - You start the game knowing that [x] is a member of the Town.
    Medium - You can speak to the dead each night.
    Holiday Patron - You have no special powers, but you love the holidays!
    Janitor - At night you may clean a kill, hiding it's role and alignment.
    Actress - At night, you may learn your target's role and alignment. You will appear as that role in the graveyard when killed.
    Redirector - At night, your target will visit another player of your choosing.
    Fruit Vendor - You may give a player a fruit each night. The fruit does nothing.
    Present Giver - You may give a player a present each night. You decide whether to put a doctor, self-vigilante shot, or vigilante shot in the box. You may choose each item once each. The target may use the present targeting another player, but will not know what it does.
    Jailkeeper - You may put a player in jail each night. This roleblocks and doctors them.
    Godfather - Appears as a Vanilla Townie to investigations.

    Jester - See yourself lynched.
    Warlock - Mark an enemy to be killed the following day.
    Serial Killer - At night you may kill a player.
    Guardian Angel - Protect another player from death the following day.
    Executioner - You will be given a random target who you must see lynched.

    There can be various types of restrictions to abilities. Only X times in the game, only even, odd or specific nights, cannot self target, cannot target the same player on consecutive nights, only works vs specific players/affiliations, etc.
    It is possible a single player has multiple or a combination of powers, like e.g. a Jack-Of-All-Trades.
    Small tricks and subtle variations are possible, but will not be really outside the range of the abovementioned roles/powers.

    More on lynch rules:
    There is no majority lynch in this game. That is, each day always ends at the scheduled time.

    Tie votes: In the event of a tie vote, there will be a sort of "coin flip" to determine the outcome.
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