{Watch List} Zesters: 1-S2-1-3971116, cwal: 1-S2-1-7479068

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    Zesters: 1-S2-1-3971116, cwal: 1-S2-1-7479068

    Zesters chooses the name "Faggot" and spams racial slurs all game along with something about raping his 6 year old cousin
    cntrl 2 hotkey

    cwal chooses the name "innocent whip" and roleplays as a whip that wants to be like its master "and whip niggers to death"
    ctrnl 3 hotkey

    2 slur spammers.SC2Replay
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  2. ISO #2

    Re: Zesters: 1-S2-1-3971116, cwal: 1-S2-1-7479068

    Zesters: 1-S2-1-3971116 is Correct.
    cwal: 1-S2-1-7479068 is Correct.

    Respective Hotkey:

    Zesters: Ctrl+2
    cwal: Ctrl+3
    Possible partying?

    Previous Offenses:

    Zesters: Nothing
    cwal: Currently serving 2x WL for rolequitting, everything else is out of scope.

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    Zesters - "F****t" - POISONER - 2
    cwal - "innocent Whip" - ESCORT - 15


    Setup: Zesters says "Eat my cock" at least 3 or 4 times in the pregame chat. What a charming person.
    Names: Zesters chooses name "F****t" after being told no spaces at beginning/end of name. cwal chooses name "innocent Whip".
    Roles: None.
    D1: 2 (Zesters, POISONER) makes a pedophilia 'joke'. He repeats it a bit later. 15 (cwal, ESCORT) says "I WANT TO BECOME A REAL BOY." Day ends.
    N1: 2 poisons 1. 15 blocks 12, or attempts to, but 12 is roleblock immune. 15 also sets a LW. Kills: VETERAN, BODYGUARD, MAFIA, DISGUISER.
    D2: 4 (LOVER), 3 (???, disguised SHERIFF), 7 (BODYGUARD), and 13 (BLACKMAILER) are all dead. Zesters sets a pedophilic last will. 15 says "I want to be a real whip so I can be like my master and whip n*****s to death!" Then posts "*crack*". 11 confirms 14 as VETERAN. 15 reports that 12 visited 4, which he doesn't know 100%, but has good reason to believe based on the roleblock immunity. JUDGE calls court, but the town has their shit together; 6 reveals as MAYOR and his four votes, plus three other townies, gets 12 sent to the gallows. Flip is GODFATHER. Some slur spam in Jury chat, but scelight reveals its from Zesters.
    N2: 2 poisons 15; the MAFIA tries to kill him but his autoimmunity kicks in. 15 blocks 1. The JUDGE claims to be a mod in judge chat. Kills: POISONER.
    D3: 1 (AUDITOR) is dead. The JUDGE calls court a second time immediately, despite "Wait a day between court calls" being flagged on, and demands removal of 6. Between the JUDGE's quadruple vote and one other scum, 6 is executed. Flip is MAYOR. Some confusion over the consecutive court days given the options. Zesters says "I can be racist because you don't know who I am" and drops several slurs.
    N3: 2 poisons 5. 15 blocks 9, and dies from the prior night's poison. Kills: MAFIA, POISONER.
    D4: 9 (ARMORSMITH) and 15 are dead. 11 calls out the POISONER as 2, and Zesters drops the N word repeatedly in day chat and PMs it to some people. No execution materializes; town splits between 2 and 10 (MAFIOSO) and never corrects. Deadchat wise, 15 'roleplays' tastelessly a few posts before leaving the game.
    N4: 2 poisons 11. 15 is dead. Kills: MAFIA, POISONER.
    D5: 11 (SHERIFF) and 5 (SPY) are dead. 14 realizes they're the last town standing amongst a MAFIOSO, POISONER, and JUDGE and quits the game. 10 is put to trial by 2 and 8. Zesters drops even more slurs during vote phase and is removed from the game by Aamirus on the cusp of his POISONER win. 10 goes down 2-0 and flips MAFIOSO.
    N5: Kills: LEAVER.
    D6: 14 (VETERAN) is dead. 8 claims a solo JUDGE win.

    Was the game result altered?

    Player Offenses:

    Zesters: Intense slur usage
    cwal: Racism

    Recommended Actions:

    Zesters: 4x WL
    cwal: 4x WL

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!
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