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    Mafia 1.0 browser game

    Hi all. I've been working on a browser port of Sc2Maf for the last few months and I thought this community might be interested. The original scope of the project was just intending to give me and my mates a better way to play Mafia without needing the SC2 arcade.

    These are some pictures of where the game is sitting so far.


    My approach to this is basically just a mega-complicated web app. This comes with some drawbacks (such as complex animations for lynch options) however I think the utility of just requiring a web browser more than makes up for it.

    It's not currently playable, but I hope to get a bare bones version up and running in the next few months.

    If you have any questions please ask away. (Either about the game, or the tech stack if you're a giga nerd like me)


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