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    New Role Idea, Gambler

    Neutral Benign. Gambler. The gambler loves to push buttons on his slot machine. You get 50 buttons on screen to press. The buttons activate flashy lights or other sparkly effects, just for you. The buttons reset each day.

    Win condition: Press buttons on your slot machine; each button gives you a 1/300 chance to win. If you win it will be announced publicly in an explosion of confetti.

    This fits right into mafia narrative since most organized crime/mafia groups have some sort of illegal gambling they make money from.

    I think this will also go a long way to soothe the desperate need of a portion of the player base to have more buttons, more lights, and more "things" to do!
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    Re: New Role Idea, Gambler

    Mafia/Triad Killing: Gambler

    One use: You get to select as many players as you want and host a card game. The player will get a message "You attended a card game that night". Every person has a 1/x chance of "losing" the card game, aka dying, yourself included. "x" being the amount of players you select + yourself.

    So you don't get to pick who you kill, just a general range. And you are always included in that, hence gambling.

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