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    AFK: 1-S2-1-3151647

    Account Name: AFK
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-3151647
    In-Game Name: not afk

    Crimes Committed: Extreme spam-use of slurs

    Your Account Name: Signi Sot (1-S2-1-3168070)
    Summary: While this isn't an offence covered on the moderation chart provided, this is just... shitty human behavior, even worse than what I'd ever expect from mafia players, and that is saying something. Over the course of the game they became increasingly angry (I'm assuming they were the ones using slurs during court, no proof though).
    I would guess more than 50% of their messages contained slurs, and a good quarter were in a burst at the end in all-caps.-Mafia- (26).SC2Replay Jeez.png

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    Re: AFK: 1-S2-1-3151647

    We actually do punish this as griefing now; it creates a hostile, unpleasant environment for our players. Please feel free to report it when you see it.

    1-S2-1-3151647 is Correct.

    Member of SC2Maf clan.

    Respective Hotkey:


    Previous Offenses:

    An evidence for a reactionary rolequit, at https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showt...1-S2-1-3151647

    Key Points:
    Players in question:

    afk - "not afk" - STREET RACER - 5

    He has an extensive blacklist, which includes most kill/evil roles.
    He prefers a number of TOWN roles, probably ones he lacks wins on.


    Setup: AFK gets the host after a repick.
    Names: None.
    Roles: None.
    D1: 15 people are in game. 3 TRIAD oppose 8 town, with a NEUTRAL KILLING, two NEUTRAL RANDOMS that can't be CULT or kill-roles, and a RANDOM ANY that will spawn as a nonkilling TOWN or NEUTRAL. Day ends with no real discussion.
    N1: 5 (STREET RACER) drifts in a TOYOTA SUPRA. Kills: TRIAD, LOVER.
    D2: 13 (LOVER) and 3 (SHERIFF) are dead. Whispers occur. 8 reveals as MAYOR for quadruple votes, followed almost immediately by the JUDGE calling COURT for his own four votes and an anonymous ballot. WIth the JUDGE's 4-vote, the three TRIAD, and the NEUTRAL KILLING, they have the power to remove the MAYOR...and that's exactly what happens. 8 goes to the gallows and flips MAYOR. Several slurs in chat from a jury member; wil;l analyze in Scelight. Day ends.
    N2: 5 drifts. No kills, not even an attempt!
    D3: Nobody is dead. 14 is put to trial, but claims JAILOR and is released 2-1. THe worm turns, but day ends before the guilty voters, 10, is put to trial.
    N3: 5 drifts. Kills: ELECTROMANIAC, LOVER.
    D4: 7 (BODYGUARD), 2 (LOVER) and 10 (ARMORSMITH) are dead. With 9 living players, 3 TRIAD, a JUDGE, and an ELECTROMANIAC oppose a STREET RACER, SPY, LOOKOUT, and JAILOR. Town has likely lost. 5 wants 14 executed for being a "Furry f****t", and a "piece of shit bitch." He repeats this in various ways, despite 14 being the JAILOR claimant and the only one who can turn this around for town at this point. No execution.
    N4: 5 drifts. Kills: JAILOR, TRIAD, SWINGER.
    D5: 12 (LOOKOUT), 9 (SWINGER), and 6 (SPY) are dead. A LIASION and DRAGON HEAD oppose an ELECTROMANIAC, with a JUDGE as kingmaker for these two factions, as TOWN is reduced to a single JAILOR and a STREET RACER. The SCUM collectively put 14 on trial and hammer it home, as he's the single biggest threat in the game. 5 says "A townie f****t just gamethrew" indicating he hasn't read the roles properly, since there are four neutral spawns in obviously at this point, and only 3 slots for them to spawn, so they clearly grabbed the RANDOM ANY as well. 14 goes down 3-1. 5 loses it, raging about the "Idiot town" who voted to execute the Jailor, and how they "could've won with a jailor". Three town could've won this by jailing and then executing a MAF, but there's only 2, and one is getting executed. 5 says "KYS IRL F****T" and quits.
    N5: 5 has left; it hardly matters as he has no drifts left and would've been TRIAD BAIT otherwise. Kills: TRIAD, ELECTROMANIAC, LEAVER.
    D6: 4 (ELECTROMANIAC) and 1 (LIASION) are dead. The DRAGON HEAD shares a win with the JUDGE.

    Was the game result altered?

    Additional offenses or players found in replay?


    Player Offenses:

    Excessively toxic speech

    Recommended Actions:

    2x WL

    Additional Notes:
    Thank you for the report!
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